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11-12-2007, 02:02 PM
i got a wack voice, but i try to make it up with mad schemes


Verse One

Hit em with the rhythm, locking flows like a prison/

Copping dough is the mission, putting holes in ya vision/

Leave ya cold like the snow,* froze from my flows/

Rhyming on another level, like a higher plateau/

A scholar of my time, a godfather in my prime/

Butcher bars like a swine, verbal slaughter of the rhymes/*

Like the bible and its stories, words are heavenly divine/

Control the masses,* one word at a time/

From the bottom up,* building bars like an architect/

Start to sweat, when you hear my verbal arsenic/

Sharks infest,* throw you in the shallows put ya heart to rest/*

Educate my people, like Gandhi when I spark the sess/

Early death,* like pawns in a game of chess/

I知 plotting up a scheme, real steady while you naming threats/

Hate me yet,* watch me smile as I break ya sweat/

Disconnect the neck in sec, you値l be laying dead/

I知 cutting through these beats, like a switch blade/

Freshen up your flow, cuz ya shits played/

Better duck and hide, when I spit strays/

Looking for the exit, it痴 this way/

Verse Two

Melt the polar ice caps, from the flames of my flow/

See the water levels rise, you can feel my flow/

Leaving havoc in my path,* savage with the raps/

If you wanna fuck with me, I知 putting gashes in ya back/*

Rocking rhymes real rough,* tough like anatomy/

Savagery, when I got the pen and the pad with me/

Herbally,* pack the fucking blunt with the purple leaves/

Work the beats, leaving verbal bruises that値l hurt for weeks/

Ambient child, drives the ambulance wild/

Sending suckers to the grave, that can稚 dance with my style/

Versatile,* switching up the schemes in a touch of a dial/

Flowing longer than the river of Nile/

Like lobotomy, I知 leaving people dazed with an open mind/

Rearrange the brain, blazing haze then I値l break ya spine/

Redesign,* the fucking purpose of your state of mind/

Ripping real raps, that値l put you in a state of rhymes/

The Prime Sithesizah
11-12-2007, 03:57 PM
I'll hit you back after I listen...