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11-30-2007, 03:40 PM
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The American Gangster
By Ashahed M. Muhammad
Staff Writer
Updated Nov 27, 2007, 12:01 pm

Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth in Peril

MOSQUE MARYAM (FinalCall.com) - In the third part of his lecture series aimed at guiding and warning Black youth, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a riveting information packed message announcing to the listeners and viewers that “the Government of the United States has made an executive decision against us and God has made an executive decision against them.”

Speaking from Mosque Maryam, the national headquarters of the Nation of Islam, Minister Farrakhan gave overwhelming evidence that an enemy has deceived the people of God, primarily using religion setting the entire world on a course of death and destruction with Black youth as the target of their nefarious scheme.

“You’re the finest generation we have ever had, and because you are the finest generation, that is why you are under attack,” said Minister Farrakhan.

He shared with those in attendance as well as those viewing via internet webcast in over 120 cities across the United States, Canada, South Africa and Mexico, that he was moved to tears just before coming out to speak as he listened to the opening words of several young students in the ministry, Brother Kahil Muhammad, age 18, Sister Jessica Muhammad, age 25, and Brother Jason Muhammad, all of Chicago, who spoke prior to his lecture. Minister Farrakhan said when he hears youth speaking up and representing the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he knows that his work has not been in vain.

The untold history of Black people

Minister Farrakhan immediately went into an explanation of the “pre-Adamite” people who are the aboriginal people of the planet Earth. He went on to say that the actual term “pre-Adamite” has actually disappeared from dictionaries in recent years. This is part of the mis-education and deception that has kept the masses of Black people in ignorance while a wicked ruler has had free reign to rule and oppress the people of the Earth.

He also debunked the myth that Black people were primitive people, swinging from the trees of Africa with bones in their noses, when in fact, Black people were the builders of ancient civilizations and laid the blueprints for all that is in existence today.

“How did Black people live before the White man came?” Minister Farrakhan asked. “If you let him tell the story, you were swinging in trees, but if you were swinging in trees, how did you build his mansions in the South? How did you lay the roads, how did you become so great when he denied you the right to know? Where did your building skills come from? You were already a builder, and we lived in accord with God and the nature of our creation before an enemy came.”

Minister Farrakhan pointed out that turmoil, mischief and bloodshed comes easily for the enemies of God and blasted “leaders” who are afraid to tell the truth of their evil deeds against us.

“These weak kneed leaders are not your defenders. If they are too weak to point out your enemy, they can never be your defender,” said Minister Farrakhan. “How are you going to accept the call of Bush to go fight and die in Afghanistan when he’s a liar and a murderer?”

“How can you pledge allegiance to a flag under which your fathers have suffered and you are still suffering?” Realizing that some might be offended and a little afraid of his strident words, Minister Farrakhan said, “I know some of you are scared, the ones [aged] 40-60, because you are shaped by Pharaoh and part of him is in you. That’s why the assault is not on the elders—the assault is on the youth.”

A culture of murder and death

“Murder is in the atmosphere. Murder is the order of the day and murder is our way of life,” said Minister Farrakhan. “The enemy is engineering your sexual life, and our youth are caught up in it.”

He then directed his attention to the Black women in the audience. “How many of you are carrying the HIV virus and don’t even know it, but you are very sexually active?” Minister Farrakhan asked.

Citing statistics showing that Black women are the highest carriers of HIV, he went on to say that Black women have 22 times the AIDS infection rate of Whites and are 21 times more likely to die once being diagnosed with the disease. Black men have 8 times the AIDS infection rate of Whites and are 9 times more likely to die after being diagnosed with the disease. Regarding other diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and various other forms of cancer such as lung, prostate and breast cancer, Black people suffer at disproportionately high rates and die at higher rates than Whites. These healthcare statistics also point to a disparity in the quality of healthcare received by Blacks.

Minister Farrakhan cited further statistical data showing that 40 percent of all abortions are by Black women and girls. Infant mortality rates in the Black community are worse than some Third World nations.

An American Gangster?

Minister Farrakhan then spoke about the movie “American Gangster” starring Denzel Washington, which chronicles aspects of the life of Harlem heroin dealer Frank Lucas. Many of the youth in the audience were not even born when the events depicted in the movie took place. Providing critical context to the snapshot of the time period shown in the film, he pointed out that during that particular time in the 1960s, there was an elevated consciousness among the people. Black people were picketing and marching against discriminatory Jim Crow laws and being beaten and killed for the right to vote.

Minister Farrakhan recounted the collective outrage which triggered the riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He explained that despite what many revisionist historians would like for everyone to think, not all Black people were advocates of the non-violent ideology and in fact, many Black people were against integration and turning the other cheek. There were groups such as the Deacons of Defense and the Black Panther Party who desired to take up arms against the enemy. It was at that time, a purer form of heroin was introduced within the Black community.

“Frank Lucas was a pawn of the powers who wanted to drug those who weren’t drugged by religion, materialism or the drug of education,” said Minister Farrakhan.

“Do you think you can out criminalize the real criminals?” Minister Farrakhan asked. “Is that why you are filling up all the jails of America and they are working you like a slave like they did your great grandfathers? Is that why you think you can outdo the White man in criminal behavior?”

“That movie was designed to inspire you to a gangster life. That whole series on Black Entertainment Television is designed to inspire young Black men to more criminal conduct as though there are no White gangsters. But this is a focus on Black gangsters, and now they call you the ‘American Gangster.’ How did you get to be an ‘American Gangster’ when you are not an American at all?”

Nationwide, youth respond to the message

In Chicago, Ill., 80 students from Paul Robeson High School listened to the message at Mosque Maryam and were given a free copy of the lecture on DVD to take with them to watch again and to share the knowledge with others.

For many, including 16-year-old high school junior Matthew Bahar who viewed the message in Long Beach, California, this was the first time facts dealing with the origins of Black people had ever been told to them in such a clear way that they could easily understand.

“I especially liked when he talked about where we came from and about us being the aboriginal people of the earth. I had no clue that we were the first people here and it just makes sense that the Europeans or White people were here after us and took over, but now we’re trying to overcome that,” said Mr. Bahar.

Several hundred packed into the sanctuary and overflow room of Muhammad’s Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta, Ga. In the crowd was 10-year-old Michael Connors who took notes during the Minister’s address and proudly showed them off. “In my opinion, today the Minister made a good decision to talk about this subject,” he very astutely told The Final Call. “I believe they shouldn’t be showing American Gangster to little kids. It’s going to give them a head start on being a gangster. I like listening to the Minister. Sometimes what I learn gives me ideas on what to think about later.”

Sabrina Valenzuela, 13, after viewing the message in Phoenix, Ariz. said, “I learned so much about our history today that I did not know. We as young girls should follow his advice.”

Jermaine Kendrick, 21, was reflective after viewing the message at Muhammad’s Mosque No.11 in Boston, Mass. “If we don’t stop killing each other with this Black-on-Black crime, God’s wrath will deal with us. I have to be a model for the youth in the community, so people can see the light from what Minister Farrakhan is teaching us.”

Charlene Muhammad, Jesse Muhammad, Nisa Islam Muhammad and Saeed Shabazz contributed to this article.

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