View Full Version : Jamel Vs u-turn (Jamel WINS)

08-04-2005, 10:15 PM
getting ripped/getting killet/getting dealt/gettin put to rest/gettin to the first/ so here's my verse/go to church now/got any doubts?/while you weak cats recieving pounds/I'm recieving my crown with pride/seriously, thought you'd smile and get away with it with on eye?/not on my watch/counting ya steps with my wristwatch/stealing this like picking pockets/blasting you like nasa rockets/here's my step/first rep my rep/then lay bitches to rest/like grabbin the needle/any opposition is feeble/now you acting hardore/when before you put out nothing but soft porn

08-04-2005, 10:36 PM
if any 1 responds, I'll respond back later tonight, or tomrow night

08-05-2005, 03:07 AM
is that your verse man that shit is wak,
its like catchin' a hagfish coz id rather throw it back,
or throw it up coz that verse is so bad it makes me sick,
the rhymes are like garbage from a hobo picnic,
you talkin' porn like the shit that you crave?'
the hardcore homo sex and male anal slave,
comon man I get no points battling you,
I got a hundred rhymes and you only got a few,
You spit the lame ass raps but you still dont learn,
that if attack me dogg i'll make ya do a u-turn,
like ya runnin away from the scene of a heinous crime,
except you wont be running coz your the victim of my rhymes,
I do this all the time, its like takin' candy from a baby,
and you the little punk screaming "please mummy save me",
be realistic player you cant battle for shit,
go a round with me hope you got a medi-kit,
you fake lil bitch your lower then pond scum,
I'll decapitate and put ya body in an acid filled drum,
Or better still put ya in a room with ten lions,
just like battlin' me dogg you prolly die tryin....
when ya come back u-turn, is it one round each or two. holla

08-05-2005, 06:18 PM
I made the call, but now I'm busy
make this bitches rep fall, so don't fuck wit me
I'm hitten blocks like Super Mario
hittin the spots with a suped up O(ounce)
gettin you fucked up like you just got hit by a frying pan
you dieing young or old, either way your dieing man
it's been a few hours, but just a few more cowards
you can say I'm weak, but your crew's full of flowers
leaving em wet like sponges
I drain ya bloodstreams like syringes
explode on you, leave you without a home
then chop you over like a lawn gnomes
fucking with your money like i'm a taxwriter
trying to diss me, but none raptighter
at my feet crying like feeding the bitch
you just leeching off my shit
the blades'll turn your insides to processed stuff
and you wanna talk about my shit expecting its enough
when I last saw you sucking dick expecting the income's tough

08-05-2005, 06:19 PM
one more, from each.

08-05-2005, 07:02 PM
i'm a top of the order prospect
you just a abortion project
remember it? my ryhmes, gotta caution it
ya frames outta proportion, i got this
spot this, like kryptonite, instant tko
wrecking shop, where's ya home?
bet you i won't slip, matter fact here's the pink slip
walking away with a limp
talking with a fat lip
here's the shocker, ya girl, i never slapped her
now you can start bitching about him or her
can't even handle ya own business
light shit on fire like crisco to a crisp
do whatever it takes to win it all
bats to piano wires, i swing it all
guns and calico's, bring it all
ready to die, steady when you reply
people say i'm strange
when body parts get rearanged
boys, they get batted out my foresights range
so no chance in hell is your chances
prance away, just bleeding, so start dancing
worsen the bleed, i curse n leave
then bang these hoe's wit a boned cock
now i get the bitch's like donut boxes
twelve by the dozen dwelling in the women
now welcome to my center
you'll never be a winner
your worse off then ghandi in a black panther movement
now get workin on an improvement

08-06-2005, 01:24 AM
ayo ayo
battle with prophet dogg that be the end of your chapter,
you be running in shame from the sounds of harsh laughter,
I felt ya then I melt ya like an ice cream cone,
Only cat that could beat me is my mothafuckin clone,
you outta my zone, you cant come close,
the only battle you could win is “who sucks dick the most”,
my rhymes are hot like the develish hell fire,
your rhymes are r n b shit like mariah,
feel the full effect of my deadly verbal spray,
im the god of this shit so get on ya knees an pray,
that I wont smite you noahs ark style,
if this a marathon then ill beat ya by a mile,
in fact ill beat you any no matter what the situation,
you weaker then a cripple waitin for a heart transplantation,
see the transformation as I morph into hell’s ruler,
I got more flowes then an office water cooler,
you cant step to me dogg you need an extra round,
to throw as many punches as me an you still goin down,
just look around homie, nobodies feel your flow,
I'll smoke like a hit of some chronic hydro...
peace gets votes in peeps

08-07-2005, 08:24 AM

08-07-2005, 08:35 AM
u turn sorry, u r my dawg but jamel got the best of u on this battle, i vote jamel the prophet

08-07-2005, 12:00 PM
Cheers homie, get votes in peeps

08-07-2005, 12:34 PM
Jamel indeed.

08-07-2005, 12:38 PM
2 nil one more its over.........thanks dogg (Mantiz)

08-08-2005, 01:25 AM
i think jamal destroyed all ur verses with his first alone, sry but stick to ya day job brah

08-08-2005, 11:35 PM
i think jamal destroyed all ur verses with his first alone, sry but stick to ya day job brah
For sure, thats 3-nil, Jamel wins

krazi m.i.c.
09-09-2005, 05:49 PM
jamel's got this one

09-10-2005, 01:08 AM
jamel jamel jamel

I aint feeling you at all u-turn, alot of weak stuff in there sorry mang, but vote is jamel.