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Tha Way I Rhyme Is Inconspicuos,Average MC's,I Just Make Em Look Rediculous As I Verbally Erode Hiz Ligaments::
With My Meticulous-Precission And Consistence I Make U ~Leave-This~ Game Lyke U Were 'Deciduous'::..(Leafless)
Play 'Connect Tha Dots' Wit Ya Remains Lyke I Wuz An Astronomer Pinpointin 'Constellations-For-Explanations'::
'Calculations-And-Observations' Proved That You'll Alwayz Be Tha 'Point Below Me Lines' Lyke 'Exclamations'::.. ( !! )
From Tha Precambrian-Times,i Been Around Lyke 'Petrified-Tree Vines' With 'Unique-Signs',Exterminatin Dinosuars Wit- Rhymes::
Explode In 'Wide Proximities' Lyke 'Land-Mines' Releasin 'Ultra-Violet-Shine',So You'll Never 'Touch Me' Lyke 'Parallel-Lines'::..
Formulating-Plots By Examinating-Drops Wit-'Flops In Tha Structure' Lyke Igneous-Rocks,Catch Em 'Offgaurd' Lyke Anthrax ina Mail Box::
Exaggeratin-4-Props?Sicknesses Contaminating-My-Drops,Which Causes Me To 'Beat His Ass' Lyke 50 Encarserating-'Cell-Blocks'::..
I've Come In -Schrimage- To Crush-Ya-Image And Diminish-Ya-Sentences,Vanish-Exsistence With Gifted-Precission- And-Intuitions::
-Living- For -Rippin-And-Dissin To TesT -Limits- By 'Splittin-Vision',Simplifyin ~Streetscience~ To 'Mega-Pixels In -Televisions'::..
No Need Fa -Guessin-,I 'Pinpoint' With -Perfection- Lyke 'Neorosurgeons',In Trainin-Lessons-'Explicit' Lyke Welders Without ~Eye-Protection~::
Testin Me?U Made Tha Wrong-Selection,What You-Da-Best-In?'Stressin' Cuz Da Only Time U Hard Is When Expeiriencin Otha Guyz Erections::..
U Jus As 'Simple' As Da Logics Of Banks-And-Fees,Tiger-And-Tees,Tree's-And-Leaves When U 'Abuse-Tha-Sheets' And 'Beats'::
Deplete-Tha-Weak MCs Descrete By 'Spreadin' ~Streetscience~ As I Batter-His-Matter And-Scatter My ~Sollutions-On-Tha-Streetz~::..
I Tactically Attack-Thee Enemy-Drastically With Verbal-Mastery-,Exclusive Is A Casualty As I Actually Exterminate-Tha-Galaxy -::
Gruesomely Administor Tha 'Final Touches' Tradgically,And Leave Em Lyke 'Space Shuttle Columbia' As I 'Detteriorate-Him Rapidly'::..
Im 'Mt.Everest' He Cant 'Top Me'! Lyka 'Frieght Train' Nigga U Cant 'Stop Me'! Couldn't 'Shock-Me' If Ya Wordz Posessed 'Electric Technoledgy'::
U Can't 'Out-Rhyme' Tha A As I 'Stealthly' Subject U To Sodimea, Cuz Im Lyka "Sillouette" At Midnight,Exclusive Can't "Out-Line"-Me::..
'Comin Short' Goin After Tha 'Titlez Im Holding',I'll `Knock Ya "Pens" Out' Lyke 'Bowling' My Verbal 'Embers' Make Sure Ya 'Soul-Is-Scoldin'::
Lyke 'Chinese Napkins' I 'Fold-Em' Lyke 'Blunts' I 'Roll-Em',Jus To Show U Cant Be 'Even With Me' If We Were Da Same 'Semi-Colon'::..
Wordz Hit Chu So Hard,Traces Were Picked Up By SEISMOLOGIST,U Cant Find Tha 'Root' Of My Disasterz Lyke 'Drunken-Cosmotologist'-::
Pocess Genes 'Puzzlin 'Biologist','Leave U Dried Up' Lyke 'Unemployed Dermatologist','Infinite' Wid Da 'Verbal Death Rate' Lyke "Numerologist"::..
U Betta 'Play It Safe' Lyke "Abstinence",Cuz Compared To My Extravagance,Ya Pessiments Are Of The Intelligence Of Handicapped Sentimentz::
I Could Inject 'Superhuman Characteristics' In Ya Blood Stream Lyke 'Embedded Sediments' An U Still Wouldnt Resemble ~Extreme-Exsistence~::..
Leave U Torn With Sores As I Close Tha Casket Doors On This Whore Leavin Explist Gore And 'Sorrow' Lyke 'Ceremonial Funeral-Floors'::
'ShoKKin Crowdz' Lyke 'Fallin Electrical-Cords' Slicin Exclusive Lyke Wu-Tang Swordz,With 'Organized Bars' Lyke 'Roman-Numeral-Fours'!::..
Chokin-Ta-Death..For Opposin-Tha-Best..Thinkin U Provokin-Wit-TexT..I Spread Lyka ParanormaL Substance As I Put-U-Ta-Rest::
U Alwayz 'Open-Fa-Stress'.. Lyke Women Undergoin 'Pregnancy-Tess'..Eliminate-Sets Lyke Da 'Exterminator' As I 'Exterminate-Pests'::..
U Not Even Tha Gracin-Of-Dominence..Fall Victim To My Straight-Up-Abolishment..Lyke '2 X Chromosones' Yo, My Traits-Are-Prodominent::
U 'Fail Miserably' Against Me..Lyke Studyin 'Wit-Nerdy-College-Men'..Ya Boy Prod-I-J Juss 'Rip U Down' Lyke 'Saddam-Hussiens-Monument'::..
To U..Im Lyke 'Invisible Modes On Messengers'..'Cannot-B-Seen-Now!'..Call My 'Punches' '(F.B.I.) Tha Way They 'Lock-Tha-Scene-Down'::
Just-Obscene-How..Im Lyke 'Bulldosers'..Just 'Droppin-Feinds-Now'....Candyman U Juss Gettin 'RIPPED Off' Lyke 'Slot-Machines-..Clown'::..
"Making Sure You Post"..Niggah Iz U Timin-Me?..Cuz U Kno That Combined-Wit-Me.. In Tha Same Battle.. U Can't 'Shine-Wif Me-?::
U Not Even 'Aligned-Wit-Me'..Put Chu In Ya 'Tomb' Lyke 'Aincient Dyin-Chinese'..U Gonna Be Tha [First] To Cease Lyke [Yu Dy-Nasty]::..
Racin And Pacin As My Blaiten Verbz Leave Ya Mind 'Vacant' Lyke 'Abandonned Vacation Accomadationz' Spaced Along Carriben Basins::
'Lacin U' In Place Lyke 'Aincient Masons'..Psychic Meditationz Said U Culd Spit On '180 Degree Plains' An Ya 'Typinz' Wuldn't B 'Str8tend'::..
Im Da Rap Version Of 'Medusa'..Tha Way My -{Optics-Kill'}-..I Pop-And-Kill..Dis Lyke 'Poke'Mon Cardz',Does It Matter If I Top-Ya-Skill??::
U In Tha River When Im On Top-Of-Hillz..Leave Ya 'Lights Out' Lyke U 'Forgot-Ya-Billz'..Itz Evident That Im Programmed To ~Logic-iLL~::..
My Intensity Shatters Tha Density Of This Entity Mentally As My Extendency Of Supremacy..Rises And Explodez Lyke CombustaL Energy::
U Get Publicity Afta I Put U On CNN Footage..Da Chemistry Of My Abilities,And Capabilities 'Lokked Dis Battle Down' Lyka 'CorrectionaL Facility'::..

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