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11-28-2007, 01:35 AM
ThugLifeArmy.com is opening its Giant Dec. Hip-Hop Give Away for the hip-hop icon/poet/actor/activist and teacher Tupac Shakur (2Pac) new album releases. The new releases from the legendary hip hop figure will be in stores nationwide on December 4th.

The 2 new CDís are what is being called a "best of" seriesĒ. The 2 CDís titled Best of 2Pac Part 1: Thug and Best of 2Pac Part 2: Life

Tupac Shakur (2Pac) is the highest-selling hip-hop/rap artist of all time and thanks to Amaru, Interscope & UMe, ThugLifeArmy.com is pleased to be able to offer this special giant hip hop give away containing THUG LIFE packages consisting of the cdís, posters, collector box matches and collector post cards related to the release.

To register for this months hip hop give away send an email HERE with the subject THUG LIFE. On January 4th winners will be notified by email and at that time you will be asked for your postal information (no P.O.Boxes please).

Our radio station www.TLARadio.com and our media partner and sister stations www.CRNLive.com will also be doing a separate give away for 2Pac's newest project so make sure you enter there also. You can enter for the radio giveaways at http://crnlive.com/pacvid1.htm.

The new releases will be in stores December 4th and include 2 previously unreleased tracks and 2 new remixed tracks. Be sure to pick up a few and give them to your friends. It is the season of giving.

The following is the track list for the new cdís:

Best of 2Pac Part 1: Thug

1. So Many Tears

2. Trapped

3. California Love (Original Mix)

4. How Do U Want It

5. I Aint Mad At Cha

6. 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted

7. Hail Mary

8. Changes

9. Unconditional Love

10. Resist The Temptation (Previously Unreleased)

11. Dear Mama (featuring Anthony Hamilton - NEW MIX)

Best of 2Pac Part 2: Life

1. Definition Of A Thug Nigga

2. Brenda's Got A Baby

3. Keep Ya Head Up

4. When I Get Free

5. Until The End of Time (RP REMIX)

6. Never Call U Bitch Again

7. They Dont Give A Fuck About Us

8. Still Ballin (NITTY REMIX)

9. Ghetto Gospel

10. Dopefiend's Diner - (Previously Unreleased)

11. Thugz Mansion Acoustic Remix (NEW REMIX)

Be sure to pick up these new albums from the legendary hip hop icon Tupac (2Pac) on 12/4 distributed by Universal/Amaru.

Visit the only OFFICIAL 2Pac web sites on the net for more info on Tupac and make sure to register for our Giant Hip Hop Giveaway HERE and the give away on our radio station and our sister stations HERE

PLEASE visit and support the only OFFICIAL 2Pac web sites on the net for more info on Tupac.

www.tasf.org and www.2PACLegacy.com