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12-18-2007, 02:29 PM
Sorry it has been a while since I posted up. I am back now with some pretty good shit. I finished the "Radio Active" album in september and I am now working on "Industrial Revolution" which I am 70% done with. I am looking forward to listening to all your joints and giving true feedback. any feed back would be nice for this joint I made last night. I know I am not the best but this new shit I am working on is pretty nice..

here are my three previous albums and two joints from the new album

here is the new fire straight off the hot coals....


Laws Of Darts:

Im a ferocious beast
out the jungle like kong
im the king of the concrete
42 long
you took the wrong turn
this song burns like acid
and then sprays your surface
like its sand blasted
all or nothing
my life or yours
cut quickly
with sharpened knifes and swords
the mic cord
gets cut if cant spit
I maintain the fire until Im
down to the last clip
perhaps its the mental time
Im investing
to write novels
like doestoevesky
tienemen square
one man in front of a tank
im like a tsunami
thats flooding your banks
Im loving this blank
when I draw this art
claws are sharp
loyal to the laws of darts
its hard to start
something and not follow thru
communicating 2 u through a long
hollow tube

abstract art
study nations
develop weapons
military occupations
the profession
check the session
point blank like targets
stay explosive
like iraqi markets
perhaps the farthest
search in the world
could uncover
the development of
communist slumber
i bring lumber
lay it down like tracks
conjecture is your medicine
destroyed like facts
employed by hacks
you live in a bubble
my space shuttle rumbles
and takes me to the hubble
its time to take notes
set up a frame job
design a scape goats
it'll takes boats
of mcs to destroy my base
foundation so strong
youll find your traced
in the concrete
tape around crime scene
fuck CSI
I drop rhymes and grind trees