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Bigot Hitman
01-29-2008, 10:14 PM
Chapter one-When it started

A virgin murderer, way back in nineteen seventy nine
My circle of boys in a hood thought I壇 forever be try段n
To find a way to come up with out that high school
And college shit,
I was just drown段n slow around that time
Nobody acknowledged it, so i walked my own road
Stopped goin to church and i lost my own soul
Dropped out the eleventh
Maybe work would get me heaven?
And after two months It got me a three fifty seven
Fascinated by the Kennedy hit
So spotless and perfect
Job like stainless steel then out of the blue came my deal
Eighteen years old was me and my first client
Gay dude who rocked a purse try段n
To be a girl in this world he痴 the worst tyrant
I worked wit弾m, seen稚 the bruises he came in wit
Damon, his daddy abuses弾m
And as young seed he was use段n em
Pimped弾m out for cash, mama died during labor
Knew I was wild and I smiled when asked to do the favor
Gave me the house papers, blueprints and pictures
From wood work to furniture down to the light fixtures
Set up the date, a week from then
I felt it was wrong deep with in
But wasn稚 scared of thought that I would reach the pin
And that's all was what was relevant
Think段n so unintelligent
Planned for six days straight just to get paid eight
Thousand which at time moved me up out city house段n
Now to that nervous day,
When I was ready to put the miles in
Not rainy or cloudy the stage was clear and cold
Wind chill like three below
Pulled up in my black lacville seventy four
Walked ski masked up, try'in not to crunch the snow
Amongst a whole street of sleep段n witnesses
I hunched down low,
Move段n quick to get out a view of a flood light
See段n the window damon left open slightly
I stretched my gloves tight
Got in wit ease, please I'm a local track star
My heart dropped when I heard some one talk段n
In the back yard,
I知 fumble段n around in the dark, feel段n the scene
Scared as fuck, whish段n I was
Back on a corner deal段n the green
Remember段n the blue prints, this was a den
In the back of the house,
I知 play段n it calm like a mannequin not panickin'
And then I felt it,
The grip made me whip out my gun fast
And hit whatever it was and it was damon痴 dumb ass
He said chill out yo, he痴 stand段n outside the backdoor
I locked em out wit no coat
He was tryna do me like a pope
Show me the way, and I値l show you the way
I handle business wit no heat,
And I値l still blow you away
No time for joke段n, now that he痴 in my site, I知 focused
Think段n the quickest way out after I unload this
Moved slow and smooth across a marble kitchen floor
He was cry段n and talk段n shit
About how his son is caulk段n shit
I listened more or less thiry seconds, then rose up
Pointed the barrel at the window,
Then He looked and I froze up
He start squint段n his eyes, try段n to make me out
The one glass shatter段n bullet almost made me shout
I heard a hard thud, and I fell too into a deep daze
Uncoordinated I thought back to the three ways
I had planned my escape, but fuck that think段n shit
I just ran out the front door like forgive me lord
And a sink段n ship was my faith,
A flooded river represented evil
But another day to live was my pay
Therefore my victims is people

This is one of 9 stories i've written to my Hitman Character, brand new.

Prophet Picasso
02-07-2008, 09:31 PM
A, fam, I likes this right here. Post some more.

Bigot Hitman
02-07-2008, 10:27 PM
In my thread i've got like 8 more stories just like this with different scenarios, but still with the same hitman character.

MaXiMus Da MaNtis
02-13-2008, 04:52 PM
Lemme Add

The Gas Is Toxic Got Metal Objects Scrapin My Opticz
Glass Shattered I See Darkness The Crash Splattered
Those Damn Marksmen...I Was Hit , A Marked Target
Bullet Fragment Scared Cartledge Damn My Heart's Hit
Blood Pouring I Reach For My ShotGun Cartridges
I See The Henchmen Readyin There Regement Im Fenced In
I Have Minutes Maybe Seconds At Hand Left Before My Last Stand
I Load The Sally My Car Smokin Crashed In The Ally
My Teeth Bashed In The Gally My Hand Shakin Aimin For Satan
Im Baitin This Raisin Waitin For The Opportunity To Rain His Parade In
Plasma And Marrow Pours From My Crack In My Head Yo
The Blackness Is Narrow Im Trackin This Scarecrow
My Finger Reaches For The Trigger A Pain In My Liver
I Feel The Whole In My Side Rippin Bigger
They Creepin I Let A Shot Off Ones Leapin I Blew His BlockOff
I Had To Cock Off I Swallowed The Rocks I Stole To Lead The Copps Off
One Left In The Chamber My Ninth Minute I Feel Im In Danger
I Lift My Body In Anger My Mind Spinnith I Feel A Solid Banger
My Eyes Watch My Brain Fly I Took Death To Its Limit