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12-29-2007, 04:01 PM
Can you believe this?

Like the health care myths our advertising campaign dispels, here are the facts about elephants, ladybugs and ostriches.


First, the myth that elephants are afraid of mice. Not true. As the biggest land animal, elephants donít have any natural predators and arenít afraid of anything. According to the San Diego Zoo, they donít see very well and the problem is compounded by the location of their eyes. They may get spooked by a small rodent because they canít see it, but this doesnít occur in the wild. In zoos and circuses itís likely that mice might get into an elephantís enclosure and that could be the source of the myth.Ladybugs

Next, the ladybug. They are a species of beetles with both male and female sexes. In the Middle Ages farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help with plant-destroying pests. They began calling them ďBeetles of Our LadyĒ. That was then shortened to Lady Beetles and now ladybug. The difference between the two is that females are larger than the males. Read more about them.. http://www.benu.com/files/ladybug_full.jpg</IMG>http://www.benu.com/files/ostrichart_full.jpg</IMG>Ostriches

Finally, the ostrich. No, they donít bury their heads in the sand. When sensing danger, an ostrich remains still with its head and neck flat on the ground in front of it. The head and neck blend in with the color of the dirt, so from a distance only the body is visible making it look the head and neck have been buried. The San Diego Zoo web site has lots more information.

Thanks for visiting our site to check out these myths. For more information about how Benu dispels common myths about health care benefits for midsize employers, start here.

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are u fukin serious??? ur a retard or wat. fuck elephants, fuck ladybugs, & fuck those fuckin ostriches.

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Do u work for the The San Diego Zoo?

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Gayest Thread Ever

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Thanks for the knowledge. Props to Romanian main man

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rza is ok :P

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