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One and Only
02-16-2008, 06:22 PM
Just a bunch of stuff I wrote for the hell of it. Everything you'll see here is pretty much unfinshed. These are all subject to change. A lot of these are real rough. I decided to post em up anyway. I have a lot more than what I'm posting here. These are real unfocused scattered material but it's not too shabby so I hope you enjoy it. PEACE!

Single Mother Blues

needing the wages waistressing tables for 6 dollars an hour
single parent mother smothered by the pressures of society
envying those with greater things
hovering over her head like a dangling string
she jumps at it but it goes out her reach
when it's yanked from this summarizes her dreams
snap back to reality and the brutallity of the feeling
of wasting her life away if only she could escape a day
from her troubles can't even relax to take a bubble bath
with two jobs and three children you do the math
it's a disaster area on the verge of hysteria
was once married to what seemed to be a shining knight
but he picked up and took flight in the middle of the night
out of sight out of reach but not out of mind
and only to find she's pregnant again with twins this time
is it a crime for her to want to run away
feeling a noose around her neck is the only way
years down the road she started drinking heavily
abusing her children steadily
more and more and her core was destroyed by the storm
and the bruises and scars and marks on her children reflected her inside
so at night she just layed her head to bed and cried
and try as she might she felt she could never escape
this situation irritated sick of anticipating and waiting for her saving
til one day she realized she would have to save herself
stressed and hard pressed in debts threats from CPS
she decided to put an end to this mess
the next day she put down the bottle walked to the corner and played the lotto
before going home and apologizing to each child
a hug and a kiss a promise for a better tomorrow
that night sitting in front of the television praying to god
and what she saw were the numbers poppin up to match the ones on her card
finally feeling the hard work payed off she quit her job
and moved her family into a big house with a three car garage
grateful to see through the mirage
and a peace to her soul that now could never be dislodged
the moral of the story is no matter how hard it seems
perseverse and one way or another you will reach your dream

Creation of secret government agents

check the duality of the situation
government innovation to make secret government agents
under standard bear your wool stipulations
patients lamenated predated since simulations
step on the conveyer belt exit the machine your souls missing
in fact it might just be another stepping stone in the mission
view the world from the eyes of an alien
noble black stallion here to slay the battleground with his battalion
start rallying against the status quo
a picture is worth a thousand words to those who know
and to other it's just another moment to pass over
on the road to superficiality it's cruical
we attack roots of the tree the main atteries
got you fooled acting like clowns and this ain't barniby
was this meant to be for centuries the devil brainwashed
forgery since jesus died on the cross
time to raise up search for the light start a million man march
the trcikery upon your mind in full effect
does it really matter what government official you elect
think about it cookie cuttered and stenciled from day one
they've been working on your mental outlining your life with there pencil
it's simple I speak the truth
and it won't be long before you do exactly what they want you to
resist the urge fight against there words
don't give into peer pressure heed this lesson
don't be malleable for the failable unreliable
in there efforts to turn you into what they feel is desirable


Verse 1 Incomplete

I wake up every morning thinking is today gonna be the day
when I shed my old skin and leave my past away
is the money and the media finally coming my way
is it finally my turn to be a superstar and have my 15 minutes of fame
got people admiring me
skills to the brim monkeys on my back still climbing on me
Everyday just wishing for it to land in my lap
but I have to move and put myeslf on the map

Verse 2 Incomplete

uperstar that's what I am
my styles impeccable skills unmatchable
I am one of a kind in a full deck
my mind locked on intellect
perfect my manuscript
I just wanna rhyme and it shines in my eyes like hallogen lights
no lamp shade full force taking over this mandate
and the fans can't wait
yet they don't even know there anticipating
but once I hit the scene they fiend and are glad I made it
superstar go far with a million dollar dream
Ain't as easy as it seems grind hard to get that cream
snakes say one thing but it's never exactly what they mean
and it seems from the cement cracked sidewalks outside my apartment
flowing next to park benches to performing in front of a live audience

Verse 3 Incomplete

Lookin back at my life at this point
thinking should I collaborate with Premier for my next joint
and I've been annoited the rap king I got immunity
I can afford all the bling but would rather give back to the community
soon to be elected to the hall fame
numerous classics under my name
I came along way
from getting my first mic to rocking my first show and doing commercials
with no end in sight to the flow of mad dough
I did it all more than a man could wish for

In Lights

Verse 1 Incomplete

More swift the gifted noterizer
blew through the tube a rap tranqulizer
seen through the moonroof the proof in the bright lights
superstar rap billionaire 50 feet on the billboard due right
hear the plight of a rapper that spawns night
cause of the dark creations of his innovation on sight

A New Level

cause giving up a dream is giving up hope
and giving up hope is giving up your soul
so never let go cause what the devil stole
was more precious then gold and truth be be told but
in a world where none of this seems to matter
we just beat eachother off to climb the ladder
no helping fellow man out when he's in a jam
cuttin the middle man out just to save a gram
compared to what you have in your pocket
watch the mystery unfold as I unlock it
six sides of the square folded down flat
to represent the addition of new
plateua we climb to reach the top of the map
here is where I bare my namesake
fore the guardians of heaven
have left the underworld barren
in a vast rebellion of the structured architecht
I'm here to restore order to the proper dialect
and only those I deem worthy of the sect
will ascend to the new level of enviroment


my freestyles are off the meter
I drink emcees by the liter
I'm the leader well above the average bottom feeders
analytical spiritual david copperfield material
imperial missle based laced with high explosives
toasting to the rap don who smash songs
pioneering a new era terror becomes thee
under the asumption that my rap style was dusty
brain froze and held over waiting for the abbot
melted into acid and destroyed the whole farbic
of time my combination of mind and the skills that I hold
turn the mic from solid into a river of gold
life trickles into the ocean I'm here to let it breathe
break down the dam and let out the true emcees

Creatures Of The Night

In the darkened shadows appears figures that rattle
your soul torn and hollow your body disembowled
come through the hazy maze of the lazy days
doors with mirrors and smoke in shapes
of ovals and hour glasses
one way all seeing eye looks as you pass it
protection of the flock over the head of the rock
the docks haunted with a spirit undaunted
the world isn't what it seems a funhouse a dream
turned nightmarish when seen with the third eye
and lean to the side of the veil
covers the earths crust as it must
the brain images render
a long slender vision wishing for a penmanship
turns into a full blown epedemic
step through to the monsoon of the blood room
which door to choose it's all up to you
the wrong one evaporates before your very eyes
fades away as you inch closer with every bite
hallway becomes longer feels like a never ending pattern
darkened rings scatter breath exits you enter saturn
wild world corridors of destruction
go with your gut and your guts become a lunch in
howling in the dark creatures with no heart
tearing limbs apart and it's always killing season
fresh leaves sprout with water drips caressing the tips
a foolish beauty to leave you in the darkness again

My Desire

I'm ill and you know it you ain't never heard nobody like C Note The Poet
I'm sick of these people hating stop debating I'm the greatest
I accept no less than success
if I don't blow up then I'm a failure at best
infact I'm something even worser
an indescribable word that you never heard of
I'm monster in the booth I spit with desire
read my sign it announces mic crusher for hire
battle me and try to make a liar out of me
but the next thing you see is a catastrophe
steppin to me getting dizzy eyes start to bleed
it's like the tommyknockers the way you be losing them teeth
picture esque vision of microphone mastery
arresting me for the assault and battery
in the lab everyday doing audiotopsys
I'm too complex you don't know where to begin to copy
but if you try I can tell you when to cut it off
between a knife in your rib cage and a punch to your jaw
I rip out your heart and admire it while it's still beating
then I squeeze the juice out and put it on ice to freeze it
my collection keeps on growing everytime a little poet
thinks they can beat me but they blow it
so my advice to you is don't even show up
this just comes to easy excuse me
tellin me I ain't put in my time
It's not my fault your wack and that's why your forever on ya grind
signed sealed deliver my letter of execution
I enslaved so many mics I'm still paying for retributions
I leave barren wastelands of destitution
My throats a smokestack and my voice is the pollution
Flavoring over the pains of the labor days
too many to count but it made me who I am today
Savoring every moment when my hearts in a tussle
cause when that happens my brain starts to bussle
and off comes a bus load of ideas that come to
classics that I drafted then crafted
and like David Blaine turned into magic
spectacular the way my mind connects
then my rhymes connect to form supreme dialect
something you can't understand without seeking the wisdom
but the average man will not embark on that task so I feed em
over rhythm I give em the best way to lead em with my teachings
extend my hand to each and every fan trying to reach em
and when I breach there walls there on the way to freedom

Broken Home (This is a story far from finished)

She decided to take a drive as it started to precipitate
Her eyes decieved her as the road began to flucuate
Thinking that life no longer mattered
and in the next instant the window was splattered
with blood and shattered fragments of young face
and hugging the steering wheel was her rib cage
the gauges broken symbolizing a broken home
cause back home her little son is left alone
the autopsy note showed the cause of the stumble
an ample amount of drugs in her blood sample

Street Chronicles

Wildin in the streets everyday it's the same shit
same ol 45 same ol magazine and same clips
just another day to squeeze until I empty it
welcome to my hood where everyday it's just violence
been here so long that I don't even notice the sirens
Gun shots spray out in every direction
innocent bystanders go looking for protection
while the young men who never seeked for affection
talk later and shoot now it's no time to ask questions
better walk through the streets with a bullet proof vest on
and if you do what I do it's your best bet to carry a weapon
cop chases everyday accelerate with the speed of a leopard
and we don't give a fuck about the ascension of tension
no matter what these street thugs don't learn they lessons
so another day passes by where passer bys come to die
keep an eye to the window and an ear to the streets
cause the next big move is bubbling under your feet
this is real life and there ain't no such thing as delete
it's just defeat and conquer fuck the feelings of the ones that your after
the weather forcast for today is disaster
and that's just fantastic then after I add the math up
street chronicles gritty and raw like fossils
go ahead and try to scream and we'll rip out your tonsils
this ain't your average stencil street life I been through
where all I see is money the only thing on the menu
smooth as molasses my guns blasting
dipped in oil so it don't jam so I can pull the fastest
ask through the streets and they tell you who the nastiest
I don't fuck with no rat bitches my world revolves around packages
that powder that beigh cooked up to my satisfaction
running with me unstoppable a world where anything is possible
Continue to press on and make my empire colossal

More Street Chronicles

Cause he was a well known singer
bring him to the amphitheatre
direct his attention by the pot with the fingers
tell him if he wants his to make to some place southern
and to take the rest of his shady undercover brothers
and for a safety reasons we outside of your mothers
and your baby brother just got smothered by one of my smugglers
don't make my runners throw your sister in rum covers
after being raped by my gang right in front of ya
then pack you up and throw you in the river
with weights attached so your breath dissipates as the light escapes your vision

Turning the pyrex slowly as it bubbles my beigh boulders
emptying out bodies of my dead enemies to stash my keys
while there orderly shipped to my customers from columbia
My whips stay fresh and tinted
while I have the finest girls jewerly drippin in the finest linen
Livid off what they giving while they yelling its hurting
constricting like a virgin tightly fitting while they squirming

Robbery On Frankfurt Street

Sunny morning woke up hot shower grabbed some toast
read the sunday paper about another hit by the midnight capers on the coast
half smile on my face because I know the job ain't done
after this last one I'll be done for or on the run
loaded up the clips in the magazine called up my man
yo it's time to hit the scene you understand
12 noon meet up at the hospital
from there we'll re route and talk about the obstacles
delivery truck coming to the bank on frankfurt at 1 o clock
plus a bunch of cops make sure you got the bag of glocks
and don't forget the plentiful ammunition
got me wishing to kill a pigeon my trigger finger itchin
won't catch me til my chamber is empty
they best not test me got tons of vests to strap to my chest g
12:40 I guess we best be going
heart pounding faster every single time we turn around another corner
12:58 we pulled up to the bank
so much security I wouldn't be surprised if they brought a tank
this time no doing it discretley
when I stepped out the car shots started flyin immediately
return fire hoping they don't dead my tires
homie next to me got a 12 gauge pump for hire
plus a condensed can of gas
when the time is right he's puttin that on blast
the shots only missing me by inches
but I stay focused cause it's no time for flinching
taking out the troopers left and right
knowing my other mans just pulled up in a car out of sight
hoping I can hold em off for long enough
for them to sneak in the back and take the money from the trunk of the truck
waiting for the sign we designed then I seen the flare
my man threw the canister and shot it now let's get the hell outta here
quickly started the car and jetted to the getaway garage
from there well switch vechicles and head to Tijuana or someplace far away
we got enough money to buy a thousand yachts
feeling accomplished because I pulled off my brilliant plot
my right hand man said wait don't be so quick
as he swerved and barely missed a spike strip
should of figured they would have called for backup
told my homie back up it's time for me to act up
he jetted backwards rammed right into a pig's SUV
I got out and dumped a round into the police chief
then I felt something that brought me to my knees
I was shot in the shoulder now they yelling freeze
holding me down I'm struggling to break free
what they didn't know is I had re enforements
from the top of a building came shots from my headless horsemen
blood splattered all around me
pissed off cause it's landing on my new 120 dollar nikes
threw some fool out his car and took his mercedes
hit the gas time to get out of this city
speeding down the street going about a hundred and fifteen
bad news cause now I got helicopters chasing me
so I made a quick move and ducked through an alley
barely made the turn but that's the least of my concerns
hopped out and put a rock on the accelerator
crashed into the street and blew up seyanora see ya later
ducked into a building to hide for cover
made a call to my brother to come so we can blow this mother fucker
in a couple minutes I seen his jaguar pull up looking sleek
slowly I inched out and dove into the backseat
the pain in my shoulder the situation looking bleak
just then a bullet went through my brothers cheek
no chance for me now cause I'm feeling mighty weak
Arrested and I didn't even get off Frankfurt Street Damn

Spousal Abuse

She began to panic and balled her fists up
banging against his chest hoping he'd give up
but he doesn't and his grip in unhinging
To understand we have to go back to the beginning
open the first page and see the world I envision
a man and a woman swimming in a pond of amusement
that'll soon head into the fatal abusement
started off normal with they heads in the clouds
love at first sight and they began sneaking around
Young tender age of 15 lost in the stream
but what came next was a nightmare unseen


she began to panic and balled her fists up
banging against and his chest hoping he'd give up
but he doesn't his grip was unhinging
and the look in his eyes was so unforgiving
now knowing she made a mistake the day she layed eyes on him
knowing she should have listened to those that surrounded her
she felt death creeping up on her as her hands began to slip
and the grip on her neck squeezed out her last breath

Jenna In The Sky With Diamonds (This one is very rough needs a lot of patching up)

Jenna was a girl of only 18
when she became infactuated with the unseen
battling the scars that were left behind
the clock stopped ticking til the end of time
a pretty young girl who was single
cause love turned to dissapointment everytime she felt a tingle
extinguishing that fire inside
thought there was no place for her to run and hide
didn't think she could deal with her feelings forever
then she met a man out in front of the corner bodega
asked her what's a young girl like you doing round here
she replied my boyfriend cheated on me and my problems I fear
he said here as he gently placed his hand on her shoulder
and recommended a young stud said he'd help her to get over
she gladly took the number placed it in her pocket then forgot it
until a week later when her tears had ran out
she dug in her pocket and went to the mans house
knocked on his door through the whistling wind
cold nipping at her cheeks waiting for him to let her in
the door slowly creeked open and he recognized the sight
said come on in and take a seat where ever you like
he'd be back in a few to introduce her to the one
who would stick by her side never pack up and run
left the two alone to have a little bit of fun
he said Put it on your tongue
go ahead suck on it taste it don't waste it
swallow it if your up for it
you can never get enough of it
explore a world that you never been before
release you in a heaven of pleasure and euphoria
the amount of the dosage depends on the size of the postage
take away your fear make them the last thing you notice
make all your worries the least bit of your problems
cause what I got here for you baby it'll solve em
so she went on that way seeing him every single day
and with each passing day she beings to change
Her family begins to notice the odd behavior
pleading to her please don't let him change ya
at the sametime the man who made him was movin out
so he decide to pack up and follow him on his route
not knowing if she got this far
that it would be this hard just to move on
there was no replacement for this one like the last one
she was in love created a mental dependecy
without him she felt she lost her identity
and this means she would have to once again face her problems
so she went full throttle to the bottle
tryna drown her sorrows in beer and tears
found the next morning with vomit streamed down to her ears

Enter The Gypsy Women (This is real rough too)

Pretty little mysterious thing
big brown eyes dark hair like the night
temptation fills me with the sight of her dance
body seductfully motioning through the air
hands waving around her head hips swaying back and forth
her stare locks onto mine and dug deep into my soul
shadows bounce off her body from the camp fire
guitars gently plucked near by the smoke fills my eyes
she motions with her finger to come closer
my mind tells me no but my body seems to linger
towards the smell of her exotic perfume
she's got me erotic heart pounding as I enter her room
nothing but sand beneath our feet
and a sheet layed neatly in the center
craving her heat I reach for her hips to pull her closer
ready to go further she pushed off and said not yet
slowly she started stripping off her beads earrings rings and amulets
Please take it slow she said
until this point had maintained her innocence
never had a man struck me before as so benevolent
I took the compliment as I reached for the scarf that held up her hair
as I pulled it slowly her lovely locks fell to her shoulder blades
so beautiful was the sight as they flew through the air then we layed
undressing her caressing her pleasuring every inch of her anatomy
steadily yet gently casting my love deep making lovely musical symphony
feeling her skin so creamy and smooth
gazing into her dreamy eyes I got lost and couldn't move
absorbed in her amorous stare I seen a flare light up
realizing that she was almost there
as she took me deeper moaning and whispering in my ear
she told me she loved me as she reached her culmination
the sensation so great to complete the ruse of her seducement I was sold
and she dragged me down into her world away from that of which I know
so let the story be told this is the dangers of the gypsy soul

One and Only
02-25-2008, 04:58 PM
Entry 2

I lost myself in the evil that men do
so I found myself in this pencil
and these sentences I pen can heal men too
no matter of culture or creed
we all bleed the same color
so I want to put a stop to the lust for greed that's destroying eachother
impeding on the process
of motherless children in the streets crying for attention
selling they babies for sex to get another ascenion
selfishness we breed to the seeds we sow
we need an intervention to shelter and let them grow
a need to turn to god and plow fields with rows
of new born babies brought up and harvested in a harbored home
give the world time to heal and the proper resources to guide it
and soon the design etched in minds of all mankind will find it
in they hearts to move through the darkness towards serenity and peace
and the feast of the beast will become obselete


sporadic darts ripped the earth apart
split the megahertz cause a wave burst
ten thousand tons of pressure lessened every millisecond
to the unborn chastised this means many lives
dug from needles and pins to survive
microlens cameras bifocal the parameter
stanima rising under andrenaline
like white lab coat penecillin antidote
bichemical calculations potent flowing
concentrating on sonnets for poets sewing

Vivid Visions of a modern day Poe Re post

Doing it like
it's been running through my ancestory for centuries
Your rhymes are done haphazardly
Battle me and I'll put you out your misery
Paint on roman tapestry the mystery of a vixen
turned into a snake and bit him
the sins of the imprissoned
enlightened with the wisdom I give em
jewels I hold hidden in skulls and souls
waiting to be unfurled like the dead sea scrolls
Drawn out on a canvas my pictures are told
Spoken words that give vivid visions of a modern day Poe
Usher in a new era of understanding with my sinical poems
ocular dome thorough like those told of a bibical throne


This Pen is extreme filled to the brim with kerosene
my rhymes hit the scene when I light the match and blow to destiny
blessed to see the vision so stop stressin me
pressin incisions into the track raw no vaseline
my opitcal eyes spies on everything I despise
rise to the cream of the crop from
chopping rocks on blocks to stocks and a custom diamond watch
from being in lots with shots and red dots for murder plots
to the latest fashions with mansions and substancial amounts of cashin
but both ways I'm still serving the fiends my stash
just changed the means and the output that I feed
so either believe recieve and let me lead into a new era
or face the bearer because all hell is gonna be terror
where lookin the mirror is glancing at the unseen
in this world what you see isn't always what it seems

Ghetto Dealings

Spittin visions of white lines and incisions
on a mission to bubble in that gruesome kitchen
for profit might get locked in prison
but the decisions been made get others to pitch in
knowing it goes against every piece of your wisdom
in the belly of the beast going against the system
refusing to listen keep your ears close to the streets
til you no longer continue and cease
lord please it's a deadly circumstance
survival chance scant so out on the block they dance
while it awakens those in a trance
and the tramps scamper to make their last conquest
blessed are those to see the fresh sunset
and to open they eyes to the new sunrise
another day another dollar out on the corner
thinkin it's all gonna pay for them to be a baller
got a little swag now feeling a bit taller
while death is breathing steadily down your collar
on your neck you can feel it all in your chest
and the jester gonna have the last laugh
when you take your last breath
every moment is precious you start realizing now
but it was too late you were already in the ground

One and Only
02-26-2008, 03:43 PM
Hiding Place Freestyle

Ima hell of a problem nobody has the answer
my stanzas have the ability to cause cancer
and expose all you frauds with minimal skills
I rap to keep the lights on it's how I pay the bills
for real I don't beef with wack commercial rappers
only battle against cats with lyrical stature
for the rapture bust back on the plains with matches
and capture the whole game and frame the pasters
blame the pastures of grain and fame that lasted
I'm insane off the top like ol dirty bastard
I mastered the flow that sunk into the ocean
the potion revived it and I spread it just like lotion
go through the motions for a verse I'm just coastin
postin up and spittin heat rocks just for boastin
our songs in heavy rotation I got the notion that
we will be ordering a heavy dosage of champagne for toastin

One and Only
02-28-2008, 01:56 PM
where you gon hide when doomsday comes to get you
aimin at your chest a bunch of animals with pistols
famine puts you in a situation where stanima is an issue
don't misuse the proper guidance system if it fits you
patience is a virtue if you rollin in the game
stick to whats true and don't sell your soul for the fame
cause in the end you can only blame yourself
but you too concerned about laboring for wealth
instead do it for the passion and savor the health
they attempt to embed and pattern my flavor of stealth uh
I'm a lyrical miracle a relevant grand imperial
leave the crime scene without a trace of material
got forensics searchin for evidence and my handprints
tryin to land this benelovent man in the slammer
bountiful ideas from the unlawful bandit
a message to these hopefuls who try to outwit
the one and only playing the post with a ghostly demeanor
mostly concerned with upturning hosts of bottom feeders
and seeding the youth with proof of dream believing
before overturning your soul to console with the demons

One and Only
02-29-2008, 12:02 PM
you rap cats think you fantastic
say hello to your rapture and enter the static
it's problematic when I get thrown into the mix
got a bad habit for slaying these six
teen bars with these words I perfect
my dialect hinges on the verge of bible-esque
my manuscript converged in street politics
and poetics are merged to the beat for classics
manuvered through sewers for jewels I bring you to hear
the underground souverniers maurauded for your ears
hot enough to sear your skin clear off
I spit lava that burns straight like smirnoff
my flow is pyroclastic fast moving currents
of hot gas and ashes from an eruption
that disrupts your tears ducts and cements your lungs in
and conduct production that'll lace the fuction

03-05-2008, 08:08 PM
I finally got around to reading some of these writtens. Some of them are quite impressive and enjoyable. Certainly there’s a bit of roughness and most these writtens could use some editing, but there’s some interesting stuff here. The earlier ones especially were very poetic. Mostly a little uneven and not so carefully structured, but moreso an unconventional sort of poetry. I enjoyed some of these pieces quite a bit. Keep at it and see where it takes you.

One and Only
03-05-2008, 11:13 PM
Props for the review. Yeah a lot of these are real rough totally unedited like you noticed. Like I said I ain't really focus just writing lots of random stuff and just thought I'd share. Something I found interesting about your comment was that you said it wasn't carefully structured. I kept telling myself that when I was reading the earlier pieces I was writing because I wasn't trying to keep them structured. I'm focusing more on the structure now because I'm bout to start recording soon so course that's very important. So I always said it was on some free form poetry shit instead of verses. So props on the review you had the same thoughts I had about my own work.

One and Only
03-06-2008, 12:14 AM
I've been churning out a bunch of little stuff and then some verses so here we go

Wrote this in like 30 seconds it's about ghostwriting incomplete

Look into the eyes of a man with talent
but no plan or wind to sail it
taking others words and making them his own
no poem could come from the tongue that he honed
or sewn into something he could call his own
marinette for the mastermind in the background
hand feed and spoke through the throat to form a sound
it's amazing how he can make it feel real when it's oh so fake
yet you can relate cause the words dispersed when purpsed lips are formed
came from the finger tips of those unkown

Next some random shit this ain't turning into nothing I'm sure

My verbal stimulation is certain asphixciation
for any who try to emulate them simulations
or any relation try my patience hating will get you ate up
My pen is a syringe the ink the drug
I shoot it in my veins then bleed to let it stain the page
my pen is a twelve gauge flood the paper with a blast from the chamber
rhymes anihalate theres no one to save ya

Next...a verse

Amazing lung capacity to verbally dismantle your rap champion
knock him off his mantle this is just a sample
of the grand channel lamenating the illumination
on a new station hip hop recesatation
occupation breathin new life into the patient
patient for the date to stake third rate semination
obliviation aviating above the precipitation
for the glory of the final confrontation
sensation of the ages renound sages
blantantly saving the nation for sensational wages
hatred spews from the mouth of cannibilistic plagues
my pages display the way to anihalate and phase
out like hazey maze to save the day
jaded by the way I slay the beasts and put em in there cage
and taser the game sending sporadic shockwaves
I savor the taste behavior estatic based on what I gave

Next..Incomplete I wrote this in like the dark real quick lmfao

Illuminating the dark basement
breathing becomes a bit spacious
dampness seeps into the pores on your face
as you inch across the stairboards to your fate
emanating fear the cannibalistics near
can taste with a serpent like tongue in the currents
you succumb and become numb due to the nevourness
why has the world decided you deserve this
purse your lips to speak but your meek
your feet give out inspite of the feature
of fight or flight in a tight jam
elevating your adrenaline pumping through your system
might become a victim imprissoned in unison with precision

Next something another random

This is how insane turns to dangerous
quoting phrases straight outta spaceships
over these esquisite arrangments that's been sanctioned
off by the government and the CIA's bugging me tight
I strive to divide real life from what I write

Next another verse entitled Liberation

Not everybody knows the hell some go through
life in the streets for many is so painful
for young men imprisonment is there only form of vacation
sittin in the adjacent corner of his officer of probation, told him
you have something special when the shells are removed from the casing
waiting paitient for the moment he can let it all blow
let it all go show the world what he knows
powerful mind that grows beneath a seedy underworld
where gun shots go off when the streetlights get dark
he just sits in the park and embarks on a journey
through what he scribes about until the light comes out
lord knows the potential of this young soul
but it must be told he fell victim to the ghetto
bullets ejected through his mid section
thinking god why couldn't I have been an exception
now he's laying on a hospital table as a patient
doctors scrambling around hoping they can save him
but it's too late he's already started towards heaven...liberation