View Full Version : Last night was a good night

02-23-2008, 06:31 AM
just goin out in the evenin from my house with,
a crate of fosters and my evergrowing will to live,
no date, jus a time to be arived there,
earlier the better, see whos who and what they dare,
i walked through the room, and a morgue kind of sprung to mind,
soon more of the times, started to arrive,
mates downin a few shots to help unwind,
back in the day, did u see? i rememba that time!
wigan pier and maxims on repeat,
not my cuppa tea, but aslong as theres a hardcore beat.
i couldnt give a fuck, aslong as i give a fuck,
fuck the pussy, lick pussy or just giv me a suck,
the trouble is which one should i see up the stairs,
my heads pre occupied with the stone in the air,
drag drag drag on the joint til my fingers singe,
stomach turnin to the anthems of a stary eyed teen binge,
in the freezer, liquid gold, lights up my eyes
livin the true modern day life and times,
with my liver at its lowest and my head as high as a kite,
i cant believe, last night was a good night.