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08-05-2005, 05:57 PM

runnin the game comes with it just how you would expect
hot punch lines and bars filled with venomous intelect you dont suspect
I come from behind the least expected time a hurtful rhyme
comein against me is suicide but if you decide to strap in and take my ride
then thats cool with me the last dude cried cause all votes were on my side
I wanna finish you quick so you dont come back
sayin I cheated when its really the skills and talent you lack not my fault your wak
I know your sweatin your soakin but I bet youll be chokein im a dictionary wide open
your hopeing im a white guy thats turned token
but my skills are un matched
i always win you lose no strings attached
I keep it real I dont talk about guns cause i dont have any
but whos gonna travel over hear to kill me not many
T-Y-E the young executioner that be my name
everyone elses raps all be the same all lame to read them is a pain
16 bars i came with it preatty heavy now let me go a little more steady
im waiting for ur rhymes im all ready
beatin me will bring you to the top with the best
but that wont happen im layin you to rest this is a test
20 bars I came wit it you dug ur grave bitch now lay in it


My crew don't roll they slither, and deliever venomous fangs strikes and these 50 cent dick riding niggas//
Its a fact that the scripture i bust turns your bible to exo-dust, unless you got the guts to give a snake your trust// I go down south and damage Houston worst that bobby brown// and cocaine 'cause I poison the vains of your town// Runnin the Game don't wanna swing swords, his shits too soft, he stumble on to this site looking for the Clay Aiken Board// No shaking lords of this criminal mothafucker// Sign off and go back to rubbin off to 50's album cover// Have Running the Game running in shame so WARNER-A-BROTHER// I B.E.T you fags could suck a LIFETIME on one another// I be that FOX in the NEWS as a sheep undercover//

not bad i guess, but the funny thing is that runninthegame won it and bankshugs50's whole thing was ILL with the whole bobby brown to whitney houston thing, and the TV channels

08-05-2005, 06:06 PM
are you one of them?

08-05-2005, 06:09 PM
I just went on to see what they talk about on it

(There are a lot of people who hate 50 making threads, then the girls on there freak out on them, and there was 1 other battle between girls.. 1 wasnt bad had 2 real dope lines)