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12-16-2007, 01:41 PM
Jeepers Creepers creature with fiendish features
Lavishly livin’ in leprosy feces with skin diseases
Arterial blood gases in deplorable circumstances
Like rebel-held ravenous hostages devourin’ roaches
Facial ridges with leeches lookin’ like toxic stitches
Temperament warped by nature and nurture
Medusa’s seed, Hills Have Eyes Pluto in-breed
Barbed-wire fangs like mortar-fire vampires
Anaconda biceps, anal spurs, boa-constrictor neck
Jowl of blades, jugular veins pervade with AIDS
Guillotine spleen, Ebola virus in the bloodstream
Type A+ plasma liquid poisoned from snake bites
TB patient before the development into an adolescent
Senseless mind-set, reckless like unprotected sex
Criminal contempt rottin’ the intellect with maggots
Epizootic epidemic, 666 stitched to lips of anarchist
Electric chair flames out nostrils burn the nasal hairs
Impaired respiration organs breathe death-row air
Cauterization vision lost due to malnutrition
Severe decomposition prevents further examination
Nauseous abdomen, retroperitoneum is swollen
Arteriovenous malformation in the sigmoid colon
Tomb in womb made me immune to mortal wounds
Expulsion birth in fecal matter, dreams shattered
Years critical in hospital after inhalin’ asbestos particles
Ingested mace cause the breast milk was hazardous waste
Vile child, hostile like gremlins feeding in the wild
Reprehensible forces, Damien demonic discourses
As a toddler I sicked pit-bulls on Make-A-Wish horses
Infantile sadistic revenges, dishonorable discharges
Uncultivated youth with sustained murder charges
After killing my twin during Muay Thai clinches
One look in my eyes and mom had her tubes tied
Vascular spaces fused after a ghastly pregnancy
In horror I was born amongst Children of the Corn
Problematic infancy like untidy vaginal deliveries
Colonoscopy never revealed 7-headed beastly injuries
Toxicologies were devised to test the lice of dacayin’ mice
Spliced Book of Revelation tests verified I was Antichrist

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12-17-2007, 01:32 PM
Hot to death!

12-29-2007, 06:23 AM
I sometimes feel im an omen child.LOL