View Full Version : Robbery On Frankfurt Street

One and Only
02-15-2008, 03:00 AM
I'm just chillin at 3 in the morning here and I decided to just write something real quick. So here is what I came up with. Decided to post it up.

Sunny morning woke up hot shower grabbed some toast
read the sunday paper about another hit by the midnight capers on the coast
half smile on my face because I know the job ain't done
after this last one I'll be done for or on the run
loaded up the clips in the magazine called up my man
yo it's time to hit the scene you understand
12 noon meet up at the hospital
from there we'll re route and talk about the obstacles
delivery truck coming to the bank on frankfurt at 1 o clock
plus a bunch of cops make sure you got the bag of glocks
and don't forget the plentiful ammunition
got me wishing to kill a pigeon my trigger finger itchin
won't catch me til my chamber is empty
they best not test me got tons of vests to strap to my chest g
12:40 I guess we best be going
heart pounding faster every single time we turn around another corner
12:58 we pulled up to the bank
so much security I wouldn't be surprised if they brought a tank
this time no doing it discretley
when I stepped out the car shots started flyin immediately
return fire hoping they don't dead my tires
homie next to me got a 12 gauge pump for hire
plus a condensed can of gas
when the time is right he's puttin that on blast
the shots only missing me by inches
but I stay focused cause it's no time for flinching
taking out the troopers left and right
knowing my other mans just pulled up in a car out of sight
hoping I can hold em off for long enough
for them to sneak in the back and take the money from the trunk of the truck
waiting for the sign we designed then I seen the flare
my man threw the canister and shot it now let's get the hell outta here
quickly started the car and jetted to the getaway garage
from there well switch vechicles and head to Tijuana or someplace far away
we got enough money to buy a thousand yachts
feeling accomplished because I pulled off my brilliant plot
my right hand man said wait don't be so quick
as he swerved and barely missed a spike strip
should of figured they would have called for backup
told my homie back up it's time for me to act up
he jetted backwards rammed right into a pig's SUV
I got out and dumped a round into the police chief
then I felt something that brought me to my knees
I was shot in the shoulder now they yelling freeze
holding me down I'm struggling to break free
what they didn't know is I had re enforements
from the top of a building came shots from my headless horsemen
blood splattered all around me
pissed off cause it's landing on my new 120 dollar nikes
threw some fool out his car and took his mercedes
hit the gas time to get out of this city
speeding down the street going about a hundred and fifteen
bad news cause now I got helicopters chasing me
so I made a quick move and ducked through an alley
barely made the turn but that's the least of my concerns see
hopped out and put a rock on the accelerator
crashed into the street and blew up seyanora see ya later
ducked into a building to hide for cover
made a call to my brother to come so we can blow this mother fucker
in a couple minutes I seen his jaguar pull up looking sleek
slowly I inched out and dove into the backseat
the pain in my shoulder the situation looking bleak
just then a bullet went through my brothers cheek
no chance for me now cause I'm feeling mighty weak
Arrested and I didn't even get off Frankfurt Street Damn