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King Justice
08-10-2005, 11:57 AM
on the prowl im a predator
when i drop stuff its raw no editor
ya gettin to old ya playin cribbage
yall got alzheimers creatin verbiage
bringin the old and new together
im bridgin the gap
donít let nobody touch my shit people be like how rigid is that
im stiff as a board inflexible
always hold myself as lyrical intellectual
I can't lower my standards
i gotta stay xceptional
Use my mind for the conceptional
actualize the concept to bring my game to the next step
your ineptitude makes you brood on your weaknesses
you can make them strengths in the right sequences
ya gotta rise to the occasion as the heat intensifies
i just get stronger i solidify
all who come at me end up in fatigue
forget it man im outta ya league
you in the hall of the mountain king call me edvard grieg
im a souljah and a composer an irish mc
a melange of personalities none of them cowardly
im infallably speakin when im teachin
by way of the socratic method
an effort to enlighten the worlds youth
to Ideas that may seem uncouth
this is the straight truth im an Irish mc but my name ainít shamus
remember me cause one day im gonna be famous

08-11-2005, 01:48 AM
Well you verse i suppose you were busting, but the content is not intense, its just like a drive-by read. It doen't have knowledge in it and attracts less sense also. But keep working on your style and you can improve. Keep posting

PS: Hows the irish land?