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01-15-2008, 03:55 PM
Sheek Louch Interview!!! (http://livehip-hop.blogspot.com/2008/01/sheek-louch-interview_14.html)

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I promise, I deliver.

I had the chance to chop it up with Sheek and I asked the questions that I was sent. Of course I couldn't ask them all but I got them edited down to what made a great interview.

I am not even gonna tell you what we talked about, just read it for yourself!

Profit: Sheek Louch...what's good?

Grindin fam, grindin.

Why did Jada go to the Roc?

He went because it is a good deal financially and it's good for him as an artist. His last album was like 3 years ago. Ruff Ryders is going through a transition phase and he had to make a move. Hov is on top right now. Def Jam, well they are going through their thing, but it's all good. He's still D-Block CEO.

How do you feel about J-Hood's mixtape?

He's gon keep making them forever. Get ready for 30 more of them. After a while, you're gonna ask him, what else do you have to talk about?

Any details on the J-Hood & D-Block split?

He actually left on his own. After a while, we weren't so tight. He started hanging around a different group of people. He had the right to ask why is my album coming out? For one, us not knowing the whole business, in so far as pushing the album or not getting it released, I'll take that. But as far as us pushing his music, we pushed it hard. We begged DJ's to play his music. But, what was hot to us, wasn't hot to everyone else. I have seen him grow and I don't feel good throwin darts or the saying slick sh*t I do say. He's still gonna throw his shots at us.

Diss records are selling though.

Yeah, but he's throwin shots at everybody, [Lil] Wayne, us, etc. I just wanna know who's advising this. When he started this, there was no beef, no one took his chain, no one smacked him or nothing like that.

Can we get another LOX album?

That's the main question. We (the LOX) recently did a show at BB King's in Manhattan and tore it down! Now the fans really want an album. I can have the hottest single out and fans are still gonna be like 'That's good, but when is the LOX coming out?'. But we are recording!

What label is it gonna come out on?

It's still Interscope. We tried the Def Jam thing but we are gonna drop on Interscope. I will say, we are 70% done with the album. We would love to drop it around back to school time, we just have to wrap it up and bring it to Interscope. When were were beefing, if you want to call it that, with 50, we weren't gonna try to drop it on Interscope, but it's all good now.

Speaking of 50, how do you feel about him?

I like his last album. I like Kanye's better though [laughs]. I don't have any beef with 50. He's just a dude that will say something out of nowhere and that's when we get him. Feel me?

I feel it. What should the fans expect from Silverback Gorilla?

Monster! Walk Wit Me was cool, and After Taxes had fans feelin like, 'Oh he's warmed up.' But this one is crazy! I got Styles P of course, Bun B, Game, I got some people on the album. D-Block, DipSet Records with Jim Jones is gonna be crazy.

Good Love and Think We Got A Problem are hot tracks, any more singles dropping before the album?

Of course. I got a D-Block, DipSet Records joint coming next. I'm gettin ready to shoot the video for Good Love. That [Good Love] was different for me.

A nice track for the ladies.

Exactly! A straight radio hit. Not only that, your uncle or your pops can get right to it [laughs]. A get right track.

Any other mixtapes dropping?

Go get The Howling! It's crazy.

Any last words?

Silverback Gorilla! The production is crazy. Get the album and support ya boy. Get the Styles P album that's out now. Get Jada's album Kiss My Ass when it comes out. Lookout for the LOX album. Sorry for the wait, but we are comin!

Is there a release date set for Silverback Gorilla?

March or early April, I can't say the exact date just yet.

Sheek, good look on the interview and keep doing your thing.

Anytime big homie. Hold me down on the site...one