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Bigot Hitman
02-25-2008, 01:04 AM
About every new moon, i get stagnated wit plaque
of personal problems, i think i'm see'in who's who
See'in thru traps they lost in, life is like water
Sum can't move, some can't stop, then some won't bother
To object the accepted, bite'in my tounge is a never
Rather than bleed, i rather change u for the better
Paddle'in my side of the boat, but yo its no type'in me
Those who think i'm loose and wild, try to tighten me
But i let'em know my perspective is written in stone
And if we can't then, lead and flesh'll be gett'in along
Before I blast, i'll try to take time to flip over the rock
But sum is shallow minded wit tunnel vision
Which leads to me break'in the hands of they clock
Its a sad reality,
The weakest throw on a confident mask and battle me
Commit'in to a ten day ride
Before they know how hard the saddle be
When i teach, its like learn'in through pure pain
Sumthin that's easy to get and will stick
to the slickest most bullshit coated brain
Lex said, "i warn brothers of they wicked ways"
Try'in not to hate on the hated
Is a different taste
Somethin new i just might try to spit today
And open up my dam,
leave'in the unanchored to drift away
Hold mine down like tigers scann'in they hunt'in grounds
Mantain'in what i've gained
U'll see blood and wounds, like o shit, yeah sumthin's down
On that mission to open up these eyes swollen up
From personal fights in today's society
Duck'in these hooks and jabs that move silently
Leave'in these bigot boxers frozen up
If u already know what's up,
Then don't leave ya mind exposed,
Say fuck what u think and close it shut
Whoever feels me ride wit me, join my campaign
U Don't have to state yo race on my ballot
Just write ya damn name