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d fresh
03-06-2008, 06:47 PM

I start twitching to start rhyming that real
Itching while grinding for a deal
Watching pigeons finding their meal
In litter covering the crack concrete
Telling tales of these back streets
Brick chipped silence broken and mack leaks
When a mac speaks
Its normal but the facts are deep
Gun talk has no words but we overstand all too well
Hustlers in the can went from having it all to jail
When they went from hand to hand to calls on their cell
When did it all fail trying to ball in hell
Paralyzed education the future rotting away
Many analyze the situation being sutured plotting the day
After they got shot and laid out over petty beef
Feeling the nightmare of grief in trying to feast
Its not enough Indians too many chiefs
Everyone wants a piece of that American pie
But its all peace when we in the streets

d fresh
03-06-2008, 06:49 PM

Deep in the soil I build my empire like Standard Oil
Get down or lay down in turmoil
The heat make the ink boil
Getting it all or nothing at all my backs against the wall
I feel the desperation of an appalled Palestinian having the gall
To have C-4 strapped to their body where death seems to be a hobby
In an Israel lobby trying to start the revolution by blowing it up
Any mark can see my execution of my flowing disrupt MCs
The pen is C-4 when it bleeds
Ball heavily Iím ready G since my days hooping on 100 Grand
On the wagon with the band
Iíve been in a never ending hand 2 hand
Combat with Luciferís children so Im forever building
Weapon concealing for the demons trying to conquer my brain
And drive me insane getting dough with killers and dames
All trying to maintain through the pain

d fresh
03-06-2008, 06:51 PM

I think on past memories and days Hennessey and haze
Pouring liquor bending over a Gíz grave
Defeats and victories, the mimicry of slaves
It tends to be a phase we all go through
You know but we grew to dough over a brew
And a sack of cannabis I sit back and reminisce
Trying to stack some chips cause crack didnít miss
My area I reside in making rules rarely law abiding
Confiding only in the beats only for the streets
Only for my peeps cause they relate to what I am
My closest fam, shit my only fam a gram for a gram
The blood of damn slaves and kings all in our veins
We refuse to fall from pain and want to ball in this game
No pride or shame I move the same in the sunshine or rain
While most chose the easy way out I chose the hard
Seen a lot of shit I suppose it left scars
Transforming flows into credit cards
Looking for a queen cause most hoes are SARS

d fresh
03-06-2008, 06:55 PM

I first just wanted to bang a girl , now I want to change the world
Slang a pearl and we build and hang never url
Black labels emptied by the packs on the table
Stricken with hunger snack when able
Watch where you front you could get jacked for your cable
Black as Sable
In the war zone for the gritty
Trying to dome from a pretty or see if the bone can meet the kitty
Me and my committee bout witty life in the city
Spit a ditty in the shitty vicinity of death
There are few original entities left because of identity theft
Like credit card scams instead of trying to bogard a wack fam
Most try hard to jam like the next just for checks
Without showing the proper respect
Influence is one thing cloning is another
Even twins are different brothers
Iím a predator 2 like Danny Glover
Hard from the bridge to the chorus
Iím all for this you can only adore this
If she not giving up the nappy forest then my foot put her where the door is
In this concrete jungle cats stumble and fumble
Fronting like lions they really cheetahs in wife beaters
Quick to run even with heaters
But it donít make a difference they all pussies that used up 8 lives
Its hard to make but easy to take lives
Oppression got the hate in the eyes of our sons
Live by the gun and die bloody or live real soap and be broke buddy
So I live by the pen real muddy
My death is not getting my props
Never sitting with cops
Spitting for the block so dope Iím shitting crackrocks

03-06-2008, 08:16 PM
yo fam-

^from the nappy forest line, to the cheetahs line waz TIGHT-
you puttin work in sunn-

the end waz dope too


03-06-2008, 08:27 PM
Good lyrics man, keep doing ya thing.