View Full Version : Wolverine

11-25-2007, 10:27 PM
im straped down in a glass like tub of water, struggle to move's like tug a war a, blinding light is shining right, im my eyes i cant see shit clearly, my body aches and im feeling weary,i got a headache... a aching one, my torso and limbs feel like they weigh a ton, vaguely i can see the lab the, water turn the doctors vioces into erie chatter, what the fuck is going on how'd i end up in this place, and were's the damn exit shit im thinking escape, so i start rocking the tub tryin to break the shit, in my my struggle i made a fist, and claws emerged from between my knuckles, felt enough pain to make ya knees just buckle, in my frantic motions the straps just snapped, they tried to hold me down but i snapped attacked, smoothly slicing through bone no snaps or cracks, they helpless efforts just pissed me off, so i turned the lab team into shishcabob, now they calling for reinforcements, im clawing at the door but it's reinforced shit!!