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12-21-2007, 06:08 AM
hi everibody france is no more a democraty

in 2002 the 2nd round elections betwenn J.Chirac and JM.LePen was a first tricks

french people were face at the wall and they must give their voices to J.Chirac

JM.Lepen is in head of a xenophobe mouvement pro fascist

Our "rebublican party" (in fact the oligarchist clan) use of them to affraid people in use to keep the power in their own hand

since a man called N Sarkozy with the help of the Multinationals of war and media (Lagardere ,Bouygues and co) manage to take the power in our country in 2007

instead of george jr he is a dangerous liar who use of the fear to break off all our rights

the main media support him and lies are said every day

Social Division / Repression / Racism this is what we get now

childrens and familly were take off by police and sent manu military in "Retenssion Camp" before thy are exiled

It's a hunt wich have theme "no more african people and no more muslim"

age of greed is here, paranoia and delation took place

sorry for my pitiful english

Hip Hop must reign !

12-21-2007, 06:22 AM
Hello Blaze666, welcome to the forum
Yes, I have heard about the situation in France. That xenophobe Sarkozy also exiled a big number of Romanians that were residing in France.
As much as I know there is a resistance movement that is going on in France.
Tell us more about the retention camps.

12-21-2007, 07:51 AM
N Sarkozy has choqued the irish and sweedish minister he said to them "there's too muslim in europe we can't integrate them" the two foreign minister were really choqued
cause it's a sentence with "ethnic purification " double sens

hitler said idem when he spoke about jewish people in start of his mouvement

in same time swiss cross the rubicon and "le nouveau partie du centre" wich is in reality a neo nazie clan take the power belgium and nederland will be the next

only germany seems to resist and his new first minister Miss Merkel is really angry about that (german peole remember easily where lead fascist ways)

The retention camp: this a closed "home" (a jail in fact) where police send those who don't have their "titre de sejour" (your green card) before they were sent in their in their start country

in reality the familly exiled live in france since a long time but administrations make several mistake and don't give them "le titre de sejour"

about the resistance france got the best anti subversive system of the world
thanks to media, social division and fear factor the resistance is weak really

some ghetto youth in great city seems to organized themselves but their methods dont help them in fact they serve the leaders who can play on fear to submit the opposant

the socialist opposition is gangreen by neo liberal agents who have for mission to destroy it from behind

the only hope came from the thrue christian democrates which start to rally the opposition but they don't have enough money to succeed

a social riot will come but i think the leaders have do what he must be to take the averall (avantage ???) on it

http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=KXZSF13pM-I that's new democracy

and i hope really that united state get better cause george jr and co got many links with this new europa

12-21-2007, 08:37 AM
where exactly in France do you live?

12-21-2007, 08:49 AM
i live in beauvais north of paris but i from toulouse in the southside i work on social and cultural promotion for the youth

and you're from transylvannia ?

12-21-2007, 09:01 AM
Yes, I live right at the western border.

I asked you where you were from because I always had a major respect and admiration for the French Hip Hop Kulture. I visited Paris and stayed in Seine-Saint Denis (Sevran more specifically). There was a very strong Hip Hop influence on the youth there and a lot of people thought I was a local habitant. You could see with the naked eye that there was a negative vibe towards the authority. Right after I left, I saw on the news that there were some major riots in that area, Clichy sous Bois (sorry if I didn't write it well), and I wasn't amazed by their anger.

12-22-2007, 07:48 AM
Clichy in 2005 : three young men was running away cause of of a police controle

weirdly two of them found dead in a plant factory

official cause an accident

Two weeks of riot in the big city

november 2007 two young boy in a mini moto have an accident with a police car and die

the other young men in the aera choqued by the scene get against the policeman and in one night

80 policeman were hurt in all the territory

more the leaders wants to "secure" more the pression growth and youth organised themselves for "an eye for an eye" big operation motorized and ultra violent

this seem take form as a war in fact but this war is instrumentalized by the neo fascist mouvement which is the great winner in this "no man's land"
white poor people affraid follow all leaders who claim security instead of this one are the thrue crimminal

one day we will forget the color of the skin, social distinction, cultural particularity and we strike them but rome is not a one day shit

hip hop in france we don't have the same culture sound (we don't grown with motown and other sound crafter high skilled (quincy jones...)
many frenh band follow the us sound
a few of them take inspiration in africa music (traditionnal, afro beat, afro cuban)
in oriental europe sound like the jazz tzigane and classical (like j zone)

the hip hop mouvement is gangreen by mass media which sell a caricature of hip hop
many bands escape from this they're created their own label

many french people have a negative image of hip hop for them is a violence factor and nothig else

france is no more one but twice
one camp vs another (remember the RZA GZA song in Soul of Assassin)
every day social dissention grow and misunderstanding rule

this is babylone again leaders sacrify social basement for their own interest

15 milliards of dollar came to be give to the 50000 richest french (fiscal gift)

in the same time they shoot down all the social law (work, immigration,....)

their new slogan "the france you love it or you leave it"

it seem as us election that the last one was a triks and let a dangerous minded take the power

how fight in respect of democraty against men who cheat at the election ?