View Full Version : aging, hip hop and aesthetics

12-17-2007, 07:32 AM
i was looking at the birth years for a lot of the most well-known and/or influential hip hop and hip pop musicians (wu, primo, pete rock, dre, snoop, krs one, rakim, 50, kool keith, q tip etc) and what they in common is generally a similar age group. dre, krs one and gza, for example are in their 40s. do you think that it is reasonable for some of these guys to be so conservative about the changes (even if devolutionary) brought by young people like souljah boy?

and can you think of any young rappers (younger than 20 years of age) that spit that classic sound?

12-17-2007, 08:24 AM
Dizzee Rascal spits good, is revolutionary and is 22, he is already doing it this way for 4 years

personally I agree with the conservative attitude of the elders, because they preach Hip Hop, nobody says Soulja Boy or other can't do their thing, they just shouldn't pretend to be related to Hip Hop ... it`s pretty simple