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12-22-2007, 06:59 PM
Israel wants to annihilate Palestinians, not reach peace with them

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

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I know I should be observing and enjoying the Eidul Adha, the most important holiday in the Islamic calendar.

However, the ongoing orgy of killings and maiming in Gaza, carried out by the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust, leaves me no choice but to identify with these unwept victims of Zionist wickedness and arrogance of power.

In less than forty eight hours, more than 24 Palestinians have been killed. A large number of people have also been injured, some sustaining serious wounds that will leave them crippled for the rest of their lives.

The wanton killings are added to the manifestly evil blockade Israel has been imposing on the 1.5 million Gazans, which has already wreaked havoc on all aspects of life there.

Some Israeli apologists object to the use of terms such as "genocide" in describing the killings and strangulation of Gazans, arguing that no other suffering should be compared with Jewish suffering.

Needless to say, this unconscionable attitude is indicative of the brutal ugliness of Zionist mentality and its intrinsically racist perceptions of non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular.

The slow-motion destruction of Gaza by Israel, a state that claims to be Judaic while its behavior is more compatible with the ideas of Adolph Hitler than with the teachings of Moses, is certainly of a lesser magnitude that Nazi atrocities in the course the Second World War.

Yes, there are no gas chambers in Rafah and Khan Younis and Nablus. And Palestinians are not being shipped en mass to crematoria.

However, Palestinians are being killed nonstop, each hour and every hour, seven days a week, four weeks a month, in their homes, their kitchens, their streets and their neighborhoods.

In fact, a PR-savvy Israel doesnít need "gas chambers" to kill Palestinians, even on a genocidal scale. It can and it is killing them rather quietly but constantly through an open-ended campaign of murder and terror, which has been going on for over 60 years. This murderous obscenity is being done while virtually everyone else, from the calamity called Condoleezza Rice to the infamy called Mahmoud Abbas, keeps babbling about the virtues of peace and moderation.

Yes, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians may not be identical to what the Nazis did more than sixty years ago. But the mentality, the utter evilness and the nearly satanic predisposition to commit murder and do evil, are very much similar if not identical.

I know many Jews would vociferously protest these analogies. However, honest and intellectually-brave people should always repulse these hypocritical protestations with the contempt they deserve.

Today, Palestinians are very much facing the same situation that Jews in Germany encountered in the mid and late 1930s. Here it is more than mein kampf and kristalnacht, for Palestinians encounter a mein kampf and a kristalnacht every moment of their lives.

Today, Palestinians are murdered in cold blood, denied the most fundamental of human rights, treated and humiliated a round the clock for being "goyem." Their homes and property are bulldozed nonchalantly and their very existence is being viewed as expendable by a morally insensitive people who have come to consider the killing a Palestinian child in Hebron as a finally-realized revenge for the killing of a Jewish child at the hands of the Nazis in the heart of Europe many years ago.

Of course, Israel and her chorus of liars and propagandists and intellectual prostitutes donít stop claiming that Israel is only defending itself.

However, any honest individual could easily discover the utter mendacity of such claims.

Nearly two weeks ago, a friend of former Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz asked me if I would agree to meet with Peretz at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem to discuss the situation in Gaza. I told the "friend" that I basically had no objections except that Jerusalem, East and West, are off-limit to Palestinians from the West Bank.

I also told the man that I was sure 100% that the Hamas-led government in Gaza would stop all "attacks" on Israel if Israel agreed to stop killing Gazans and lift the murderous blockade.

When the man related the conversation to Peretz, who then informed Ehud Barak about it, Barak dismissed the idea, telling Peretz to "shut up" because "I am the Defense Minister, not you."

In other words, Israel, a state constantly ruled by vile war criminals who very much resemble the commanders of the Gestapo, SS and Wehrmacht, is hell-bent on murdering Palestinians on a daily basis.

These crimes are carried out under the pretext of self-defense against primitive and nearly innocuous projectiles , fired by desperate fighters seeking to create a modicum of deterrence against daily Israeli atrocities.

Today, the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip, are facing a looming genocide at the hands of the Nazis of our time. This looming genocide, a preview of which is already being demonstrated for quite sometime, could be affected in collusion with several parties, including the nefarious American administration, the whoring European Union and, of course, the quisling-like Palestinian Authority based in Ramallah.

Hence, Palestinians and their friends must never indulge in too much of wishful thinking by miscalculating that the world public opinion would prevent Israel from going too far.

Well, the world public opinion has been dead for a long time.

And the influential powers in this world, e.g. those states that are capable of pressuring Israel, are part of the problem and canít be part of the solution.

The US, for example, which invaded and destroyed two Muslim nations and killed or caused the death of a million innocent Muslims, all under the mendacious rubric of the war on terror, will not seriously object to having Israel kill a million or two million Palestinians under the equally mendacious rubric of "self defense" and "preserving Israel as a Jewish state."

Yes, we may not exactly be in 1939-Germany. But the evilness, the nefariousness and utter criminality of the worldís two most evil states in the world, the US and Israel, are almost identical to the evilness of the Nazi leadership.

For these reasons, the Palestinians must give more attention and devote more efforts to securing our physical survival as a people, a survival that we no longer can take for granted, given the Nazi nature of our oppressors.

A few days ago, an Israeli cabinet minister threatened a genocide against Israelís own non-Jewish citizens.

This minister was quoted as saying that "those who keep invoking the Nakba, a new Nakba shall fall on their heads."

This is very much like a Nazi leader warning that "those who keep invoking the holocaust, a new holocaust will fall on their heads."

For these reasons, Palestinians must exercise utmost wisdom in order not to give the Nazis of our time (the Zionist regime) a pretext to exterminate our people, which could happen, even with the enthusiastic blessings of Washington and the capitals of Europe.

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