View Full Version : 1. Wicked ass dream

Undead Ninja
08-04-2005, 06:00 PM
Yo G, I had this wicked ass dream
Fo real what did deem...?!
I dunno it was a wicked ass dream
Well homie explain and maybe I can figure out the scheme of things!

Yo, I had this dream about a white bitch at summer camp
she was lookin right day and night espically when she danced.
I went over to her and was like "Wanna spend the night"?!
She was like can you work my pussy right?!
I said ok I got the flow it'll dribble on your face but just keep askin for more!
So fastforward we was in the bed this stuffed animal foot started moving
You I coulda swore I was usin!
She jumped out of bed and started chasin after it
I said fucked this and grabbed it, locked it in another room
then I met her back in my room.

Hold up homie a walking/talking stepped animal foot???!!!
Yeah kinda like that shit from the Adams Family G!
Wow nigga....
Yo but it ain't yet check it!

For some wierd reason I was back in my room playin Mario on this old ass gameboy.
I made joke sayin I been playin this game since 1st grade total hours 165 and still haven't beaten it.
She laughed we turned if off and I started peepin1!
But G b4 all this she was hangin with some other kids searchin for this Blond haired bitch!

Did they found her?!

Yeah, thats how we got in the bed see...!?
They was this other young G tryin to take shorty from me!
So I had to excercise A game straight street!

Anyways I won this why were in the bed together I started pushin on her
she rubbed that shit on me
started moanin and pretty soon we was tongue kissin!
I was feeling up on that right breast when this mad looking white man entered the room!
I remember her feeling me a "nigga" joke her whole family laughed at home.

Guess where she saw it?!
Homie I dunno?!
"Blue Collar Tv"

I faked laughed cuz all I wanted to do was dance in them pants lights off I was in this trance, the french kissin felt sooo real like virtual reality real niggaz know the deal.

Then what...?!
Then it was over.
A white man walked in the room?!
I guess it was her father or a cemp counseler, I dunno.
Homie it was just a dream snap back to reality
I know but it was wicked ass dream!

Luther Large
08-04-2005, 06:40 PM
mr.mini-mac jr.

Sicka than aidZ
08-04-2005, 06:41 PM
suprised u remember that much of your dreams,....i never do. im jealous, i wish i had dreams, id fucck evry hottie in site.....peace