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Jon Raven aka Skel
12-17-2007, 01:38 PM
what up yall. first time on this board i been spitting for a while, the names Jon Raven (aka Skel)

i usually record audios (songs) in studios but right now i dont have the chance i'll have some tracks up soon though. peep the verse.

Get out of my face, get out of my way- I own the granite/
but this aint even a niggas home planet/
trapped in this primitive age/
gifted with this rippled and chisseled ridiculous brain/
meditating till its miniature veins are transmitting me signals from space/
given to my pineals base, so call me your majesty/
heavenly wisdom is better than prison but you've given yourselves to the forces of gravity/
meaning the hate is strong, yall niggas is made wrong/
scared of eye contact rolling with shades on/
walking with your homie, talking, two deep/
i roll where its only me and my two feet/
its too deep/
i use my watches alarm, making sure i dont stay in one spot for too long/
my plot is to bomb/
move just as swift as rabbits, click the magnum,split your cabbage/
quick as rabbits rip through cabbage/
rip your name off my hitlist/
hit my cigarette and flick the ashes/
government agents wanna catch me son, but there brains and there legs aint fast enough/
step onto the scene with the weap-on of my dreams- a pitchblack kickbackless machine that spits hatchets/
killing rappers grippin their jackets flippin 'em backwards/
dippin back to my lab without getting me captured/
Jon Raven the god agent, i got verses so hot i gotta jot 'em naked/
i plot with masons at the Sodom and Gomorrah godforsaken location/
I'm amazing, nothing can phase the Raven/
You cant fuck with this, i kill injustice/
i chill in villas where a million sluts is/
try to stop this, i'll leave a niggas under a doctor/
the image of me grillin him stuck in his subconscious/

peace yall. i'll have songs up for yall to hear soon.

12-18-2007, 12:34 PM
Hey raven...i'm liking the style...keep up with the good flows chief :clap:

Jon Raven aka Skel
12-19-2007, 09:16 AM
Hey raven...i'm liking the style...keep up with the good flows chief :clap:

thanx man.

12-29-2007, 06:21 AM
deep shit, heard the audio and they fire too

01-03-2008, 12:44 PM
Nice lyrics keep doing your thing peace.

01-04-2008, 12:16 PM
slick and kinda insightful....^O^