View Full Version : Sheep Niggaz...

08-10-2005, 12:04 PM
what the fuck you talkin bout.. yall niggas mumblin with dicks in ya mouth
somewhat 'famous' rappers now think they actors fuck state property, yous a property of the industry..
used & abused cheating yourself constantly losing your values and the principles in life blinded by greed..
i'd rather make it on my own self than dick suck your way up
easy routes chosen never gaurantee you'll even stay up
cuz you lack discipline, once shit go wrong, start trippin the fuck out like mescaline
hallucinate, dellusional mindstate subconsciously unwind hate
blind faith mislead, crazy naive.. would you be 100% proud of the accomplishments you achieved ? self exploring is a neverending journey, fuck yall i dont think you even heard me found the treasure but stuck forever like one eye'd willie from Goonies..
lived my life with no regrets no one ever schooled me
occasionaly hit the pure white, smoke woolies while hoes blew me..
pass the goal my heart shines like gold you fold your soul is sold
take control make impact on the globe break spread and roll never fade
like war stories the great soldiers told..

08-10-2005, 05:56 PM
feedback somebody.. ?