View Full Version : I'm Back Bitches!

Sunny Black
01-17-2008, 07:04 PM
i'm richer than hell, the type to kick you til swelled
i'm not throwin Kraft boxes when i hit you with shells
i'm sick in my health, spit and slit you for wealth
i'ma hustler with chickenpox, i'm itchin to sell
grippin the L, see me? you pissin yourself
behind bars you get shook, now they switchin ya cell
bitches lips'll get swelled, lickin dick til they fell
cause like art class in gradeschool i'm quick to get felt
its nasty for real, fuck classy and ill
and if you got a problem, child, i'm here graspin the steel
this a classico meal, my sauce is passion for deals
i like the throat deep and tight, right? gasp when they kneel
this is action, never passin up cash when i steal
i'm an ass when i feel i've been passed for a deal
i get mad when they squeal, then i'm glad when i peel
they cap back, like lab rats the cheese is catchin my ear...

'08 is gonna be fun.