View Full Version : a battle?

Luther Large
08-05-2005, 06:34 PM
lets just get a damn battle goin............... anybody

08-05-2005, 08:36 PM
the assassin masta jumpin in no matter
check the swing i'm the next batter
u the home run ball some one go get it
this defeat in yo head imbead it
thats right i said it tell like ALI
flow "floats like butterfly sting like a bee"
deadly poisin poke ya in ya greeneyes
career in the field of battle is over u is just a demisse
i super size my victories specially amplify yo defeat
stay out Rock'S kitchen you cant take the heat
thats it is all been said and done
i know you feel empty so hear is a gun
suicide is the answer after this horrible beatin
you beat me who u kiddin
15 bars one more to add to yo peril
killed ya with clean hands that boy Rock sho is steril


Luther Large
08-05-2005, 08:54 PM
ayo you betta check ya words
then smack yaself
cuz that was the wackest verse
step off battles i win quick
the only d this punks attemptin to rock is my dick
i demolish faggs from a far
bitch you wouldnt amplify a victory if i gave you an electric giutar
i'll infect you like errol
stop suckin my genitals
d's pretendin to be a rapper but thats to bad for his health
this battles done the fat lady sang
this jokes no wutang menace but he's a menace to wutang

just sumthin quick we can keep goin for 1 more verse each it's up to you

08-06-2005, 07:14 AM
im sitting on the dock of the bay
get out of my way
spit rymes like andrew dice clay
you bitches wanna play
stay, better start to pray
cuz im spitten hazerdous rymes all the way from june to may
dopeness, narcotic rymes, its hard to focus
sharpness, the butcher knife hits the target
the hard hit, swing and never miss, its accurate
intellegent, the shit u come with is irrelavent
the pure element seeps through your helmet
chasity belts get busted up by the long dick
provocotive talketive, im trying to live, always give
waiting to recieve, no tricks up my sleeves
from colonies, states, countries and continents
i stay dominent in the parliment, no argument

08-06-2005, 01:25 PM
disregard the bull shit above point blank is wack
thats so much shit that flies it attracts
you barrier cant stand my motorcade i'm runnin thru
verbally salughterin bitches like u
fuk what u knew this is real shit listen
is not youi'm destroyin is your morale i'm dissin
strip you of any credability u have left
and i dont even gotta put a red X on ya chest
u already been marked as the weakest link
flows is childish so in yo words rinky dink
and that cat who just joined u walkin on soft sand
u dont want to feel the power of my right hand
i smite you dude so stay on level 1
try to come up any more notches i garantee u is done
but its all fo fun greeneyes just got slaughtered
he's a grown man but still goes and cries to his mother
father father forgive me for i have just sin
18 more bars came to a deadly end

iight green yo turn m'bad for takin so long