View Full Version : Record Company Employees Are The Reason Why Good Rappers Disappear

01-02-2008, 08:37 PM
Look at this list of good rappers i'm about to name that should've did some more albums and they didn't because of these faggot record companies that are scared of real hip hop.

The Cru(i was really looking forward to some more albums from them after Da Dirty 30. They disappointed me that they disappeared. Fuck Def Jam for not promoting that album and it's a shame this album didn't sell.)
Tracey Lee
Smoothe Da Hustler
Trigger Tha Gambler(he had a video for Bust song with Smoothe Da Hustler and his album never came out but i got a copy of his album and it's tight.)
Jamal and Malik of Illegal(Jamal is signed with Yukmouth's label right now but i don't think he's gonna get any albums released. What a shame too because his Last Chance No Breaks album is hard. I love Fades Em All song.)
Heather B
Channel Live
Naughty By Nature
The B.U.M.S.
All City
Large Professor
Real Live
Rah Digga
Charli Baltimore
The Conscious Daughters
MC Ren