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Some of us here need this.

10 Tips to Reduce Christmas Stress

Family stress is at its highest during the Christmas season. Added to the normal pressures of family living, there are parties to attend, shopping trips to endure, trees to decorate, cookies to prepare, and more. There's also the pressure of extended family relationships, which add a unique dimension of stress.
Here are ten tips to help reduce many of the stresses that you have control over. Follow this advice, and you will dramatically reduce your stress level and get more out of Christmas.

Make A PlanCreate a plan that details what you want your holiday to be like. Few things reduce stress better than a well thought out plan that is followed. Your plan should have at least the following: a schedule of events and activities; a to-do list; a gift shopping list; and a budget. Be as detailed as you can, catching small details like childcare, buying gift wrapping materials, etc. The earlier you plan, the more you'll feel in charge of your time as Christmas approaches.
Budget Gift GivingIn your plan, think through your budget. Christmas is often a time for over-extending your credit cards, but it doesn't have to be. List things on which you will spend money throughout December and decide how much you can afford for each. Think through how much you will spend on gifts for family members, teachers, pastors, and managers. Include the cost of holiday travel and special meals. Remember that you will have to live with the bills after Christmas, so be generous, but don't give out of obligation.
Make a ListSanta makes his list and checks it twice. You instead should check it thrice. Lists are a great way to relieve the emotional strain of repeatedly thinking through what must be done. As soon as you think of something you need to do, write it on a list and get back to what you were working on. If you do this, and regularly review your list, you'll be sure to get everything done while not being nagged by the feeling, "What was that I needed to do?"
Spread Out the FestivitiesWhy do you need to do everything on Christmas day? Work with your extended family to plan other times to celebrate the holiday. The more you pack into Christmas day, the more stress you are inviting into your life. It's not a contest to see who can pack the most family get togethers into the same day. If your only reflection at the end of the day is, "Whew. We got it all in," then you missed the point.
Make Meals EasyWith all of the extra activities, you might think that the folks at the fast food drive through know you by name. Fast food and dining out to save time can be a big problem. It increases the pressure on your budget and degrades your health, preventing you from being at your best. Think through your meals well in advance. If you expect a busy day, prepare a meal in a crockpot or slow cooker. You can enjoy home cooked meals, get everything done, and still feel great.
Shop EarlyOne of the most time consuming tasks for Christmas is gift shopping. You can run from store to store and still not find the right gift for Great Aunt Sylvia. Make a plan to get done with your shopping before Thanksgiving. It will help you stay out of traffic and long lines and give you more time to think about what to get for the tough ones on your list. If you can't get it done by Thanksgiving, consider taking a day off from work or finding a sitter for the kids. Shopping weekdays from 9 AM to 11 AM or from 1 PM to 3 PM can save a lot of time.
Choose What's Most ImportantIf you aren't sure why you do everything you do during the Christmas holiday, sit down as a family and make a list of everything you'd like to do. Then ask each family member to choose the one thing on the list that they feel is most important to make the holiday complete. If it's practical, try to do that one most important thing from each person. If it didn't make it to the list, even though you've done it every year, ask yourself if you really want to do it. It's okay to say, "No."
Discover the Deeper MeaningHolidays exist because people celebrate some deeper meaning or spiritual truth. For Christians, Christmas is a celebration of God's gift of a baby, who offers eternal life to all who believe. Remember the reason why you celebrate. If you're not sure, do some research about the holiday and add spiritual significance. Attend a Christmas eve service, find a live nativity scene, or give to someone in need.
Smell the RosesWhat good is Christmas if in all of the hustle and bustle you forget that it is meant to be enjoyed. Have fun! Make your plan and follow it, but take opportunities to forget the plan and just enjoy yourself. Fun and laughter are the best stress relievers.
Write What You LearnWant to make every Christmas better? Here's a tip that will pay off in the long run. Keep a Christmas journal. In your journal write your personal reflections on the holidays. Record your thoughts on the spiritual significance of Christmas, what to do differently next year, gift ideas, and new traditions you'd like to start.

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