View Full Version : 30+ truisms

12-21-2007, 02:36 PM
you still love hip hop, but you're too time-strapped to keep up with the newbies, so you remain loyal to your favorites from highschool even after they start to suck the all-evil balls of lucifer (eg. Rass Kass, Wu)

you still play video games, but now you spend less time trying to jump off the screen into hypothetical hidden area.

you still look at the asses of 15 girls at the mall, but you feel guilty - not for any legal-ethical reasons but because your mother-in-law caught you staring at pre-pub tail.

you lose all concern for the environment, since you won't realize the benefits. in fact, in a malicious outburst you pledge to destroy as much of the environment as possible before 50.

you've been to a couple massage parlours, where on one occassion you had unprotected unpaid for sex with the 'masseuse' who told you that you are much better than this place (i.e. better than her romania gash).

you really, deep down, are rooting for 50 cent in all recent beefs - not because you like his music (you hate his music) but because you're an old curmudgeon.

12-21-2007, 02:37 PM
oh yeah you blame jews for lots of shit.