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01-10-2008, 04:10 PM
what a dumb fuck.............

Beanie hit with halfway measures

Philadelphia Daily News
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A federal judge yesterday sent rapper Beanie Sigel off to a halfway house for six months for violating his probation a second time. Sigel, 33, whose real name is Dwight Grant, is expected to report to the halfway house today. He will be permitted to leave in the morning to go to work but must return each evening.
During that time, the rapper cannot travel outside Philadelphia to promote his new CD, "The Solution."
U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick also made the rapper spend a day in the custody of U.S. marshals.
Surrick found that Sigel had engaged in unauthorized travel and associated with a convicted felon.
He warned Sigel not to violate probation a third time: "If you do, incarceration is the only option. Do you understand that?"
Earlier yesterday, during the hourlong hearing, Sigel admitted that he had visited the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City last November without court approval.
Authorities learned about the casino visit after reading about it in Dan Gross' column in the People Paper.
A federal probation officer also told the court that he saw Sigel and a convicted felon, Terrence Butler, get into a car on the afternoon of Dec. 3 outside Sigel's mother's home in South Philadelphia.
Sigel denied being with Butler and said he had been at a studio in North Philadelphia giving media interviews.
The rapper is not permitted to travel outside Philadelphia without court approval or to associate with convicted felons.
Surrick had warned Sigel last February during a hearing about the first probation violation that he would take action Sigel was "not going to appreciate" if the rapper messed up again.
Sigel had failed to notify the probation office he had been questioned by cops after they had spotted him and Butler together in August 2006.
As a result, Surrick extended Sigel's probation for an additional six months. That probation was to have ended next month.
Now, Sigel will be tethered to the court for an additional 18 months, with the first six to be served in the halfway house.
Sigel told Surrick yesterday he was "a little embarrassed" about being back in Surrick's courtroom again but maintained he was a "98 percent changed" man from 2004, when Surrick sentenced him to a year in prison on weapons and drug offenses.
"I make mistakes . . . I'm human," he told the judge. "I'm working on my mistakes."
Last year, Sigel led an anti-violence march here with entertainer Bill Cosby and made a public-service TV-spot that aired over the holidays urging youth to reject violence.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Curtis Douglas said that while all that was laudable, Sigel should not be permitted to "thumb his nose" at authorities whenever he felt like it without suffering consequences.
Sigel was acquitted in September 2005 of attempted-murder charges in connection with a 2003 West Philadelphia shooting.
Two months later, Sigel was jailed briefly until he came up with $27,000 in child support. The following year, he told cops he was accosted by men who stole his cash and jewelry. *


01-10-2008, 05:42 PM
wtf is a halfway house

maestro wooz
01-10-2008, 05:53 PM
"that aint no half way house, thats half way to my house"

01-10-2008, 06:19 PM
wtf is a halfway house

like when you get out of jail but you cannot go straight home it is kinda a house wher you still have supervision from the state or county

01-10-2008, 07:04 PM
like when you get out of jail but you cannot go straight home it is kinda a house wher you still have supervision from the state or county


Its also rehab and a psych ward in one...

01-10-2008, 07:06 PM
i was born in a halfway house. shit is aight still.