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02-24-2008, 03:00 PM
havent been on here for a while but im thinking of selling my wu cd's (really dont want to bu trying to save up for an imac and i have them all as mp3 rips and use my pc to play music)

going to put them as a lot on ebay how much do you think i should put them for in

heres the list, most are in perfect condition

wu-tang clan - enter the wu tang
wu-tang clan - forever (2 copies no idea why!)
wu-tang clan - the w
wu-tang clan - iron flag
wu-tang clan - wu collective
wu-tang clan - legend of wu tang greatest hits
wu-tang clan - killa beez the swarm
wu-tang clan - killa beez the sting
wu-tang clan - the chronicals part 1
wu-tang clan - the chronicals part 2
ghostface - ironman
ghostface - supreme clientele
ghostface - bulletproof wallets
ghostface - the pretty tony album
gza - words from the genius (yellow cover early release)
gza - liquid swords
gza - beneath the surface
gza - legend of the liquid sword
gza - dj muggs grandmasters
inspectah deck - uncontrolled substance
inspectah deck - the movement
masta killa - no said date
method man - tical
method man - tical 2000
method man - tical 0
method man - blackout
odb - return to the 36 chambers
odb - nigga please
odb - the dirty story
odb - the trials and tribulations
raekwon - ob4cl
raekwon - immobilarity
rza - hits
rza - bobby digital
rza - big cap wu tang mix
rza - birth of a prince
rza - bobby digital digital bullet
rza - the world according to
buddha monk - the prophecy
cappadonna - the pillage
cappadonna - the struggle
gp wu - dont go against the grain
killarmy - silent weapons for quiet wars
killah priest - heavy mental
killah preist - view from masada
la the darkman - heist of the century
mathematics - love hell or right
mathematics - the problem
northstar - northstar
pop da brown hornet - the underground emperor
popa wu - visions of the tenth chamber
remedy - the genuine artical
shabazz the disciple - the books of shabazz
shyheim - manchild
shyheim - the lost generation
shyheim the greatest story ever told
streetlife - street education
wu syndicate - wu synidcate
grave diggaz - the pick, the sickle and the shovel
grave diggaz - 6ft deep
dreddy gruger - think differently music
r.a the rugged man - die rugged man die
theodore unit - 718
sunz of man - saviorz day
hot butter - a new chamber (still in plastic rapper)

thanks for the info

02-24-2008, 07:30 PM
selling your wu cds is like selling your kids, it's just wrong. lol

02-25-2008, 02:04 AM

Tyler Durden
02-25-2008, 04:18 AM
Just put each up seperate and i'll bid on them like a motherfucker.2 copies of forever.
That type of shit happens to me all the time.
I once found three copies of 'The Island' on DVD. How???

02-25-2008, 10:15 AM
Whatever you get for them youll regret in 6 months time... Keep them.

02-25-2008, 10:16 AM

WTF is up with all the star wars!?