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lord patch
11-04-2007, 03:25 PM
Original Thought Online Magazine
Posted by: "C'BS ALife Allah" righteous.addon@
Fri Nov 2, 2007 6:06 am (PST)


Original Thought is an unheard of, never done before, on-line magazine for
Original people by Original people. www.originalthoughtmag.com.

*What is Original? Original is...Indigenous (people), Black, Brown, Yellow,
innovative, proto-type, unique, authentic, beginning, genuine, as well as
the origin of all.*

What is an Original Thought? An Original Thought is the beginning stages to
Self-Realization. It is unique as one's DNA or fingerprints. It is the
thought that comes from within, the thought that defines who you are, the
thought that defines your direction. www.originalthoughmag.com is the tool
that creates that SPARK to start your engine to know who YOU are, from WHERE
EVER you may be on the planet earth.

*The tool that shows Original people that the further we assume we are, the
closer we're actually are.*

www.originalthoughtmag.com is the medium that gives exposure to Original
businesses, writers, artists, activists, cultures and those who deal with
the development of the youth. Through
Original people who are making a difference will receive media exposure to
enhance their business, their work, and their cause. Ultimately,
www.originalthoughtmag.com will provide the SUPPORT so Original people can
help themselves. Original people will be exposed to: how to eat to
live, education on which literature are the proper books to read, teach
about self-expression through many different arts and fashions, learn how to
check one's credit and purchase a home, learn how to deal with problems
with our youth, and also keep Original people up-to-date with today's

*What is Original Action? It's the result of cooperative effort. Let's do
this together.*

In addition, Subscribers will receive a Daily podcast build to start the day
with positive energy from a media source that gives it to you real.

We bring you innovations in technology and how to utilize it, in a
multimedia presentation to touch all. In addition to utilizing podcasts we
will pair text with sound, splash photography and youth generated art
throughout. As well as tag hidden crevices in our magazine with video
shorts. All this at www.originalthoughtmag.com.

*Our mission is to offer tools for Self Actualization. Change your life.*

Check in with www.originalthoughtmag.com now. Check in daily to watch it
grow as our communities grow. Subscribe to join the Original Thought
Family. Call in and leave an Original Thought to share with others. Add on
to a Universal Original Thought.

*We are so pleased to share our original thought with YOU.*

The Staff of Original Thought

Original in thought. Original in action. www.originalthoughtmag.com

11-04-2007, 03:56 PM
props. i just popped my head in to see what you got goin on in there. lots of good stuff and i like where you are headed. i will def be a part of this movement. also, if you ever need graphic or web support i'm down, pro bono.