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Ghost In The 'Lac
12-09-2007, 10:28 PM
Prodigy started blogging on hnic2.com

the following blog is long as hell and had no punctuation, so when i swiped it, i decided to help Paragraph P out with a little indentation. it's only right. real g's keep it grammatical, i know, but i left his misspellings in there for kicks (okay, i'm an obsessive, i did correct ONE, but i couldn't let a typo mess up my man's point like that...lol).

but yeah, when you peep that 'too young' song by high five on the boyz n tha hood soundtrack, the rapper is apparently prodigy, according to the man himself. his voice sounds WILD young on there.

http://www.hnic2.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1622086%3ABlogPost%3A1336 (http://www.hnic2.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1622086%3ABlogPost%3A1336)

Whats the word my geez, just in case you didn't know MY STORY is a ill one. I was born in HEMPSTEAD L.I. and lived out there up until like age 10. Where i grew up at iN L.I. there were alot of GODS and EARTHS, if you don't know those are 5% er's and Muslims who study and memorize the 120 lessons. (peace god, whats today's mathematics?) and all that shit. Every reall hood in L.I. or NY for that matter know what i'm talking bout. I started rapping at the age of 12 when i heard the RUN DMC song "sucka mc's" and that LL COOL J shit "rock the bells".

After i heard those two songs my life was changed forever. i used to say those lyrics to my mom's and act like i wrote it until one day i got tired of lying and decided to really try to write my own shit. it was around 1986-87 and my mom's and i were living in Lefrak City queens. my moms had just started letting me stay outside after the street lights went off wich was the wrong thing to do in lefrak cause the whole hood sold drugs. it was 1988 when me and my friends started selling crack and doing all the grimey shit. by the end of that year the cops had caught me making direct sales one too many times and Lefrak City tried to kick me and my mom's out our apartment. My mom's worked for the NYC Housing Authority for several years so she smoothed it all out. But she was so mad and scared for me that she found a new apartment in Jersey City.

She made the right decision to move because i would have just got into more and more trouble in Lefrak. Right before we moved, i got enrolled into the High School of Art and Design on 57th street in Manhattan and at that same time i had put together a 4 song demo tape and started shopping around for a record deal. Before my mom's worked for housing, she was in a doo-wop group called "THE CRYSTALS" and on the low my mom's and her group had some hit records back then. Shit like "THE DOO RUN-RUN", "ROCKIN ROBIN" and alot more. She was on tour with Diana Ross and the Supremes and all that, so mom's knew the music industry pretty well. She was actually my manager when i started shopping my demo and i found a deal over at JIVE RECORDS.

JIVE gave me a demo deal wich means they paid for my studio time and if i made some good enough songs they would have signed me to a real recording contract. I started hanging out at the JIVE office alot back then and i got cool with a few of the ladies that worked there. One of those ladies i got cool with gave my the ultimate plug in and hooked me up with this R&B group named HIGH FIVE. They had a real popular song called "The Kissing Game" and they were working on a song for the BOYZ N' THE HOOD movie soundtrack and needed a rapper to do 2 verses on the track. It was perfect timing. I wrote 2 quick verses and the next thing you know i'm on the soundtrack, the song is called "TOO YOUNG" HIGH FIVE featuring ME.... i was gassed the fucc up after that. Right after i recorded that song, probably the very next day is when i first met HAVOC.

HAV was cool with one of my niggas in my class LIL' D. D hooked us up together cause we both were lil' short niggas and both were heavy into rap music. Ironically both me and hav's grandmothers lived in RAVENSWOOD so We clicked instantly. JIVE wanted to sign me to a real contract after BOYZ N' THE HOOD but i told them that i had a partner now, and if they didn't wanna sign the both of us, then it was NO deal. JIVE didn't see the vision back then so that situation got deaded.

Maybe a year later 1990-91 I started reading this book called "BEHOLD A PALE WHITE HORSE". i was real intrested in the book first of all cause of the weird cover, then secondly cause the god's back in L.I. and the god's i met in queens would talk about some of the things i was reading in the book and most of the god's i knew were extremely smart and spoke intelligently and i wanted to have the knowledge that they had. That year Havoc and i dropped out of school and finished our first demo. we got a deal at ISLAND RECORDS.

ISLAND just signed M.O.P. and had ERIC B. and RAKIM . Havoc and I were only 15 years old and all we cared about was jewelry and having a video on video music box. We weren't focused on making quality music. I had moved to queensbridge and was living with hav. i got real cool with all hav niggas from q.b. like THE TWINS, NOYD, GODFATHER, GOTTI, TY NITTY, ect. ect. we were all a bunch a juvenile delinquents for real, getting drunk every morning, smoking, shootin' people, robbing people, just being young and crazy

In 1993 We put out our first album "JUVINILE HELL" and shot our first 2 videos ever "PEER PRESSURE" and "HIT IT FROM THE BACK". The songs were ok but the album flopped cause we didn't take it serious at all. That shit taught us a hard lesson. YOU DON'T GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION! We got dropped after the album only sold 20,000 copies. We were mad as hell and a lil' embarassed cause we knew we had some shit. the whole hood was feeling our music and style but we didn't express or represent ourself correctly. NAS had just dropped ILLMATIC around the same time and he made us look real stupid with that shit. ILLMATIC sounded more mature and JUVINILE HELL sound like a bunch a lil' wild bad ass kids made a album.

Thats when we stopped fuccing around and we dug deep inside our hearts and minds and we made the INFAMOUS album. We found a new deal at LOUD RECORDS and in 1994 we put out the first single "SHOOK ONES pt.1" that shit took off at college and underground radio, then we put out a remix called "SHOOK ONES pt.2" right before the album release and the remix got bigger then the original. That album went gold real fast and mid-1995 we went on a eastcoast tour with BIGGIE SMALLS , CRAIG MACK and CAMP LO. Man i got some stories to tell about that tour!!! but i'm a save all that for my autobiography.

1996 I Started to read alot more cause i realized that it was helping me with my song writing. when you read your vocabulary get's better and stores all that information. i was able to use words people werent using in ya average everyday conversation. My nigga i grew up with in Hempstead SHAMEEK, gave me the 120 lessons and after i read that it made me want to do research and learn more about the origins of humans, religions and the earth. The information i discovered was incredible and unbelievable. i had check, double check, then triple check the shit i was finding out.

Me and hav started making the "HELL ON EARTH" album at this time and i started putting lil' bits and peices of information in my lyrics back then. I knew the world wasn't ready for the shit i was learning, shit...cause i wasn't even ready for it. "Ether utopia, enclosed garden of gan, take a bite of this fruit it's knowledge of the good and evil man. it be the mobb epic's, we stole the tablets of destiny so that we may rise to supremacy." "illuminati want my mind, soul and my body. secret society tryin' ta keep an eye on me." my partner havoc didn't overstand where i was going wi all this at first, he wasn't even tryin' to hear what i was saying, but twin, gotti, ty nitty, godfather and a gang of others was feeling it. Twin used to tell me back then... "Yo p you need to do more songs like that. niggas wanna learn about all that!"

After doing his own lil' research on his own time, havoc started coming around. He started overstanding and asking me questions about everything. Havoc coined the phrase "MIX THE MEDICINE WITH THE FOOD." when he said that to me one day thats when i knew havoc finally got it cause thats exactly what i was doing. i didn't wanna turn off my fans with all the shit i was knowing, so i came up with a plan back then to spoon feed the world with what i knew and eventually letting it all out. The medicine is a lil' bit of information and the food is the music. Every album since HELL ON EARTH i been doing that.

Sometimes i would say some real shocking shit just to capture your attention so you would really listen close to what i'm saying and not miss anything. Why do you think i named the last mobb album BLOOD MONEY? Cause all money is blood money and is evil even tho we need it and cant live without it in these days and times. Theres a song on that album called PEARLY GATES and i said some shocking things about religion in my verse. This was purposely done to get your attention and make you listen closer. i didn't explain myself on the song because it's a song and not a school lesson. i purposely left people confused so the question would arise during radio and magazine interviews... "P WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING BOUT ON THAT SONG?" and thats when i tell people that....Before we were kidnapped from our homeland and made into slaves to build America, we were a spiritual people with our own connection with the creator and the universe.

There was no such thing as a bible, quaran, torah or any religious books. They simply DIDN'T EXSIST AT ALL. Mostly every story in all of these MAN MADE religions are ALL STOLEN from EGYPT. AFRICA is the mother of all civilisation and OUR-STORY pre-dates any story. Thats why the negative forces that control this world and have everyone under the SPELL of LEVIATHAN keep OUR-STORY a MYSTERY and they made sure HIS-STORY is the only thing being taught to the entire world. Yes the rabbit hole gets very deep.

On the first HNIC album, the first song that comes on is called "GENESIS". i put some good information in that song but like i said, i didn't wanna turn off the fans with all that plus it wasn't time to put it all out there yet so right after that song i put a skit from the movie MENACE TO SOCIETY where kane say's " OH YOU TRYIN' TO GET SMART? YOU TRYIN' TO KICK SOME KNOWLEDGE? NIGGA GIMMIE YA JEWELRY NIGGA!!" then the album get's on some G shit. Trust my, i'm very aware of what i'm doing and all of this was planned out.

It's been goin on 8 years since that first HNIC album and alot has happened in the world since then. Right now is the time to reveal everything to the hood, i think they are hungry for information and they demand answers to alot of bullshit this government is pulling on us. Thats what i'm bringing to the table with HNIC2. i dont see anybody ell's in this game that has the power to do what i'm bout to do right now. there are a few big names in rap that know the information i know, and they could do it, but they conceal it and dont speak on it cause they are so wrapped up with money, fame, fashion, ect. ect....

they are too scared to loose all that or too scared that people will laugh at them for revealing this information, maybe even scared for their life. alot of our leaders were murdered for knowing too much and having the power to spread what they knew. I'm not scared of dying for my kids, people laughing at me, or whatever. I dont have a DROP of fear in me. My army in the streets is stronger then ever before and we ready. We are a positive / aggressive army wich means that were the good guys and we only use force when were forced to. We believe money is just ONE of the most powerful tools the devil uses to control us, we need it to stay alive so we make as much as possible but we dont let it make us. Dont let money make you loose focus!!! Anyway, thats what it is and thats what we bout'. If you feel the same feel free to join us, we are a army of many colors and cultures. it's not about the color of ya skin anymore, at this point you either POSITIVE or NEGATIVE who's side are you on? PRODIGYhnic2

Maxxx Millisecondz
12-09-2007, 10:36 PM
LMFAO!!!! @ Paragraph P

12-09-2007, 10:40 PM
lol lil p trying to kick knowledge get the fuk outta here once he made a song and the first thing he said was "hey yo there is 52 states and we are hitting all of them" ya ur real smart p.

There was no such thing as a bible, quaran, torah or any religious books. They simply DIDN'T EXSIST AT ALL. Mostly every story in all of these MAN MADE religions are ALL STOLEN from EGYPT. AFRICA is the mother of all civilisation and OUR-STORY pre-dates any story. Thats why the negative forces that control this world and have everyone under the SPELL of LEVIATHAN keep OUR-STORY a MYSTERY and they made sure HIS-STORY is the only thing being taught to the entire world. Yes the rabbit hole gets very deep.

Ghost In The 'Lac
12-09-2007, 10:43 PM
Read the whole thing he says some real shit. Like the part about the Genesis song kicking off the HNIC album, and how he could always spit those type of verses, but if he did he wouldnt have a career basically, so he ends it with that MTS sample. its was clever. hes aware of more shit than people realsie. and how the lyrics on H.O.E were influenced by him expanding his vocab through reading, its simple but its true!.

12-09-2007, 10:46 PM

the dude cant even have a smart convo ,

i heard a radio interview , some radio host was herbing him . P was on some 15 year old shit ,
common man the dude knows nothing , when he talks he is on some 15 year old type thug shit .

if u are knowledge-ball about things, then it shows in ur character, in ur convo.

Ghost In The 'Lac
12-09-2007, 10:53 PM
"drugs destroy your mind, in the end it will all lead to ruin"

he aint the only rapper to feel the effects of unabaited weedsmoke for 15 years, so yeah, it makes him sound like one of those dudundedun niggas, but you can see a glimmer of the dude inside, he WAS on some real shit

12-09-2007, 10:58 PM
I hope he uses his special wisdom to write a book in jail and puts it out without the help of an editor.

If its good enough. Oprah will add it to her book club.

12-09-2007, 10:58 PM
Very good read. Thanks for posting this.

12-09-2007, 11:05 PM
I hope he uses his special wisdom to write a book in jail and puts it out without the help of an editor.

If its good enough. Oprah will add it to her book club.

ya and when he runs out of ink , he can use the blood that is gonna drip from his ass from all that ass pouding he is gonna get ..

12-09-2007, 11:08 PM
hahaha i think thats taking things too far now

12-09-2007, 11:16 PM
P has his ups & downs but only haters & retards ever thought he wasn't a real artist-- YES, even after signing with G-Unit. (Peep what Lil' Fame says about that shit too. re: M.O.P.)

props to Paragraph P, very funny.

i can't say too much but I know a woman who's a director; she's friends with Meth, P. & a lot of other dudes (bc she directed their videos-- ain't lying, ya'll can look it up) & tho' Meth handles it much better than most... other dudes have had their problems, just like anyone else in society.


sidenote 1, just dl'd Freeway-- what a piece of shit this is; can't believe the hate P. gets & this garbage is like... fiya! 50 is playing someone with total rewrites of his own stuff-- even Yayo's album kills this, so what if Freeway has "potential" (which, I'll admit, Memphis Bleek never had.)

sidenote 2: haters won't even bother but "Murda Muzik" is a pretty good movie.

12-10-2007, 12:02 AM
ya and when he runs out of ink , he can use the blood that is gonna drip from his ass from all that ass pouding he is gonna get ..


Yo I think P is one of the greatest of all time, but that dude isn't smart. He sounded like a moron throughout that whole thing. He sounds like a little kid who thinks they know some big secret. He should learn some grammar before he unleashes all of his highly classified information.