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Dirty Knowledge
02-23-2008, 12:25 AM
Mom's defender, 7, recovering slowly
The Associated Press February 21, 2008

DETROIT - Alexis Goggins climbed aboard a special bicycle and maneuvered through hospital hallways, beginning the months of physical therapy she needs to recover from six gunshot wounds.

To many, the 7-year-old is a hero after she threw herself across her mother just as a gunman was about to shoot the woman in an SUV.

"An angel is what I call her," said her mother, Seliethia Parker, 30.

After more than two months in the hospital and six surgeries, Alexis was recently released. She returns twice a week for physical therapy.

The girl bears several scars from the Dec. 2 shooting, including a surgical line stretching from one side of her hairline to the other. Her right eye was removed.

"She remembers bits and pieces, but she's not really talking about it much. It's like she's blocking it out or something," said Parker.

The mother and daughter were getting a ride from a friend when Parker's ex-boyfriend jumped into the vehicle.

Inside the SUV, Parker pleaded with the gunman not to shoot. As he was about to open fire, Alexis cried, "Don't hurt my mother!" and jumped into her mother's arms from the back seat, right in the path of six bullets.

02-27-2008, 04:59 PM
Damn! That'a so fucked up!