View Full Version : just a verse

08-05-2005, 08:10 PM
my guards off limits
ship ya ass to a coffin
debris just shatter in the rain
while i batter ya brains
cattles slayed
bottles needed
i just shackle yo knees
where you at godd?
talking all breezy till my bat bats
blowing a bitches brains out
the pain, no doubt
with the pen i'm extreme
shutout, next team
please, here's my scheme
catch a revolution
your wants at a destitution
and the price'll never drop
watch my eyes when i rap
you'll see a killers dream
dulling a realists dream
cuz crazy's my name
not the middle or last, never die in vein
never cry n sob
juss smile n gat
where's the coke
beware the flow
cuz like cops arrest your hustle
your like a muscle
all reflexes, no knowledge
go to college
and watch my name all up in the index
cleaning bitches sights like windex
keeping it real
dreaming of my feel's
dreams of an adolescence
never my days are fun absent
like my professional record
i'm juss kickin shit like beckham
risking shit like karate
with holes all over ya body

08-07-2005, 01:33 PM
Wasn't really feeling this one, man. The verse didn't seem to build up, there wasn't really a story to it.