View Full Version : (already posted in audio booth) plz gimme some feedback on my 1st ever verse...

12-12-2007, 03:30 PM
(if someone can tell me how to stream it i will)


I take the 1st verse on this. Just a demo...
I go by the Mc Name of Living Proof ,
the name i thought of because, when i was born in 1987, at 11 days old i was rushed into hospital, after several tests, doctors thought i had a hole in my heart.
Some tests more, it was found that i had an Aneurysm.

For those who dont know what one is, its basically a blood clot, but in my case, a bubble in a main vein in my brain.

My heart was pumping blood round my boddy twice as fast as a normal, healthy baby, i swelled up, went yellow, allsorts.

The doctors told my mam n dad they had to perform an operation, it was in its pioneering stages at the time, only one other baby in the world had survived from the operation at the time too. They had to put 21 metal coils in the middle of my brain by micro surgery through the back of my head.

The operation went through, the docs said i had a 50/50 chance of surviving with brain damage or dying.....I survived without brain damage....and here i am, a normal 20 year old.
One of a handfull in the world to have survived the Op.

i been writin lyrics for about 3/4 yrs on and off, jus a way of expressin my feelings, never took it seriously but my mate asked me to spit on this track, i did and we formed a group 'The 4 Elements' (currently tryna think of a new name)

its nowt serious, we jus dun it as a hobby, cures boredom
the track is called Y2K or WhyTwoKay

my 1st verse has fuk all to do with the bridge in the track but my second verse which i should be laying tonite will have relevence!

please, gimme some feedback and how y'all think i done for my 1st ever verse.