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08-11-2005, 01:36 PM
yo, this one just came out, trying to get some anger out my chest before i do like my lines say...

recieving visions of beatin up strangers
who goin say skald aint deranged huh
trust me i dont wanna rape her
just wanna choke a bitch like the boston strangler
throw her body out the car and fuck up ur jeep wrangler
a broad-browed boy, the baby mangler
take ur newborn and plant my fangs in her
aint feel nothin for the love panging in her
just see two dicks banging in her
fuckin so hard probly put the bleed in her
she's quakin with her finger on her clit
im comin in her ass & spicin her shit
then i'm leavin for the door
sayin "peace out, thanks bitch"

hoe u dont know when to
leave this kid alone do u
didnt mean for it to turn love with u
everyone else gets to fuck & be friends with u
what did i do to make it love with u
learn that u dont mean shit to this kid
all i see is u bangin more wood then the ball in cricket
so stick a dildo in it
im thru listenin to it
i never wanted ur love
so ill just screw u with it

feedback greatly appreciated. also, just so ppl don't get too disturbed, the "her" with two dicks in her is not the same as the newborn implantin fangs in.. if it wasnt a freestyle id change it to make that clearer

08-12-2005, 01:46 AM
Oh its freestyle, but it seems less of anger but just plain being bothered. It didn't have to it. But as you said you just wanted to let it out (do such doen't always bring out the best). Take care