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01-09-2008, 08:31 AM
Iím hard and calloused from Corvallis with a level of malice as big as my fallice/
Itís a Wonder I donít pull ya from ya mini Cooper and Land you In Chains like Alice/
Style is the foulest, my talents will knock ya off balance like a one legged gymnast/
I donít care if ya big, Iíll rock a star like Dallas helmets, no chance you gonna win this/
I donít give a fuck bout your six-and-oh record cuz when this shit be done/
Itíll be looking like Roger Marrisís home run mark, boy, of sixty-one/
Iíma rip this son, an I donít need a beat to leave you knee deep in defeat/
Cuz my lines induce more seizures than ďSnap Yo FingersĒ on repeat/
Youíre spittin pussy lyrics cats, you got a bad case of the cunt-in-mouth/
In the closet like the Clipse next album, on some ďwhen the fuck you coming out?Ē/
And if I do got a ďlack of grey matterĒ that scenario ainít the worst case/
Cuz Iím gettin so much brain from ya bitch, why have it in the first place?/
You can be bad-boy, i'll damage ya eyes great, because my words mace/
leave cats out-of-place like Micheal Jordan playing baseball, my spot reclaimed in first place/

Nice to make your aquaintance, now face this pavement and simply just be gracious/
That I show patience and donít stomp you for those 12 lines of wasted spaces/
Iím adjacent to greatness, in fact Iím one step above, while you stay faceless/
got motor mouths buzzin, and in order to keep your mouths runnin/
a dozen shots of Penzoil thats gushin, from the adrenaline rushing /
Emcees I erased em all, so to the morgue I placed the call cuz you next to face the fall/
Votes shouldnít be placed at all on one who lands less punches than a baseball brawl/
Iím hot and outlandish so watch as I man handle any clique with flows so cancerous/
Raise a crowd rowdy, and hazardous and if you doubt Iím dope, imagine this: smoke the scandulous/
My style? who's opposing it? Iíma leave em red like the state of Kansas/
I ran the risk of yaíll sayin ďholy fuckĒ like decribing the sex of televison evangelists/

drivin on the coast rollin solo like a private eye/
ridin high, feelin the breeze bumpin zion i/
got our own slang- you might not get what i said good/
we smoke trees, rollin past oak trees and redwoods/
the Beans the place with crazy space and open fields to grow your trees in/
the potency is over reachin, my homes the greenest global region/
over seasons we be smokin heatish blunts the weakest demons/
get massacred the wackest herbs converted to evil/
herbs are those the crew im in can classify as wack people/
half the guys who pick living legends over J.T.S.Lethal, heads lost/
the other half are wack and soft hidin behind a macintosh/
while i resserect hip-hop, birthing formulas, more hits for the mosh/
thats why im the purest, rhymin furious spittin hot as sun rays/
from the Bean takin flight rhymes liftin off the run way/
617 till i die, no matter where i reside, my states know for the gun-play/
ill be tearing lives, stealing wives, and spitting slugs in raw hides on Sunday/
Some say the styles comparable to Jesus parables/
Sons i'm sparing you, from a verbal beatdown unbearable/

01-09-2008, 05:50 PM
These were some nice flows, J.T.S. Tight punches and wordplay in those 2 battle verses. These lines were pretty funny and crafty…

“And if I do got a “lack of grey matter” that scenario ain’t the worst case/
Cuz I’m gettin so much brain from ya bitch, why have it in the first place?/”

The last verse was nice too. Solid wordplay again. This line was ill…

“the other half are wack and soft hidin behind a macintosh/”

01-09-2008, 08:54 PM
I’ma rip this son, an I don’t need a beat to leave you knee deep in defeat/
Cuz my lines induce more seizures than “Snap Yo Fingers” on repeat/
FAVORITE LINES...damn son i was just dying when i read that omg

dopeness son keep slaughtering these young'ns

01-10-2008, 10:36 AM
Peace you noel, and sheepish thanks for the feed it's appreciated.

01-11-2008, 05:15 PM
your style is different, you have an ill ass vocabulary and your punchlines are very original.

01-14-2008, 12:45 PM
Thanx Singod.

01-15-2008, 06:08 AM
....word :list:

01-15-2008, 01:56 PM
Peace to everybody ya'll get a brother on his grizzly more!