View Full Version : Saigon is says it feels good to be back in the rap game........

12-19-2007, 02:30 PM
I just hope he don't make this shit a habit.......

It Feels Good....

Whats up everybody??? First of all, I must say I was and still am amazed by the responses I get from the whole thing about me quitting the rap game. I have recieved literally thousands of messages, many phone calls from very influential people, and much support from just everyday people I may bump into on the street...The love is overwhelming I must say. I got over 500 comments on MySpace alone which was very encouraging considering its many more than I got for indulging in some ignorance with certain ignoramus' ..I got a very appreciated phone call from my brother Lupe Fiasco that really made me look at things from other angles.....Shout out to that brother and congratulations on that CRAZY album... Support that. I also got a very deep call from Datwon Thomas (Editor in Chief) from King Magazine...Thanks man, I got you Homie...Much love to EVERYBODY who expressed their concern whether good or bad...And thank you to everyone who left a comment on here, I was reading them joints like, 'Damn....Wow.....Whoa'

I still feel the same way I did a month ago when I expressed how I felt about the state of Hip Hop..I still feel it needs a major makeover ..I expressed this to my team and what they said was 'If not you Saigon, then who'? Then I started to think about all the schools I went to to talk to the kids about Gang Prevention and Prison Reform. I thought about one of my closest friends mother, who is a teacher at one of the worst schools in Camden N.J. and how she rewards them by bringing me up there to talk to the kids. I thought about the 12 year old girl who told me how my song 'Pain in my Life' stopped her from being promiscuous. I thought about my song 'The Color Purple' and talking to Fab 5 Freddy about how we could start a whole movement with this song to save some of the lives of black and brown children..I thought about the kids at In Arms Reach and the example I would be ultimately setting by just quitting at something they know I love doing and have worked so hard at..I thought about alot of things...After all the messages from yall, the phone calls from the 'real' industry people, and just the thinking I did...I decided 2 things, I decided that right now quitting is not an option for me, and number 2, that if Im going to continue to make music and do this rap thing...Im playing by MY OWN RULES....If youre not with me, youre against me....We have a plight to help save lives and enlighten people that we have some serious adjustments to make..So if youre a D.J. or a journalist who does something that is going to try and hurt what were trying to do, eg. not supporting my records or trying to slay me in the media, you are against me and what I stand for...If youll play a song that celebrates black and brown (other races too but mainly us) people killing each other, selling drugs to each other, or making it rain 1$ bills on some poorly eduacated young misled girl, but wont play the meaningful positive music....Youre against what we stand for and probably dont deserve that powerful position.With that being said, If I have to ever go back to prison, It shouldnt be over me hurting someone over what set they claim, or over a drug war, or cause somebody dissed me or some stupid shit like that, NO..It should be over the handling of the ones who continuously push this poison onto our children...This way I will feel personally justified everyday..And please dont take it as me making threats, I dont make threats...Im sorta like a suicide bomber for black children, If I have to give my life to save the lives of our children then geuss what? I will....Yall can go out gangbanging, or over a chic, but Im going out like THAT..

With all this being said,.My album WILL be released VERY soon.. Me and Just Blaze put alot of work into this thing, its finally done and we're more than happy with it...I feel there hasnt been an album this relevant since........Ever. This album is sure to shock alot of people...Hahaha I have literally 12 features on the album...All LEGENDARY artist...All of them, but I am the ONLY one rapping on my album..Oh, and Jay Z of course. Go figure.I wont give up much more about the album, YET...Oh I will say that I have a song produced by Kanye West and Just Blaze TOGETHER, that is a first, I think..hahaha..Regardless its crazy...Oh, I love Come on Baby even though the label didnt really support it, but I have decided that being Im coming back to do this and its a New Year, I needed a NEW first single (only I can do that)...So I will have a NEW first single out probably by Christmas Day...Whoever doesnt support this will again be going against what we (Abandoned Nation) stand for and it wouldnt be a good thing.....I Promise. Oh, and being Im back in this shit I could promote my new Street Album, the Moral of The Story..The shit is fantastic, you NEEEED that in ya life...Stand out cuts are, The God aka What A Life, In A Mess,Saigon Meets Just Blaze and tooo many more...These are on my page so you can sample the greatness...I mean, Who (besides maybe Nas) can paint a perfect picture like me...NOBODY....Get that Moral of the Story now and the Greatest Story coming Reeeeal soon.......Oh, I wanna thank Just (Futuristic Man ) Blaze for showing me what a blog was..I remember 3 months ago everyone saying ' Damn Saigon is the Blog Bandit' Now everyone and their mother has a damn blog.....hahahahaha thats too funny.. Im back better than ever, back looking like me....

'It feels good to be home'.. Touch the Sky -Kanye West


12-19-2007, 02:47 PM
Moral of a story is a great mixtape. GSNT is gonna be great too. Just Blaze has been MIA for weeks over that shit. Its gonna be serious. Thats one joint I aint gonna mind paying for.

More Artist should blog.

12-19-2007, 02:49 PM
I knew he wouldn't quit. Good news though, now hopefully the single does come on Christmas Day, that'd be great.

12-19-2007, 03:01 PM
he left?!? what...he stopped blogging and then started again so that means his back in the rap game?! guy hasnt even dropped an album yet...fuckin emo

12-19-2007, 04:56 PM
I'm glad Saigon wants to do positive rap music and educate black kids because most rappers aren't trying to educate the kids because ignorant music sells.

11th Chamber
12-19-2007, 06:25 PM
really looking forward to his album, hopefully it delivers

12-19-2007, 09:39 PM
Saigon = Bitch Ass Faggot, come out to Crown Heights Sai & I'll tell you in person-- Franklin Avenue Posse Take II, asswipe.

I'd like all you Saigon dickriders to give us specific examples of how Saigon has served as a role model for black youth, from his attempted murder charge to his public fights to his drunken crybaby bullshit-- Saigon all day... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Crack Killz
12-19-2007, 11:25 PM
haha i be in crown heights every weekend, got fam up in albany projects there..

Sai will get killed if he comes on some shit around dat way

maestro wooz
12-20-2007, 12:08 AM
I'd like all you Saigon dickriders to give us specific examples of how Saigon has served as a role model for black youth, from his attempted murder charge to his public fights to his drunken crybaby bullshit-- Saigon all day... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

yeah, saigon is all talk

12-20-2007, 02:51 AM
pffff.... i knew it ...

im not suprised