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12-27-2007, 01:02 AM
Hank Aaron Baron with shoulders sixty-ells broad like Samson
Infantry sergeant in Vietnam, Adrian Peterson phenomenon
Spawn villain, no stranger to brutality like Sicilians
Black Sheep criminal disposition during Iraqi invasions
Demolition soldier in re-supply Sept. 11 suicide missions
Nuclear proliferation, Christian with terrorist ambitions
Mind blowing like McVeigh and Nichols at Federal Buildings
Poison pen missives with ruptured finger tendons
Murderous wordplay slays like a biblical array of plagues
Red cobra spit is carbon dioxide refrigerated liquid
Poisonous venom glands inject toxins thru the fangs
Tetanus dart player, Mexican-beaded lizard ill sprayer
Mucus toxic vapors evaporate layers of polar glaciers
Bladed paws rapidly rotate like Gamma-ray burst progenitors
Metallic iron claws disintegrate Jaws like Roy Scheider
Mexican prize fighter, cotton-mouth viper striker
With the hand-eye coordination of D.C. snipers
Ron Artest brawler, villainous Axe Gang handler
Islamic Jihad militantsí battlefield commander
Patrick Forrester spacewalker, Cali Night Stalker
Aerial-drone Predator, bipolar causiní terror
Algerian bomb-maker, Egyptian al-Qaeda leader
Ruthlessly self-centered psychopathic schemer
Ammunitions Bombardier with the 41st Artillery Brigade
Storming like Ugandan rebels do refugee enclaves
Gorilla in the Mist, slave laborer on Schindlerís List
Explosives Specialist, labeled a verbal arsonist
After investigators found multiple points of origin
Religious fanatic with a medieval mind-set like Bin Laden
Lyrical beast throwing no-hitters like Dock Ellis on LSD
Kenneth Bianchi emcee living a feral life irrationally
Psychic Network Friends visionary with uncanny studies
German supremacy, Hurricane Dean Category 3
Joseph Stalin Regime, Marine Corps' combat doctrine
Rap odyssey, Big Bang Theory is my ghetto philosophy
Biotechnology weaponry with the accuracy of prophecies
21st century laser technique radiates latent heat
Tectonic diverse seismic rhymes fracture fault lines
Chemical blast will smash a battleshipís hull and mast
Jaws of Life couldnít extract nut sacs from this impact
Slew of crews take refuge after this spew of the bird flu
For 1,000 years Iíll commandeer the planetary gear
And thread magnetic fields like the sunís atmosphere
Leaving stars inverted like traces of old channels on Mars