View Full Version : I miss my boo...

12-01-2007, 02:42 PM

I miss my boo, do you?
I miss my boo, boo hoo
I miss my boo, true

I miss my boo but fuck it, the bitch can kick the bucket
Throw the bitch to the curb, prolly more than the whore deserves
And that's my word, call it absurd
Call me, infantiley violent, childish
But I'm undeniably smilin', oh, you thought I'd be silent
Call me bitter and titter behind my back, it's a fact
I'm sick of your this and that, tit for tat
At first my heart aflame with pain
But I know the faces change but the game remains the same
Fuckin' dames, first they jockin' ya cock
Then they rockin' the dude down the block
What the fuck? I ain't stressin' the bitch
In fact I'm wettin' her sis, but the essence
It's a blessin' kid, that's there's fish in the sea
Officially, bitches ain't gonna stop switchin'
So stop wishin', get a different position
Switch where ya sittin', listen I ain't bitchin'
Curlin' ya fist pissed, getcha dissed quick
You Mister Chrisst, or Christ...nice
Maybe you can live twice, but I can't
Rant and ravin', behaved face fakin'
I'm scant for waitin', I got ma'ams to take in
Makin' the time I've taken, worth bein' awake an' alive, catch my vibe?

12-03-2007, 01:23 PM
I see how it is....13 views and no feedback. Real cool guys, real cool.

Edgar Erebus
12-08-2007, 05:38 PM
I dig ya - same shit that made me give up writing :(

Well... Intro needs to go, it's quite wacky. Rest of the song is flow-wise aight and lyricism is quite nice, but subject matter and shit are a bit too seen-it-all, ya'meen? There are mad songs about hating a trick and still missing her using quite same thoughts and ways as yours.

Anyways, it's not great, but okay stuff, keep on walkin'.