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Billy Danzenie
01-17-2008, 08:39 PM
Wicked quickness, comin straight with tha siccness
Eatin' brains, insane, callin out the Lord in vein
Vicious mixin styles of prose, attackin' them big dogs we oppose
That shoot up the streets with the drugs that'll affect the mental
Transform 'em into sheep, overnight in their sleep
Buyin' up the crack because their head's gotta eat
Find a good excuse but yo that shit was fuckin' weak
You're life still remains bleak
In the evidence it was evident, it was their evil intent
To control you through them drugs, and invent
A money spendin' machine, they tried the same on me, it didn't work
now they resent, on the time they took and the money they spent
I ain't goin out like their sicc and twisted son, that got my niggaz
on the other side of my gun, I eluded from their grasp and now I'm on the run
The anger they have caused me, has got me livin very vicious
Eatin up your veins, I will define my self as too malicious... cause I was raised on tha siccness

Billy Danzenie
01-17-2008, 08:48 PM
I'll rip you up like ripgut, put a bullet in your nuts
Munch on your guts, I'm not one to trust
Very fucked up, my gats'll have you stuck nowhere to go
When your stuck up
The slugs will rip through your flesh and leave you in a bloody mess
I got the gun aimed for your face, will I shoot? don't have to guess
Tear out your heart thats pumpin, throw it on tha grill with a little sumthin
On the side, the sicc recipe, the insult to injury, is carried out evilly
My insane fits got me unloadin' full clips on you and your bitch
When you least expect it, scared my niggaz so bad I had to warn 'em not to trip... when I get sicc

Billy Danzenie
01-17-2008, 11:41 PM
anyone like or dislike