View Full Version : PEEP MY SHIT -(old to me, but new to this site)

Jon Raven aka Skel
12-20-2007, 01:43 PM
yo heres the link to my tracks on soundclick, there kinda old to me now cuz there from a while back but they'll be new to u guys. i'll def have some newer shit up soon enough though. look out for my new shit. this is just a taste.



Jon Raven aka Skel
12-25-2007, 06:23 PM
yo can somebody listen please? lol

Jon Raven aka Skel
12-27-2007, 06:19 PM

Sleep Sinatra
12-27-2007, 10:07 PM
shit is flames homie good shit

12-27-2007, 10:35 PM
it was cool

Jon Raven aka Skel
12-28-2007, 01:05 PM
thanx yall.