View Full Version : This Ain't....

01-16-2008, 09:48 PM
Itís the doja flower, go getter goer
Yall niggaz ainít Noah and ya ark isnít sharp/
My darts pull more strings than a harp
Cart cha bod off to the morge without a tag/
My blues are bag facing a fad in this rap game
Had to make my name without the game/
I ainít got no auto my raps importo
Flow been courted could have been signed twice/
Indie route is my house flowing higher
Like the twin towers, but yall fell off and cower/
Iím the overseer cold crush beats
Show my versitality wit more reality/
Saw people get duffed and robbed
Hold cha corn on ya cob, I bob n weave when I bout it/
Yall just running gunning off that rapid river without a quiver
My fire ainít never expire just gimme air and Iím let the smoke clear/
Fold up ya lawn chair I boldly bare my bones & fire off heaters
I think youíll need the exvacís when I attack, and retreat when I rap/
Put the track on Pro Tools, Abode or Cube base
My flow is cooler than ICE nicer than
Stray bullets that CSI is pulling/
This ainít no L-I-F-E 4 you to be living
We trying to leave the ghetto while you packing the metal
Trying emulate the ghetto lifestyle/

So why ya hooding ya closed sheltered mind
Ainít on no grime so why you trying 2 grind

This ainít cha environment son
This ainít cha place 2 be son
This ainít glamorous as they make it seem
This ainít, this ainít, and this ainít (Repeat 6 xs)