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Real Money is Real Title
By Lauren Savage

Taken from: (http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles2/mony-title.html (http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles2/mony-title.html))

There is much debate over what is REAL MONEY among American patriots and the debate has grown to encompass global aspects as the frauds of the monetary systems world-wide become more evident.
Even the well-meaning can lead you astray. There are some things you should know before jumping in to "real money" offers or making the assumption that 'legal tender' is real money.

What is money?
The governments, bankers, lawyers, the Crown, Federal Reserve System, the Rothschilds, the Bank of England and countless others (hereafter the LIARS) have gone to great lengths to define...no...to RE-define money. They have taught us through their government-controlled banking and government-controlled education systems that money is anything that people have trust in and is used for the exchange of goods and services.
History, however, does not define money in such simplistic, self-serving terms, as the LIARS want us to believe.

Money in its basest definition is value exchanged for equal or agreed-to value. You work your butt off all week and you receive money in exchange for your labor. Your labor was valuable to your employer and to your family. You own title to your labor and you exchange your labor for title to something of equal or agreed-to value.

Prior to the 1900's - when a person received his pay - he received value for value. You performed a hundred dollars worth of labor and received a hundred dollars of what? For the convenience gold and silver was primarily used, but not always. You could exchange your labor for food, for rent, for countless goods and services directly for your labor. In a sense, those goods and services were money... but more correctly they eliminated the need for what we demanded as money.

Gold, silver, bronze and other metal coins have been used 'as money' and 'for money' for thousands of years. It was the historical demand of the worker which forced the governments and the employers to return something of equal value for the labor performed. Anything less is bordering on slavery.

These metals were and have always been in demand for industry, jewelry, etc., which made it attractive to the worker for money.
The commodity exchange value of metals and other goods is a benchmark of the value of these items (NOT COMMODITY PRICE). It is evidence of the value of industrial demand versus supply of these goods. Throughout history these metals have been the things MOST in demand and all other goods and services are valued by what is most in demand for industry.
Metals are expensive to find, process, and prepare for use, making their value even greater. Precious metals have an intrinsic (industrial) demand and therefore have value.

Your labor is yours and yours alone. You hold title or ownership of your labors, until you decide to exchange those labors for something else of determined value. So to exchange the title of your labor for title (i.e. full ownership) of something else of value, the exchange has to transfer TITLE of something of value. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, bronze, and gems have traditionally met this criteria. These items by themselves are useless to our everyday survival, but there is someone that is willing to pay or exchange to get those metals, giving them value.

When you have exchanged your labor for silver or gold coins, you have agreed to release title to your labor and received title to the coins. The title of equal value remains yours.

When is 'money' not money?
Paper is what the LIARS want us to believe is money. We have paper and it is money? The LIARS have the gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and precious gems. We have paper.

Regardless of the patriot slurs, paper does have intrinsic value and is not worthless. In fact, it cost the Federal Reserve Bank about one ounce of gold ($300USD) to print one million paper dollars. So it has some intrinsic value... it is just such a very low value - that - no one who understands the real value would exchange forty hours of hard work for half a ream of paper! (about $1.50 USD)
(If you have agreed to work that cheap and accept a small amount of paper for your labor then all is well and the paper is money. Your value is just very low and I have reams of paper to pay you with.)
When you accept paper in exchange for your labor you exchanged title to the value of your labor for something that has very little value. History shows that government and bank paper is not something of great value. The United States printed paper dollars in the 1700's called the continentals. People accepted them for payment of their labors, but no one would exchange rent, food, beer, etc. for paper! Hence the U.S. term "not worth a continental."
During the Civil War, the U.S. printed the 'greenback' paper money, and they were not accepted by the people as money. The people were not fooled into taking worthless paper for their labor. They simply were not "worth a greenback."

The Republic of Texas tried to finance its early government with paper money and again the people were not fooled into thinking that the paper was anything of real value. The people preferred and continued to exchange in the money of Spain - gold and silver. The early Texians like the U.S. Americans were not stupid enough to accept something that was not worth their labor. The government and the bankers did not pull the wool (or paper) over their eyes.

Germany did the same with the mark in the 1930-40's. The workers finally quit taking the worthless paper. One reason that war was invoked was to resurrect an industry (war industry) to re-establish another one of the LIARS' failures.

Then enter the scams and the frauds - I mean bankers - LIARS.
The people were enticed and led to believe that paper backed by gold and silver was money. So they began to trade their labors for certificates of gold and silver. The gold and silver was in the banks and the certificate proved it! Yes certificates did certify the gold and silver was in the bank...BUT... whose gold and silver was it? The laborer had a certification that title to that amount of gold and silver existed. However, he did NOT have title to the gold or silver. He had a certificate that a title existed, but never did he get title to the gold or silver, nor was the title (full ownership) of the metal given to him.

The banker had title to the gold and silver you worked for and you had paper or proof that somewhere the gold and silver existed. Soon the greedy banker LIAR had issued more paper certifying that more gold and silver existed than actually did exist. He even pawned (loaned) the gold and silver he had certified existed at his bank and what you thought YOU had on deposit. That was the banking panic of 1897, 1907 and 1929! People started demanding the gold and silver for the paper and there simply was not enough gold and silver to cover the paper face amount. The LIARS were caught in their LIES!

The people had accepted paper for their labor, instead of the ownership and title of the gold and silver. It cost them dearly. The U.S. government came in and STOPPED the fraud being perpetrated by the bankers...Right? No, Wrong! The U.S. Federal Government, backed, supported, bankrolled, and became partners with the same people that had injured millions of their own citizens.

The U.S. outlawed, (without any legal authority to do so) ownership of gold, thus saving the LIAR's lousy butts from being drawn and quartered by the people. In fact, the people did not have ownership of the gold and silver in the banks with the certificates. During 1929 through 1933, people had 'what they thought was money' on deposit and in savings accounts. The banker LIARS foreclosed on the people's loans that the bankers had STOLEN from the people to begin with. Even though the same people had 'money' in savings the LIAR bankers would not credit their loans from their savings. They would foreclose on a thousand dollar loan when you had ten thousand dollars on deposit in the same bank and the LIARS would not let you have access to your funds. The U.S. Federal Government encouraged and enforced the bankers' frauds and rampage against the people.

The moral that the American people SHOULD have learned was NEVER lose title to your labor! Never accept less than full title, and certificates (gold and silver certificates) ARE less than full title. A certificate of a title IS NOT a TITLE! There is a world of difference between a deposit receipt and a certificate of deposit. There is a world of legal difference between a sales receipt (a fraud) and a bill of sale!

Paper representing someone's title to gold and silver is the way banking started. Little scripts of paper, documented the title holder to a certain amount of gold or silver. Holder (bearer in due course) of the script of paper had title and full ownership of the metal on deposit. The banker had NO right or authority to any gold and silver that was stored with him. He could not loan someone else's gold and silver!

He could not make interest money with YOUR gold and silver. The gold and silver on deposit with him, represented by title (script) was NOT an asset, but a liability to the banker and on his bookkeeping, because it is money he owes the depositor or script holder. The bank's income came from renting a person space in his vaults (a service fee).

During the depression, communities returned to the script method of banking in the South, and they were actually called 'scrip.' An employer deposited his funds into a bank and paid the workers in informal 'scrip.' The employer transferred full title and ownership of the face amount of the scrip he had written to the worker. The worker could actually spend his scrip at local stores, by signing over his right to the silver (the reptilian LIARS' kept the people from the gold), and transferring title in the metal to the store owner.

Modern banking by the LIARS has everything turned around backwards. This scam has been going on for over 70 years. Your local friendly hometown banker is in actuality an agent and arm of the U.S. Federal government, representing the interests of the Federal Reserve. He is there to collect the notes! (A note is a simple contract evidencing a debt.) This was accomplished through a maze of corporate laws and a maze of banking laws and another maze of illegal codes and regulations. Why are there no more private banks? All banks are government controlled entities. Every state government is a partner in this fraud. They all have their hands in YOUR cookie jar.

They have taught and convinced the world- this is banking, when in reality it is THEFT. Your deposits become their assets. When you deposit you lose ALL rights and ownership of the funds, regardless of how little the intrinsic value of your deposit was. They can tell you when and how and sometimes IF you can have access to your own money. You lost title when you accepted a debt note for your labor, then deposited THEIR 'debt note funds' or 'legal tender', of which you never had full title to begin with!

You accepted something worth even less than paper money.. You accepted a debt note. The debt is not your personal debt, but one the government LIARS owe to the banker LIARS. The NOTE you carried and deposited was NEVER yours. It is the LIARS' debt notes.

Look at an American Note dollar...NO where does it say money on it. It doesn't use the lawful two strike dollar symbol on it. The government LIARS won't make that mistake. The courts would rule against them. It is a ONE Federal Reserve Note - not one dollar! The words ONE DOLLAR is the amount the U.S. owes the Federal Reserve (plus interest). This is 'legal tender' for all debts public and private. IT is not money. It was not intended to be money. The debt referred to is the government's public and private (not told to the public) debt to the Bank of England and the Rothschilds, via their bastardized Federal Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, and this list includes 99% of all banks, central banks, and taxing entities in the world.

Don't believe me?
There are two seals of two entities on the front of the ONE NOTE (dollar?). One is the seal of the Treasury of the United States. The other is the seal of the Federal Reserve. Seals are used as signature for parties and entities representing more than one "live person" and are used in international commerce as signature seals. To make a contract valid and the note enforceable in law, there must be signatures of two parties entering the contract.

Under the seal of the Federal Reserve, you can see the 'TREASURER' of the United States signed the note for the United States Treasury. This is the treasurer's acknowledgement that the seal is accepted as legitimate.
Underneath the Treasury seal, the Secretary of the Treasury has signed, thus giving his acceptance of that being the legal seal of the Treasury. Note: the Treasurer has accepted the Federal Reserve seal as legitimate and the Secretary of the Treasury accepted the Treasury seal.
Who does the Secretary of the Treasury work for? THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM! The Secretary of the Treasury is NOT a lawful or constitutional position. The U.S. only needed one treasurer. The constitution and laws placing the constitution into effect only provided for the Treasurer. The Secretary of the Treasury is NOT a government, (at least not a lawful) occupation or position.

Does this picture become clearer?
You are exchanging your hard work for someone else's debt! Not to worry though, you can exchange the debt at the company store and if you are fast enough the value won't change too drastically before you get there. This is why your deposit at the bank becomes the LIARS' asset! You reduced HIS debt! It's simple balance sheet bookkeeping.

Tired of this SCAM and FRAUD?
It gets worse! Every congressman, senator, president, judge, governor, attorney general, IRS agent, etc. have agreed to continue this fraud on every generation!

Think about this... The Rothschilds own most of the platinum on the face of the earth. They stole it by stealing your labors. When you buy a car there is a catalytic converter on it. It has a small amount of platinum inside the converter. When the catalytic converter wears out, like a muffler, you have to replace it. It costs about a hundred ONE FRN's (Federal Reserve Notes - dollars?). You can get your old muffler back...Try getting your old catalytic converter!... They won't let you have it. The platinum is reclaimed and sent to ROTHSCHILD owned warehouses. You are paying for the same platinum over and over and over.....but you never get to even hold it. YOU never had title to the converter. You never had title to the car! You had a certificate of title.

If we can ever right the money wrongs being perpetrated by the reptilian LIARS, we have to stop accepting their debt notes for our labor - BEFORE their fraudulent system fails. All frauds fail. It's a natural end result of LIES. The current system is overdue for failure and it has taken hook and crook to keep it sustained for this long.

We have to demand value for our labor and preserve the title to the value of our labor. Right now we are simply selling ourselves, not just short, but for negative credits. Real money must preserve and guarantee the true title and ownership of the labor. If not, you are at their mercy.

Commodities are materials placed on the market for industry and it is one thousand percent controlled by the LIARS. If you purchase gold and silver with debt notes of the Federal Reserve then THEY OWN the gold and silver you thought you purchased. You cannot buy gold and silver 'as money.' Gold and silver is your money or its not. If gold and silver is money then it must be exchanged at an exchange rate... not bought or sold as a commodity.

However, if you exchanged the trading unit of a government (USD?) for gold and silver, you have moved your acquisition of the metals out of the purchaser's game of the LIARS into the sovereign's way of dealing with different trading units.

Nations are sovereign to themselves and they do NOT buy other money. They exchange money on a value-based exchange rate. If we as humans are sovereign then we must do the same when dealing with another sovereign entity. We are NOT in the market to purchase metal for industrial use. We MIGHT be in the market to sell to industrial needs.
Many can remember Granny saying, "I used to buy six loaves of bread for a dollar." Well grandma -- That was a silver dollar you used and that SAME SILVER DOLLAR will still buy six loaves of bread or MORE!

High-end automobiles in the 1950's cost an average of $7000 dollars. In 1950 the dollars were still based on silver. Today that same high-end car costs around $30,000 Federal Reserve Notes - or 7000 ounces of silver or 7000 silver dollars. In reality, the vehicle cost much less than in the 1950's, because look at how much MORE car and technical improvements you get with the SAME amount of silver.

The price and value have NOT risen.. Only the number of fraudulent debt notes being used as money.

Things of value remain virtually the same value at all times. The only things changing are the DEBT NOTES which are controlled by the creators of the debt and the bankers - THE LIARS' CLUB. It's their insanity game and we have to get out of the game.

This is why it is critical to you and I to preserve title to our labor and title to what we exchange for our labor. Paper can be 'as money'. Debt notes can be used 'as money,' but for the humans doing all the labor it is a very dangerous game to be in. Gold and silver are not the only things of value that can be used for money, but these metals are recognizable and are convenient for most people.

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The U.S. outlawed, (without any legal authority to do so) ownership of gold, thus saving the LIAR's lousy butts from being drawn and quartered by the people. In fact, the people did not have ownership of the gold and silver in the banks with the certificates. During 1929 through 1933, people had 'what they thought was money' on deposit and in savings accounts. The banker LIARS foreclosed on the people's loans that the bankers had STOLEN from the people to begin with. Even though the same people had 'money' in savings the LIAR bankers would not credit their loans from their savings. They would foreclose on a thousand dollar loan when you had ten thousand dollars on deposit in the same bank and the LIARS would not let you have access to your funds. The U.S. Federal Government encouraged and enforced the bankers' frauds and rampage against the people.

The American government needed to claim them items(for their benefit)....The American people had the power at that time to cripple its own government.

We as the people could of have made our own government bow down to us. The American government at that time was of no value

Many people start a business to receive what they have lost....reclaiming it from taxation(filing taxes)

This article would apply the same way to investing with modifications....People are the biggest source of income

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