View Full Version : Hiphop Samurai Cyborg

King Zigzagzig Allah
08-06-2005, 05:36 PM
Da Hiphop Cyborg, I Reveal Swords For Quiet Wars, Shit Happens When I Brainstorm. M.c's Hit Da Deck, Slow Step With Da Tech Robocop Proteck Yo Neck Im Not Aimming For Da Vest, Im Slicing Arteries.
Samurai's Apart Of Me, Approaching In Da Wallabees,
Killing With Phsycology, Da Fuck You Say To Me. It Doesn't Make Sense.
I Leave Yo Vision Cursed Like Da Kid In Sixth Sense, I Be Da 5%,
Who Da Fuck You Be. Im Lurking Like Da Killa Bee With Da Sting Thats Poisioning. Dissappere Like Strider, Tranquilizing Bites Like Spiders,
Put Da Fire Out Of Ghostrider, I Be Da Supreme King Sire
Step Away From Da Cypha, Rhymes Is Doodoo Like Dirty Dipers. Cuz Im Still Lounging On Da Roof With Da Sniper-(then Echo)