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Murderous Mack
08-05-2005, 02:45 AM
Hey yo, it's time for you weak ass Wu-Tang kung fu karate pussy ass bitchez to step up and start rhyming like real men. I'ma start this shit off with some of the freshest crazy shit coming straight off the rough streetz of my hood.........

Yo, Mack be steppin' up, with the flame thrower,
burnin' motherfuckers in the name of Jehovah,
erratic and insane, whether straight or sober,
causing tragedy and pain, with a chip on my shoulders,
I had to be contained, from the moment I was moulded,
but I'm so fucken deranged, that no one can control me,
I get bitches pregnant, just to kick them in the guts,
I fist Princess Leia, while I rape Jabba the hut,
convinced that I'm Jesus, I can feel it in my blood,
do my best to spread diseases, in motherfucking floods,
I once was tried for treason, but fried for murdering the judge,
survived my "special treatment", as a gift from up above,
such an admirable freak that even God shows me love,
a habit I can't squeeze, cos no amount of blood is enough,
now you motherfuckers step up please, and show the God your stuff.....

08-05-2005, 04:09 AM
Mack inspires me to blow the dust off my vast collection of knives
Haven't used em in years
back then i had three seeds , but not one lived taller than my knee
for each time one of the little fucks cried
i slit their throat in front of my three different wives
then injected my my favourite blade into her gray matter
then raped the whores corpse after she died
but each time i killed i felt better and my desire for death grew fatter
so disgusted i sat in gay bars
talkin to fags waitin to be invited to thier cars
once thier i felt better knowing blood would be spilt
the first one i shot , but missed the hands on technique
in fact now i think guns are only for the scared and the week
then after that i went back to knives slayin bodies with the precision of a brain surgeon
it wasn't my descision to stop but now i'm on the run for stabbing five cops
and cracking their heads like nuts with a razor sharp axe

yo this is whack , just fuckin wit some horror core shit

Luther Large
08-05-2005, 06:21 AM
ayo check it
many murderous mothafuckas plan to rape a bitch
hurdle a cockucker i'm even into sprayin a bitch
though i'm neva payin a bitch
cuz i dont cash for ass while i sex
but i'll most likley bring the green to catch some fuckin deaths
and i'm a canabilistic cannibal ask "hanibal"
evil villains stay active inside of phsycotic channels
coppers i bomb once a jake looked at me wrong so i put a stab in his cotton
this mornin i had leftovers but the experation date proved his bodyparts to be rotten
this one time i was stalking the valley
this punk jumped and literaly back stabbed me
but i just turned around and laughed b
then they found him decapatated with his dead ass inside of the alley

08-05-2005, 08:59 AM
Psychotic. Rap.. Assuming. U Know .. Pictures I Post.. Purple. // Kush.. / Fact. / So In Way Saying. Host Seem Section-8 .. Map... Junction 2 Past. Colliding. Bones. Through Back.. Shatter. Cramp.. Visible Task. . Shave. Face.. < Out Of Place.. Spray Paint. Acrid Aroma.. Cover Mask.. > Request The Following. Not Knowing. Whether . . Eyes.. Green Or .. Blue.. Simple Foreshadowing.. Prints. On . . Scene.. Clue.. . > No Tweaker... Cover. Hands. Close Fingers. > Glue.. > As We Pursue.. 2 . Nurture.. . Food < Mmm... Good .. < Gentle.. Iris> Procedure Move.. Bees.. On Screen.. > Wut Is Their Name .>? Wu !!! Down The Block... Pedestrians... Flock... Girl Not In Spot. . Head Chopped. ..> Proportions.. Drop.. Body.. Thick.. Preserve Lower Stump.. Blood On Floor.. , Mop.. Now Back 2 Chunks.. Booty Fuck.. Still Warm.. Sheet Tuck.. > Dramatic.. Instant Classic.. Skins.. Bump.. > No Picture.. Keep In Closet.. Preventing.. Theft.. When @ Rest.. Bed Jump.. On And Off..< Engaged... Will Walk.. Down Aisle... On Certain ... Date.. Crayola.. Color... Graphite Erase.. Convert,> Color Grey.. Relate ..< Example Shown. Mind Blown.. Holding Down.. Victims . Local..> Whether Car.. Plane.. Boat.. Main Attraction.. Whole Show.. !! Not.. On .. Information.. Super Highway.. Windows. 3.1 Connection .. So .. Slow.. < Out Of.. Time. Neck.. Gash.. Great.. > Dont Regret.. Taste.. < Quickly Haste.. > Consumption.. Cover Face.. < Torment... > Loco.. !!

08-05-2005, 11:12 AM
In the Temple Never disrispect The WU-tang Style
you Want Psychotic shit the check it out
i got the arsenal to make ya body dissapear
when i pop aint goin to be "new flavor in ya ear"
blap from the two gats guts all on the floor
leave yo body stankin by the sea shore
punks hores dont step to the Emanace of the Wu
The WU, u dont like Then Mutha fuk, Fuk U
i'l cut you like a sergean in many shaloin styles
911 dont even try to dial
futile nigga i put two in ya dome go in yo home
shoot ya momz ya woman and even the kids i wont leave alone
this the murderous intent of the evil shaolin
the shogun 142 head and countin ya'll never win
make ya sing after tourter puttin metal rods in ya ass
now try to beat that and try to pass gass
Wu is the style taugven if to me
even if i kill with the prowes of a karate kid
SO this must not happen again so dont try and contest
Talkin against the wu blasphemy the Ultimate sin
you want psychotic// put ya mouth on the curve kick ya in the neck and then grin

EVIL SHAOLIN WU-TANG always bean for real men

08-05-2005, 11:45 AM
impossible to 'freestyle' behind the monitor screen
but heres a dart from the dome that will reign supreme
my clientels do me well in this living hell we all dwell
lifeless imbiciles got nothing to offer but their soul to sell
pay close attention son, to what im tryin to tell you
wicked individuals plot to dominate with hate fell through
crash ya crew not the gza, but i keep a sharp nigga guessin too
who you testin fool..im here droppin jewlz bitches take one look
and they pussy droolz.. enough about all the braggin shit is draggin
like most MCs' content when they rappin..
im here reppin Queenz to the fullest
wake up motherfuckers and stop actin clueless
observe that and let it sink in while i spark the ses
and find a perfect spot, a broken meter to park my stress...

08-05-2005, 11:54 AM
these ain't freestyles kids to concerned with puncutation. i bet you do better freestyling masterbation, any nation white black or asian get hit with sucide bombers makin reservations out of great societies have you staying home scared like you social anxiety and who the fuck wants to get scalped by an original native warrior i eat mother fuckers flame englufl the twin towers my terrorist flow got the killarmy runnin so tell mom's to ben over cuz this native man is cummin

Wu-tang Fan
08-05-2005, 12:16 PM
Aiyyo,I got the sucker my way,move give me room,holdin' up your saloon,clean sweepin' like a broom,I came to bomb like I'm the last one left,Cause my lyrics are as stealth as burglary or theft,Take everything don't leave one thing there,Mutha Mutha's acting like they just don't care,My style ain't mild,and it's more than very wild,Kicking people's arses,breaking some cats glasses,Bombing down the door,callin' in for more,mad karate kicks,while the bitch is watching prono flicks,not knowing what's going on,even though I'm banging her husband's head against a goong,take the fight in to tha living room,the wife screaming "Oh,my god,hold on I'll get a broom" she through's it to his hand,but it slips through his fingers like sand,I open my fingers ready for it to land,but it hits him on the head,and he looks like his dead,I hear the sound of popping lead,So I run upto the landing,and open the window,jump onto the lawn,until I hear some one sound a horn,I take my eyes off the lawn,and see a truck moving,in,my direction,then jump to my feet and head for my jeep,I get in and drive off,all because my neighboor tried to break in to my loft.

08-05-2005, 12:18 PM
Ghetto tactics mashed potatoe heads fastest,
snapped elastic with cancerous habits,
leave you laying in caskets beaten and ravaged,
delivering brain shattering smashes,
heated pain knuckles meet flesh psychotic mess,
blood spurting outta necks...Molotov cocktails burning flesh,
the sound of bones broke lungs punctured throats choked,
my fists and forearms are soaked in a crimson rain,
ya'll bitches are slain blood runs down the asphault to the drain,
guts and innerds remain ribcages broke and maimed...

Murderous Mack
08-12-2005, 05:18 AM
Ayo, Mack dropping a quick spit out of boredom,
even in a friendly state I'm still making whores run,
my enemies taste lingers on my sore tongue,
worn out from licking up puddles of horse come,
the sickest motherfucker on this whole for-um,
and the quickest motherfucker when I draw guns,
my influence so great I even taught nuns,
to sin doing acts like hosting necrophilic four-somes........

08-12-2005, 05:48 AM
... boresome, head's cause cat's to be sleepin',
as they deepin', in there mind's I grim reap em'.
Relivin them of life, that's the message you're recievin,
best be believin in that, I'm not to be misdeceivin',
I'm twisted, like searchin heaven for a hell,
double fisted, swinging them till they ring the bell,
my rhyme's accell, speeding train of thought, keep in mind.
my line's rewind so much, they can turn back the hand's of time.

08-12-2005, 08:09 AM
smashin n bashin yo i clash wit titans rip the head off and take the sceptor from the god triton frightened by these razor blade fingers, iLL leave freddy kruegers deady body in your house to linger, you aint horror core more like a wedding singer i'm a dead ringer when it comes to the devil your block aint shit i'LL come through and leave it leveled don't dance wit a devil cause death's the only ending in your story necro minded yes nigga i'm just that gory got body parts as my inventory, i had a few court cases and half of em was stachitory, rapin broads i'm a rebel in maraud a universal soldier like jean claude, van damn kickboxin' grimey like sewer rats spittin' lyrical toxin' rippin' out lungs strippin' ya oxygen droppin men like bad habits a dope white rapper but my nik was never rabbit read the manual by the abbott which was an inspiration so come on my wucorp fam let's start the paramilitary orginization.

OmO < Idiom

08-12-2005, 04:59 PM
fuck it this verse is iLLer than the first i'LL charge up like goku and let energy burst
knuckles make you buckle and seeing your brain splatter makes me chuckle
knucklheaded goons can't fuck wit thee Odd Men Out platoon better hope your
draw's fast cause it's almost 12 noon you buffoon i cut squars in skin cover you in salt
your screams go beautifully wit the melody of a violin it's a deadly sin but i'm
a cruel ass individual lord of the criminals don't fuck wit me god i'LL stab your
neck wit a lightning rod while it's storming outside gut your fuckin stomach and plant
a grenade inside, i'm ironic i'LL sip your blood from the goblet like gin n tonic
smokin on some chronic my brains demonic it's infected wit evil it's primeval
dawg i'm lethal like snorting corrosion death's in your scripture when your chest
caught a implosion

OmO < Idiom

08-12-2005, 06:32 PM
implosions overworked skeletons caused corrosion my minds my weapon I cause distortion like radio signals a cloudy televised snowy channel jingle I'm calling ya'll out like Bingo savage bites from a dingo infecting bloodstreams virial verbs fling as my words sting the hearts of those that slept living life a mess you rats and mice collect stale bread crumbs corroding your taste buds as faces stay numb get thumbed in ya eye walk with the drums as you sit with depression you ho hum.. what!!! get the four finger slap turning necks around try a taste that splat all insects are smashed crumbled till gas I laugh and continue my dash 100 meters spit this shit out the speakers sharp spit with tweeters read my lines they're much deeper like the bass drum I never waist son get ya assed cased like the shells of a gun!!!

08-13-2005, 09:21 AM
what you fuckin' fuck face, you'LL get ducktaped, cut up into pieces for rudd bait
cause you got no weight what a ruff fate let me translate you're gay like alexander
the great put and axe in your skuLL and watch your blood coagulate, i don't exaggerate
sedate a mutha fucka slice em from ear to ear n crack open his chest plate and watch his
declining heart rate, i'm smart mate i stuff em in crates dump em in the middle of the ocean
instead of smaLL lakes i'm at a quarter tank off gas n going nuts driving on the opposite
side of the interstate since i started my new job we had an inclining absentee rate
can you believe i was suspected by the jake, what a fucking joke i wen't home
laughing my ass off then sniffed a ton of coke ran out of squares man i need a smoke
nice fresh new Kool drink a fifth of henny and go swimming in the community pooL
laying on a raft fuckers laughing at me cause my face is fiLLed wit drooL i gave em the
finger and told em FUCK you wan't to get snuffed fool had a swiss in the pocket
puLL it out n threatened to gut the two they called the cops told em the story n i said
officer that is untrue, they laughed at me cause i feLL asleep on the raft n drooled so
simply told em fuck you, that's how it went they want to blow it out of porportion
they better circumvent 'for i curb this wench stab the officer and crush the dudes head
on the bench FUCK IT slowly puLLed out the swiss sliced aLL 3's necks and watched
the ground get drenched their blood was pretty sight and this was my story for the past
two nights....

OmO < Idiom

Sicka than aidZ
08-13-2005, 07:30 PM
u edited a keystyle^...musta fucked up big.

Sicka than aidZ
08-13-2005, 07:40 PM
hook u up with coke cut with bleach.../
before u hit 7 on the microwave the ammonia's fucked up your speech.../
2 seconds later "hater"...i'll roll u up in the carpet.../
chop u to bits,...throw u in a crab pot,...those mahfuckaz will devour your carcass.../
sell those crab after i pull the pot up.../
in fact,..give the crab to your fam as a show of luv an stuff.../
lil do they know they're eatin u up junior.../
quick to grab ninja star an let the shit ruin your's.../
i dont give a damn whethrer my rhymes are all that...../
pitch your fuckin stereo in the water while your bitchass is takin a bath.../
cane u like it's singapore,...cane u to death.../
lock u in a dungeon like that iron mask mahfucka,...starve ya then spray u wit a tec.../
dissolve your shit in acid,...call me "cleaner".../
get my ass paid by takin your remains an makin em dissapear,..aint no one fuckin meaner.../
than "wu hefner"...cats call me "hannibal hefner" when im in a bad mood.../
str8 up throw u in the meat grinder alive an serve u to some folks an say its chinese food...


Grim Reapa
08-13-2005, 07:56 PM


08-14-2005, 12:10 AM
i corrected misspelled words and ish, is that a problem?
everyone has a typo now and then dawg....


OmO < Idiom

Sicka than aidZ
08-14-2005, 12:22 AM
i corrected misspelled words and ish, is that a problem?
everyone has a typo now and then dawg....


OmO < Idiom
it just seemed funny

Sicka than aidZ
08-14-2005, 12:30 AM
but it's gonna be funnier when i find someone an cut off there legs.../
roll up university ave seattle an gun down some fags..../
im hard... i take care of my shit.../
so "retaaaaaaaard"..."Sicka than aidz aint nuttin to fuck with.../
quit bein a bitch,...dont ever snitch.../
ill kill ya with a slight twitch if I suspect your any of that shit.../
slice your larynex,...how ever the fuck that shit's spelled...
hell on earth is what i bring,..u want a piece,.."Ill show an tell.../
with the mac 11.../
"yo murderous!,...its my favorite weapon".../
kill anything for steppin in my direction.../
kill a bitch with an erection,.../
cum so hard her ass will explode halfway thru the session.../
i got rhymes for days but i keep forgettin...../
suppose that bitch wasnt ready for "sexin".../
I'll leave them ho's for the rest of yall,...im the sickest," no question"


Murderous Mack
08-22-2005, 06:25 PM
Mack bringin' back this old thread cos he's mad,
stack corpses on a rack in my backyard lab,
crack your bones, and dispose of them in bags,
pack your flesh in the freezer for leisurely snacks,
fuck that, you dissed the mack now there's no turning back,
laugh at your ass as you run from my gat,
part with your life at the hands of my bat,
start with the knife to remove all the fat,
leave photos of your corpse under your wifes doormat,
grieving a "no-no", fuck remorse, I ignore that.

08-22-2005, 10:09 PM
mack on the attack lets send the wolves out in a pack and cancer up these muther fuckers like cases of fags they still wearing panties dressed up in drag mack and ben twist bones and heads with our morbid ideas I watch the blood collect and congeal splat I heard that fat bitch fall flat from a 2x4 attack... crack!! thud!! I bury the dead in the mud shoot up bastards with drugs and leav'em slumped covered in their own puke and blood I'm sick I'll stab a grandmother with a bike rack my crazed psycotic thoughts have me labeled as lost you better keep your eye on me before you get crossed and I'll shit on your kids and make you watch I'll rape your mom with a toilet plunger then I'll clog up ya toilet and drown you in shit water I give a fuck about your teenage daughter I'll take her to the hood and process her pink make her run the streets selling ass to 50 year old freaks my mind is diseased my head is a mess I may look nice but I'll split open ya chest!!!!

Murderous Mack
08-22-2005, 10:46 PM
an old cadilac on a lonely desert track,
behind the wheel is the Mack,
Sicka rides shotgun, with Ben in the back,
all high on crack,
all ready to die for the high of brutal attack,
bodies hidden by the trunk latch,
catch a shot from Sicka's glock, while Mack and Ben watch,
another rotation of the clock, and we're all spraying shots,
slay a whole nation, in the time it takes to yell "STOP!",
chow on dead bodies, while we wait for the cops,
they're runnin' out of stone, to make our victims grave plots,
cops arrive with little delay, then we're spraying 'em down,
Sicka and Ben tough players no doubt,
but at the end of the day, it's Mack wearing the crown.

08-23-2005, 12:27 AM
my eyes is green like 36 murderous blood stainded halls, 63 paid doctors couldn't relate the pitch of this lyrical niche echoed through paper thin walls. Total recalls off balance like a spanish styled water flea, aroma smelled sweeter than honey poisioned dart to the heart's internal chi. Smiled with glee as your body decayed and split like the red sea, toe tag'n ya ass bones dry in the presence of an absentee. Vitaman G was what the thug doctor had in the back trunk, green stained bottles filled with 36 murderous blood stained eyes left you tipsy like a dunk'n monk.

08-23-2005, 12:48 AM
a stereo systems thunderous sound the next victims head found smashed unrecognizeable on the ground as the wu cd's put on repeat steadily pounds releasing the math I see a crazed old warrior bald headed with tats blood splattered the walls as he cut babies in half around the globe grotesque murders simultaneously occur while the relaxing sounds of singing birds chirp panic attacks sternums pierced and cracked with brute force as if choregraphed in another area as flies gather fast attracted to the stench of rotting meat gas the decomposing victims cook under the suns heat a psychopath stands there watching his art if only he was helped in the past when he barked slowly the visions and neglect ripped him apart a social monster brewed in economic hate affection never shown deception a family trait a system of laws helps the decay blood dries on the machetes of mobs far away backed by corporate cash chopping thru villages as death chants and laughs the machinery crawled in replacing the dirt and grass a system is put in place a structure that takes and takes picture fishing at piers with your takle and bait luring them in to die for a contrived fate misinformation is closing the gates as the skin melts off the bones dinner is made

08-23-2005, 12:11 PM
Come ON

Born Ruler I
08-23-2005, 12:45 PM
the beast I battle tales never tattled off the head of the snake tail that rattled embattled by demons and hoards smash gourds to pumpkinheads detach the roots with a sword in accord to devil's brood evil mood change man to mankind kind of man left in burial ground mounds hard to find satanic crown held by neck of president's men stutter step left him hesitant then medicine men chant warlike cry in the night sabre in the left and sceptor in the right blight the sun blot dark red flow mentrual cramp amped in wattage botulism spew out the belly triple six messy smelly thrown of the balcony of a two dollar telly onto concrete pompeii ash make it discrete

Born Ruler I
08-23-2005, 12:57 PM
amerikkka eats its young for three meals then blame the same ones who qualify for free meals teeny squeals of empty tummies and minds never shine on the darkside of mephisto's domepiece detached spectre omnivision cyclops rain dry drops into air thin clipped to nappy clouds by hairpin turns and rotation heads put upon rotation while barrels revolve around petroleum dark jelly melatonin melanin nightmares of dark horse candidates with clandestine dreams in the bowels of inconticence soft intestines scream what a shitty scheme indeed to weed the righteous from the path supreme math dichotomy adjacent to the wrath of logical pathological brain stem exposed cerebellum cerebrum antibellum south exists in pumping of white fists

08-23-2005, 04:26 PM
if this is pyscho rappin, then call me norman bates
hot shower action, busy stabbin all the fakes
who shake in my wake, never take a mans mate
or he'll be forced to investigate
around my state, we float like root beer till dawn then we sleep till 6 oclock, lord whered it all go wrong, too many hits off the bong, assasinate brain cells gone
still pimpin, these women love it when i gets to kicken
lines so fine sand blasted every rhyme lynchpin
shit call me the kingpin, holla at that green kid
holdin flamethrowers, smokin boulders tastin just like creamed squid
taste the crystals, blisters formed from holdin blowin pistols
where my mystical, lyrical, molest each individual
this just in, green be bustin fuckin pumpkin
crushin percussion drum bins
search for souls to swallow whole up
like whales eat the plankton whole up
gets your hands up, hold up
massage my fuckin bulge up
stupid bitch wit the fanny pack
suicidal handicap, slapped wit my belt strap
gums tend to flap, lincoln logs will soon collapse
get your dogs, runteldat
and see which ones come back
alright, new chapter, ima young clean bastard
ready to flash chapters, show your tits, ill autograph em
then sell them shits on ebay and collect a solid profit
while them titties collect dust im off gatherin knowledge
an emcee in training, though ill never sell 1 record
comin here, blades are sharpened often, leavin bodies for the stretchers

Murderous Mack
08-23-2005, 06:18 PM
I gut motherfuckers, chop them into pieces,
I even bring the ruckus, to your motherfuckin' nieces,
sever corpses heads and keep them in my freezer,
I'm like fucken Dahmer, a real psychotic teaser,
got a barrel full of acid, where flesh is disolved,
you think that's tragic? you should see what I did to noel!
it's like motherfuckin' magic, to see bloody heads roll,
down the bowling lane, as I kick another goal,
shit never gets old, fuck it, I live for this,
guzzle on your blood after I split your wig,
puzzles are made out of chopped up kids,
a head in my closet, and a leg in the bin,
I sacrifice lives to feed the demon within,
I back up twice to leave your body with skid-
marks, darts, left in various body parts,
got this murdering shit down to a fine art,
Mack always departs with the last laugh,
so much class, I wear a bib when I chew hearts,
tear flesh apart, to work out my muscles,
bust nuts on the carpet, even as the blood spills,
guts make up my yearly harvest, kill for the thrill,
it's all over when I open your head with a drill.

08-23-2005, 06:57 PM
that's what the fuck i'm talkin' about murderous mack/
i crack backs/ shove the barrel of a gun up an ass crack/
i garuantee it'LL make you shit like a laxative/
i kiLL in different ways like a chameleon i'm adaptative
smash your upper apparatus , i murder in fashion/
enslave you and pay you by rations/ like your hard drive
your life i am crashin/ like warcloud i'LL open the back
of your head like a cabinet , examine your brain to find
out why your IQ is below average/ average fools stiLL
get kilt without breakin a sweat/ bury you up to your neck
and run your head a over wit a lowered vette/ like goldberg
who's next? we're boxing son i'm king kong and you're T-Rex

OmO < Idiom

Murderous Mack
08-23-2005, 07:32 PM
Mack back on another killing spree,
swing so hard I could knock down trees,
personal greed cos I feed of tragedy,
my finger's on the trigger and I won't hesitate to sqeeze,
so bitch hurry up and get on your fucken knees!
I keep a tally greater then the aids disease,
have kids begging me "PLEASE, PLEASE!",
Fuck that, rub that face in the dirt,
a sadist, so I make the shit hurt,
Mack, show mercy? THAT'S FUCKEN ABSURD!!!
light your ass on fire cos you're a fucken herb,
drowned my shrink in a sink full of ink cos she told me I'm disturbed,
made my sister drink a bottle full of turps,
lit her up, and had a wank while she burned,
Mack keeps killing as long as the earth turns.

08-24-2005, 12:44 AM
^^^ not you, so who then?

08-24-2005, 01:17 AM
As the blood curdles under the morning sun daylight exposes a murderers nightly fun
intestines and innerds knotted in a mess a sick wicked wench takes in deep breathes,
a bum lyes sleeping in booze and human waste his future was once bright but a bottle changed his fate
pedophiles prey on children of neglect as a child walks home they never did suspect,
a mother ponders why is her child late as her innocent child was taken broken and raped,
a vultures keen sense to circle a wounded life as unbearable pain ensues the creature slowly dies,
eaten while still alive gasping for air inhaling flies as death gives back to those that still strive…

08-24-2005, 02:55 PM
never slept longer than 10, my words a perfect noose, man
diggin in the bin, harvest moons corrupt me wolf, man
silent night silos size up burnt down the pyros
sniff a nine ball, split eyeball freefall, in a wicked spiral
so unlatch my unmatched energy
study works of common metalurgy
then i melt ya mind to mine, like plastics reactin to intense burning
my styles a new wave of unwritten sonic hog hedgin
and i use multiple lines as form of scripted weapons
no time for half steppin, back stratch catch a blessin
for these rap cats, out here testin my rap profession
only new to the vocal chord, i lord, transport
ya surfboard to catch my tidal wave splatter heads out in gulfport
eat up bedpost headboards, knees rattle stretch more birf canals than a newborn
and im gone...

08-24-2005, 11:23 PM
Took nap's that lasted longer than weak metal crafted to make mc's plaid armor, 5 deadly venomous vipers broke the steal to attack the blind snake charmer. Poison was spit and landed in explosive ounces, claws left open with the innocent left hope'n for a swift strike when the tiger pounces. 40 oz.'s shattered like your 9 lyrical lines, call you mel gibson cause I saw you running from the crop field's full of Wu Tang signs.

08-25-2005, 01:11 PM
go head wif your battle axe, thinkin you can match attacks
boy, ill split an eyelash, swift sword spit on tracks
head to head collisions, ya poison fell off in 2 divisions
my armor deflected missiles ya shot off ya mouth was whistlin
and im still here reppin, ill show ya ass half the passion
ima mad max, bring the thunder to ya dome
drug you up like mad hat, show yo blunders in my pome
yeah, its like a cyclone, tear you up in directions unknown
dance on ya, my mantis stance, prance depart ya
challenge author and youll end up blood on shiny armor
so take this and hope you never size up heavyweights
cuz when you do, all hope is lost, damn, im steady great...

08-25-2005, 09:32 PM
My Insane Mentality Kills U / While U Refrain From Reality/

Glock Bangs The Casulty/knives And Ak's/kill Wives And All Gays/

I'll Pay Later For Hate Crimes/like A Racist Nazi/but Hating Blacks Is Not Me/

Creating Vast Monoplopy's/like Dual World Pwers Anglo American And Usa In One/

Look At These Cowards Dangling Gunz We All Should Invest In One/

Blank Out Off Vicodans And Oxycotins 2 Fifths Of 100 Proof/

Then 200 Hundred Scoops In Poof/500 Degrees In The Booth/dismember Body Parts When The Shotty Sparks/

Then Push Em Down Van Dyke In A Cart/wit Wig On Ducking The Law Then Go Back Later Wit A Ice Pick For His Brother In Law/

Catch Yo Earth And Erase Her Face Blow Up The Whole Scene The Eradicate The Place/

Find Yo Bm Dick Her Down Then Spin Her Round Doggy Style/
She Loves Froggy Style/

Tone Torch Daddy Wanna Floss In That Eldorado/i'll Torch Yo' Caddie/
Flame For Saliva/ Torture The Survivor/ I'm Sick Of It All

08-25-2005, 11:00 PM
Dilated pupils eyes wider in all dimensions/
Bastard children recieve they parents Pensions/
Blowin it all away on crack causin more epidemic/
Parents waste their money hopin they children recieve proper academic/
Courses imparted in a series of class meetings/
Off comes the belt for the poor child, innocent takes the beatings/
The fathers drunk, Handin down repeated consistant blows/
Shattered jaw growing up fear of lovin another cept the one who broke his nose/
The Cycle repeating now hes handin down the exact same fate/
Son holdin a gun to his fathers head, thoughts sway as he contemplates/
Should he end it? Blow this ma fuckers face into the wall?/
Ill leave it for the next rhymer to conclude, so its ur call/

08-25-2005, 11:36 PM
the worlds wretched ways warriors walk in a daze,
protagonist partial plays policies politically prey,
on our children of today trained to murder and rape,
religious relics reign as the worshippers pray,
looking up in vain hoping to ease the pain,
as disease and shame cover the lands we stain,
with the blood and remains of our chidren with washed brains...

08-26-2005, 12:13 AM
"Live from IraQ" is the best shit on the Rack...
Have you wanting to bring our soldiers Back....
Saunders did what is necessary .....to bring the scary...
Understanding war is very damn Hairy....
Like a fingertrigger of a Sniper Buried...
In the brush ready to bring the Rush ...
of the heart Collapse..Leaving Iraq laid out on the Flats....
Yall being soldiers is out of the Question....
Running around like Niggas in Fake Fatiques....
Believe me one shot will have your dick between your Knees...

08-26-2005, 04:25 PM
Seeds deceived by what's perceived as tha truth
American Dreams to them is rockin' a mic, or shooting a ball through a hoop
Tha womens body makes loot , runway models, and rn'b singers n.w.o. prostitutes
Institutionilized youth on the streets still feelin' imprisoned
This isn't living when your not even giving a pot to piss in
Big Willie niggas living it up off a mothers crack addiction
tha future's vision is mankinds ending
you phony niggas quit pretending to keep it real
Record stores need fiction sections wit all these actors on tha reels

08-26-2005, 06:14 PM
heaven and hell false freedoms and jail
the ocean and a whale laws made we bail,
mayhem and order starvation and torture,
gestating murders a circling vulture,
birth and posessions premeditated sessions,
excessive exceptions killing progressions,
life and its lessons trife and it message...

08-27-2005, 04:40 AM
I can't be fucked changing accounts, so noel's gonna trounce,
many deaths will be announced before I'm ready to bounce,
my deadly reputaion brings fear to a whole town,
give a bitch anal penetration while I'm beating her down,
giving kids an education on how to sell a pound,
never liked my family so now they're all underground,
got my own backyard pool just to see my wife drown,
simply had to off the fool when I caught her fucking around,
always wanted a tan so I fried her corpse until it went brown,
the sizzling of flesh is really such a sweet sound,
when it's drizzling and wet I often feel depressed,
and that's when I'm killing with no fuckin' regret,
kick you so hard in the chest, it swells up like female breasts,
only drink red wine cos it best compliments human flesh,
I'm dropping bodies out my ass with all the people I digest,
no one will ever top me, cos I'm a class above the rest.

08-27-2005, 04:01 PM
Fiendish Thoughts Of Burial Plots/
Devious Definition Of A Thug Who Hits Harder Than Rocks/
Tremendous Applauds And Ovations To The Temple Of Darts/
My Mind Is Complex But At The Same Time Simple As Arts/
Sometimes Schemes Take Over Murder Death Kill/
Avoiding Cops And Steps To Hell's Hill/
Swinging The Reapers Sickle Destroying Tracks/
Busting Gats And Distrubuting Cracks/
And All Blacks Are Left Rewarded For Stupidty/
But I'm Into Reading Things Of Knowledge Such As Euripites/
Greek Philosphies/i'ma Start A Generation Of Rap That Most/abandoned/
Not This New Generation Of Crap That Should Be/reprimanded/now I'm Jilted Cuz The I Drink Is Tilted/vision Bluurry/ Damn I'm Off Track Now To Get Back/the Reality Of Blacks Is Under Wraps That's Why Most On This Forum That Can Acutally Rap Will Be Left Under Wraps/who Wants To Hear That That What They Tell Me/ But Bling Bling Is What They Sell Me/ Trash Dunn/what Happened To Hell On Earth , Illmatic ,and 36 Chambers/

Feed Back Please

08-27-2005, 04:59 PM
graves and dumpsters dead babies found in bags
shallow lives of scags toes ready for tags,
get eaten up in the beast mentally beaten up,
mastecated tenderized smashed to syrup,
tarantula gargantua monolithic states,
hybernated digitized 1 and 0 fates,
binary codes cold system hard drives infected,
cut into sections manipulated then questioned,
confessions from the guilty to a man in cloth,
as he sits there listening his thoughts wander off,
pedophiles permeate smelly rancid vats of fishy taste,
they undulate and escape disguised and prey on faith...

08-28-2005, 12:57 AM
bigben.......you are fucking dope as shit.....

08-28-2005, 02:00 AM
Names of tha slain decorate tha walls, as rain falls washing away tha blood where the seeds fall... it's all genocide when emotions inside become uncontrollable
everyday it's kill or be killed in my hood tha po-lice enjoy tha show
14 year old li'l girls they blow cock and cop s.t.d.'s
Tha devil floods tha streets wit blow, heroine, and weed hoping tha population will decrease
Tha violence will never cease as long as i see police brutality
Ol' earth is proud to see her son become a man his father could never be
Memories forever haunting me, friends who didn't live to see overcome tha thug mentality
Reality is we all die until then my flow controls tha galaxcy

08-28-2005, 02:23 AM
weath or spirituality some gradually realise its a formality working nothing ever happening bank accounts tapped in lights on roaches scrambling top ramen was popping back then throw in an egg and hot sauce I'm in but we spin the wheel of fortune only to sin gamble all in against a system of fins in a ocean of sharks blood is smelled and bitten apart by a old bastard with a bad liver and a pace maker ticker old bastard slave masters blue blood colony crafters sodomy sackers labotomy hand me a protractor distract with disaster a puppet pulled faster crank yanker think tankers big banker collateral damage no brainer inebriate your neighbor alleviate you savior time official play maker clock manager skilled strategor shrills from my silent blows piles of the defeated grow faces kneaded like bread dough good night go to bed whoa!!!

Born Ruler I
08-29-2005, 10:08 AM
peel back the skin reptilian scales within slotted Iris written on scrolls from dried potted papyrus golden book tales of children baked in ovens transferred to parents who are appalled and don't love them shove them into sheets of cooked streets cracked pavement estrangement never known to like touch or even looks of compassion splashin white and yellow dashes red divide streets by blood bled or cripple walk through the blue yonder folks and brothers ponder if the deveil makes them wander stagger through back alleys holding daggers in black valleys to stab at white coat scientists who love to fill their labs experiment on those who only own their own skin and clothes even their minds are not kind to themselves shot up veins in vain wee them swell injected penis rush even love from Venus crushed ice in a mixed drink for blood stream fixed pink

08-29-2005, 05:50 PM
yo, i need to do an audio wit' one of ya'LL muh fuckas

thas' whas up

Hit me up if you're down

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