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Ok let me give you a little history lesson.

This album is the second released during the Mk3 lineup of Deep Purple. Mk2 fell apart after Gillian quit and Glover was forced to leave. Enter David Coverdale and Glen Hughes and the extremly good album Burn. This album gave me a truely good feeling, it was hard, groovy and everything else Deep Purple stood for. After the succes of Burn Deep Purple went on tour and after the tour they sat down and started to write and record their new album entitled Stormbringer. Now this album has kind of left a sour taste in the mouths of Deep Purple fans. This was the last album before original member Ritchie Blackmore left the group. The reasons he gave were that the Stormbringer album didn't do much for him because it was too funky.The other reason was that he was planning a group later called Rainbow.

The music on this album is funky yeah and is a bit away from the original Deep Purple formula but they crafted it so well that the album comes across really good to me. It has a certain feel wich I couldn't find the first time I listened to it. But after a few listens it grew on me and I've gotta say this album is great. With tracks like Soldier Of Fortune and Lady Double Dealer ( the track I uploaded and one of the songs wich still has that old Purple feeling ) it's a really great listen. Glen Hughes and David Coverdale's voices sound so good together I find it hard now to hear Coverdale singing alone in Whitesnake.

After Stormbringer and Blackmore's departure they brought in Tommy Bollin and recorded the album Come Taste The Band. Deep Purple was to carry on but after Bollin's tragic death the 2 original members ( Ian Paice on drums and Jon Lord on keyboards ) decided to call it quits. But 8 years later they reunited with Blackmore. I'll tell you what happened after the reunion but for those who don't want to wait check the internet.

Lady Double Dealer

http://www.zshare.net/audio/7820386908e632/ (http://www.zshare.net/audio/7820386908e632/)

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man fuck that shit.

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i like it Jeru...but Machine Head is a PWN'r

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i like it Jeru...but Machine Head is a PWN'r

Nevermind that fag lateshowhost...

Yeah Machine Head is far superiour but I wanted to defend this album because it's a solid release and yet many people are shitting on it. Machine Head is fuckin awesome but In Rock is a tad bit better IMO