View Full Version : Remy Ma Fires Back At Lil Kim, ‘That Little Boy Better Leave Me Alone’

12-08-2007, 06:46 PM

In a recent appearance on DJ Kay Slay’s show on Shade 45, Bronx rapper Remy Ma responded to Lil Kim’srecord and statements towards her.

Last week, Lil Kim confirmed to MTV that she was taking shots at Remy Ma on a freestyle which will appear on her upcoming mixtape titled Ms. G.O.A.T.

Kim said she did the track because she was fed up with Remy taking jabs at her on interviews and songs.

Remy revealed to Shade 45 that she is not bothered the track and claimed that Kim’s record was a ploy to get attention and get a deal.

“That little boy better live me alone,” Remy said referring to Lil Kim. “ She was saying ‘I’m going at [Remy] hard, she go hard to me so I go hard back’. I feel like if that’s going at me hard, like seriously, I’m just gonna chill out. That’s crazy to me.”

“What did she say? ‘Put it on my lipstick, I was to be busy being conceited’. Like, how could you be conceited, you don’t even like your own face,” Remy continued. “ What are you talking about? Are you serious? How was I supposed to take that offensive.”

“I don’t believe you,” stressed Remy. “ You don’t like your nose, you don’t like your cheek , you don’t like your chin, you don’t like your skin color, you don’t like your tits , you don’t like your stomach, you don’t like your teeth. What are you talking about?”

“At the end of the day it’s funny to me. When I really feel like it’s amusing, when I feel like someone’s getting at me, then I’ll drag them all over the first spot that I see them of course,” Remy continu ed. “ But in the meantime, in between time…like this chic has more ghostwriters than Foxy [Brown]. I just feel like right now she’s reaching,”

“You dyked your whole bid away. You didn’t write no records. I don’t see the point of the whole thing. She wasn’t saying anything to me,” said Remy. “ This is probably the most press she’s got in forever because everyone wants to know what im going to say.”

“I’m laughing, this is funny to me. Somebody on crack cocaine told her go at Remy because Rem got the streets , you now she’s a hot head, you say one little slick thing about her, I’mma go in and write you stupid song and you gonna pop and get a deal,” Remy added. “But they forget to tell somewhere along the line you are gonna run into her ands she’s gonna put hands and feet on you.


12-08-2007, 08:55 PM
File this under, no one gives a shit about these talentless and nasty hoes.

12-08-2007, 09:32 PM
i do. i love nasty hoes, at least remy.