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06-12-2005, 07:29 AM
What are y'r all time favorite hip-hop tracks?? Sure you can add ur fav. Wu-Tang trax aswell ;)

In no particular order:

-Vampire Kung Fu - Warcloud
-Poet Laureate II - Canibus
-Only If U Wan't It - Eazy-E
-Bow Down - Westside Connection
-Retaliation - Jedi Mind Tricks
-Callapse Palm - Professional,Bootface,Vulgar
-Simply Ludicrous - Black Knights Of the Northstar
-Second Coming - Wu-Tang Clan ft. Tekitha
-Fever Dream - Warcloud
-Liquid Swords - GZA
-Build Strong - RZA
-The Horse,The Sword,The Vengeance - Moongod Allah
-This Thing Of Ours - Q-Unique ft. Ill Bill
-Shook Ones - Mob Deep
-White Nightmare - Jus Allah
-Hell Hole - Sunz Of Man
-Rough Cut - GZA
-King Of Swords - Warcloud
-Caught Between Worlds - Non Phixion
-CREAM - Wu-Tang Clan
-Straight Outa Compton - NWA
-Ghost Pirates - Warcloud
-Child Play - Ghostface Killa
-Blood In Blood Out - Jedi Mind Tricks
-Cold American Beach - Professional ft. Warcloud
-Reunited - Wu-Tang Clan
-S.O.M. - Sunz Of Man
-Northern Batalion - Bronze Nazareth
-Allmighty Black Knights - Black Knights
-Before The Great Collapse - Jedi Mind Tricks
-Paparazzi - Xzibit
-Second Round KO - Canibus
-Snakes - Ol' Dirty Bastard
-14 years Of Rap Dread In NY - Arsonists ft. Non Phixion
-Floath - Aesop Rock
-If You're Living In The World Today - GZA
-Hellz Wind Staff - Wu-Tang Clan
-Knuckle Heads - Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killa
-Rock Bottom - Eminem
-Genabis - canibus
-Can't Fuck With A N**** - DJ Quik
-Internally Bleeding - Immortal Technique
-The Crazies (metal mix) - Mr.Hyde ft. Goretex, Ill Bill , Necro
-RMD Production RMX "Bat's 'n Apple Soup" - Warcloud,Cilvaringz

probable lots more, but these are my most favorites I guess

06-12-2005, 01:42 PM
cant rememer em all now but heres some

Bring it on - Organized Konfusion
313 - Eminem
Open mic - Eminem
Infinite - Eminem
Backstabber - Eminem
It's ok - Eminem
Rakim - I know you got soul
Rakim - I ain't no joke
Slick Rick - Children's story
Nas - It ain't hard to tell
Esham feat. Bone thugs - Pay
Eyedea and abilities - Bigshot
Gza - Breaker, Breaker
Wu-tang - Bring da ruckus
Wu-tang - 7th chamber
Wu-tang - 7th chamber pt.2
Wu-tang - Protect your neck
Bless - Seize the day
LL Cool J - I can't live without my radio
LL Cool J - Rock tha bells

I could go on forever...

06-13-2005, 12:08 PM
Gotta ad this one to my previous list, cause...this is a tite ass track:

Superhoes - Funkdoobiest

maestro wooz
06-13-2005, 02:25 PM
i against i- jmt
before the great collapse-jmt
i who have nothing-jmt
its ok- eminem
boom bye yeah- sean price
triumph- wu tang
ghost deini- ghost
what means the world to you-camron
united- thyrday
can i get a fuck you- jayz
you dont know- jayz
allure- jayz
animal rap(the remix at the end of the cd)-jmt
family business- kanye west
impressions- king geedorah
americas most blunted- madvillian
do it man- masta ace
ence eht no kcab- one be lo
stocking cap- saigon